Akasha Sananda

March 24, 2017
11:00 am

MasterClass Leader

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Akasha Sananda has been in the healing arts since the age of fifteen and has served in over thirty different countries as a world teacher. His mission is to humbly serve and assist humanity in becoming fully realized and to obtain liberation as free, sovereign beings.

Known as a ‘Liberator’, Akasha has attained spiritual liberation under the mentorship of the Himalayan yogi Babaji Nagaraj. Since this time Akasha has continued to be contacted by both Babaji and two Himalayan Rishi’s known as Boganathar and Agastya. These Himalayan Masters are highly evolved immortal beings, who have transcended the elemental nature of gross matter and are the pure embodiment of source consciousness. High initiation from the Rishi’s led Akasha around the world to learn many sacred traditions and ancient wisdom while uncovering hidden truths of the immortal path.

It is only recently that Akasha Sananda has been given permission to share the ancient wisdom of the Rishi’s and Immortal path. He serves this purpose through his life example, live programs, transmissions, activations and advanced spiritual mentoring. In addition to his service mission the Rishi’s have been downloading him with Bio-Geometric codes through deep states of samadhi. These Bio-Geometric codes hold living mathematical programs that serve as holistic healing, clearing and activating agents for mind, body and energy transcendence.

As a evolutionary liberator Akasha Sananda brings a high level of dedication and integrity to his world service mission, for the betterment of humanity’s evolution and sovereignty. He works with people all around the world in person, via online webinars, hosting wellness retreats, ceremonies and spiritual adventures.