Feedback and Praise

Your Lives are Changing!

A Sampling of Feedback from Our Listeners:

“First of all, thank you so so much for your show and the daily support that it provides. I literally, without an exaggeration, cannot imagine my life without it. I have been practicing within Tibetan Buddhist since my 20th, and have been interested in teachings on non-duality in different traditions, but it’s been a completely different type of learning connecting with the community you have created. Thank you!”

~ Elena Antanova

“I absolutely love your show Cari! I love your enthusiasm, your genuineness, your spunk and your beautiful voice. You are my fave talk show host. I have enjoyed your highly evolved speakers and audience. I feel we are on the edge of amazing magik and miracles. I have been resting and loving and healing myself for 3 plus yrs. so I am prepared for huge leap in our evolution of us and planet and the cosmos. Yah time to celebrate our victory!! Light shine on*♡*”

~ Barbara Clayton

“I feel grateful to have found you Cari ..excellent talks …a cut above and resonant with my soul!”

~ Christal Kerrigan

“Your shows are the best Cari! You have a loyal listener in me. Thank you for always reminding me to allow the journey to be fun, you lighten me up every time. Keep up the tremendous Lightwork!”

~ Jenny Hurley

“Dear Cari, I am so grateful to you for being a pioneer of this format of online teachers and healers! I have noticed that there are those following your footsteps and creating their own similar forums. It seems you have started a trend! This will only help to get the information out to so many more souls. I also want to thank you for creating this facebook group. The vibration of love people are sharing is off the charts! It is such a safe haven of like minded souls and is truly a family of light!”

~ Kathryn Acoff

“My life is transforming in ways I could not have imagined as I listen to your calls each week, Cari! I feel like I’ve finally found my “peeps!” The light you shine and bring into the world combined with the amazing guests you select to have on your program is just incredible. Thank you for your service and unwavering light that you share so beautifully. It enriches my soul so much.”

~ Samantha Barnes

“I wanted to write in and share that my experience doing the DNA regenesis program has absolutely changed my entire life. Words can’t describe the depth of awareness I gained about myself and the universe. I finally released so many things that had been holding me back for years and I’m now feeling more like who I was always supposed to be than ever before. It’s been the greatest gift of my adult life. Thank you to Cari for bringing this information forward and to Christof and Akasha for their service and dedication to humanity. This has transformed everything for me.”

~ Sherry Fischer

“A HUGE thank you to Cari and Lisa Transcendence Brown for an amazing call on Monday. I was blessed with getting to work with Lisa live on the call, and the tools and activations from Lisa have opened up a whole new reality for me. I was ready before, but since the call, I have truly been able to claim my power and abundance. A new work opportunity came in for me today and it is awesome! I also feel that my ability to see NEW Earth has taken off, as my life looks and feels like pure magic now! Even in the midst of a big snowstorm in New England, the sky was pink, orange, and rainbow-colored amidst the gray!! So much love to you both. I know life will continue to get even better from here. My favorite takeaway from the call, “There is nothing to fear, for I’m not from here!” This one sentence alone has placed ease in so many areas of my life, knowing that I’m not meant to live as a “small human,” but I am meant for expansion! Also, a thank you, Cari, for making this call replays available for free download. You rock!”

~ Nicole Nelson

“Hi Beautiful Cari, I’m so completely grateful that you had Christine Day on your program. As I listened to you response to first hearing her and the gorgeous, loving blue/violet(for me!)Pleiadian energies she so readily shares, I realized it sounded like I had a similar experience to yours. There’s such a profound presence of like ‘elder guardian assistance’ from the Pleiadians through Christine, I can’t ‘lap up’ enough of that beautiful love. Spectacular and just what I needed now. Deeply grateful. xoxo Thank you for your strength and courage as you transformed into the sweet, magnificent lovelight present you are!”

~ Jacki Millay

“Each call gets better than the last! Wow, I am continually amazed at the level of information shared on your show, Cari! Christine was amazing! It’s so comforting to have finally found my soul tribe.”

~ Brenda Rosenberg

“These calls reveal everything my soul has been longing for me to know and remember. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this information!”

~ Lila Willis

“I am so grateful the new season has begun! The holidays were pretty dull without my almost daily dose of Cari’s pure and genuine joy and laughter! Thanks goodness for her radio show in between seasons. Two days into this season and I feel inspired in a powerful new way. There are no words to convey my thanks to Cari for providing us with this free series and for all the ways it supports so many of us in our day to day lives. I’m getting addicted to feeling good and I’ve never had this before. It’s the best addiction ever! I’m getting comfortable with feeling happy again and there isn’t a greater gift in life than deciding to create your own happiness. Gratitude fills my heart more each day and I want to humbly acknowledge Cari and her speakers for igniting that light in me again. I’m picking myself up day after day and learning to trust that I am capable of so much more than I thought I was. I use Cari’s mantra and my life does get better and better. Blessings to everyone.”

~ Alanna Piro

“I don’t get overwhelmed with these calls, I love each and every one of them! They keep me uplifted and they all inspire me in new ways. I realize more about myself and life through the different lenses of these beautiful souls that Cari has on her program. I feel grateful to have all these opportunities to grow into the greatest version of me I can be. I always just feel better after listening to Cari’s shows. I’ve learned to set intentions over the years of following Cari and her work. So before each call I intend to write down things that touched my heart. Doing this, each time I walk away lighter. My family loves that I make time to listen! It’s drawn me closer to others as my love for myself gets stronger. May the blessings of love continue to reach Cari and her guests in the same way they bless me and my family.”

~ Dori Perterson

“This is the best series I have had the pleasure of listening to! I love Cari’s style and she brings things out of the speakers I’ve not heard emerge in other forums. It is so enlightening and inspiring! Cari, please continue to bring your joyful energy to us all. I will be listening!”

~ Beth Irvine

“Cari, you’re awesome!! I love laughing with you and you just make life more fun! It’s great to remember that growing as a soul doesn’t have to be hard, heavy work. You and your guests give me so much to reflect upon while also giving me so much to appreciate about who I am right now. Thank you for providing the place where I always know I can go to get back into my flow! Looking forward to the new season! Please don’t ever stop!”

~ Robyn Newman

“I am beyond grateful for you, Cari and this life changing series. It’s my “home” base now and I even listen more than once (on the days you aren’t live!” Keep up your incredible lightwork. Our world needs this. Lightworkers need this community and information. I bow in thanks.”

~ Carol Waters

“I always feel so uplifted after listening to Cari and her guests! I am so grateful to have this series to listen to three days a week! It’s an instant pick-me-up and it soothes my soul in ways that I can only say “thank you.” I have purchased several of the packages as well. I feel like a new person and I am lit up with inspiration. I feel clearer and more empowered than I have in a long, long time.”

~ Wendy Henderson

“I’m currently absorbed in your telesummit ‘”Straight Talk for the Soul!” I am loving every minute of every call that you have. I want to say thank you with the whole of my Heart for being you and doing what your do. You and every speaker have been helping guide me in ways I cannot put into words. It’s been extremely profound, to say the least. I use the mantra “every day in every way my life gets better and better,” and my life is certainly getting better and better every day!”

~ Shannon Fischer

“I am so grateful for this series, Cari! In just weeks, I have shifted more than I ever knew was possible for me. You and your guests are like angels sent to me. You are my answered prayers. I believe in myself now. I trust in my own ability to change my world, and there is no greater gift. I wake up excited and ready to explore possibilities that were never even on my radar before now. I thank you with all my heart. You are changing lives, including my own.”

~ Grace Lowden

“Thank YOU Cari for sharing this beautiful series with us and raising the collective frequencies of unconditional LOVE for ALL, sweet sistar!!! I’ve already found some new spiritual teachers that have further expanded my consciousness into more of ALL THAT I AM. Sending you and ALL much divine LOVE, gratitude and higher healing!”

~ Ramona Lappin

“Thank you so much for this series. We are only into week two and already so many expansive realizations and spiritual shifts and clearings are happening in my body soul and mind. I appreciate you and all who are a part of this facilitated expansive expression of epic enlightenment. Thank you, thank you, thank you dear one!”

~ Diane Shepherd

“My heart feels peace finally. Your show is transforming my life, Cari and I’m sure many other lives. Thank you for all you do to expand the light in this world. I love your sacred circle and feel honored to sit alongside so many amazing souls. Keep spreading the light. We thank you.”

~ Nathan Hopkins

“My heart kept nudging me to purchase Christof’s offer. Wow am I glad I finally did. It’s turned my world upside down in ways I could not have imagined. Thank you for providing such powerful resources and such a safe space for us all to gather and grow. Plus, your energy, deep wisdom and of course your contagious light and laughter make listening to each call a true joy! I am uplifted with each session and my life has transformed. I feel the love from your heart and I thank you.”

~ Paige Fortada

I have been around the Webinar circle for awhile now, but Christof Melchizedek blew it out if the water for me. This is information that sounds familiar to me and was waiting for it for a long time. Great interviews, Cari. thank you so much!”

~ RuthAnna Lindemeir

“It’s like all my galactic gifts have emerged and I have direct access with my star family as I go through more and more these offers and calls! I am so grateful for this, Cari. Thank you and thanks for providing such a powerful platform to bring us information that my soul was so ready for! I am blown away at what’s happening in my life now!”

~ Debbie Sandalford

“These calls have changed my life.Thank you for offering his information so that others lives may be transformed as well. For those who are ready, this is the information that will catapult you into higher awareness.”

~ Victor Knight

I loved the synergy between Cari and her guests. What beautiful sharings. I never want it to end. Thank you!”

~ Ann Polombo

“I am amazing at the interstellar connection and star family reunion that has taken place since listening to this series. Cari, you open my heart each time I hear you. I also attribute this to implementing what I hear and deliberately connecting with two of the packages I’ve invested in. I say invested because it is for my soul. I feel no fear that way. I am blown away by the changes taking place each day. Thank you to you all.”

~ Sam Pastor

“I loved the energetic play between Cari and her “co-creative playmates!” The graceful flow of the vibration unfolding is something I can always feel deeply. There is such high energy on these calls! I am so grateful for this series. It’s changing my life. Truly. Profound.”

~ Laila Bradley

“Cari, I am so loving your talks, you are a gift to all of us too. All of the packages I have gotten have manifested so much growth and confirmation of my abilities. Cari, you are wonderful and I am so excited for Monday’s show! I am learning so much, and really feel the universe sends us all little nudges to support us in our dreams and wishes. I have been praying to find my tribe Thank you for having a wonderful show and hugs also to you for spreading your beautiful light!”

~ Cathy Dolny

“I can’t wait for what’s next! Your speakers ROCK, Cari and so do you! Your calls are the bright spot in my day!”

~ Emily Ulrich

“At the suggestion of a close friend, I registered for your series. Ever since the first call I listened to, I felt a shift inside me. I felt like my soul had guided me to you and your calls. Each call I listened to opened me up. It’s like my soul was blossoming as silly as that may sound. Your calls give me confidence. They remind me why I’m alive! I’ve also started listening to your radio show on the days you don’t do the series. I feel like I have as you say ‘instant soulful inspiration’ at my fingertips. I love your laugh so much. I laugh more now with you than I did in years! I will be eternally grateful to you for lightening me up so I can finally enjoy my life and remember my value. I am realizing more and more about my gifts each day.”

~ Felicia Turner