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One Hour Private Session

The Sacred Touch of Atlantis

Ameera offers a unique 13 chakra and aura clearing, combined with the channeling of the Mer and Dolphin realm energies. Her remembrance as an Atlantean Temple Priestess and Mer Being who shapeshifted into human form allows for this ancient practice of clearing and healing the body to be utilized once again.The technique Ameera accesses is achieved through channeled arm movements and hand placements.

This unique technique becomes a very active treatment of releasing old thought patterns, and energetic “intrusions” and recalibrating with new patterning, bringing in Source light and healing. Ameera is particularly effective in removing Spirit attachments and repairing holes, tears and slits the Auric field.Ameera brings in the Divine Gold Ray for High Vibrational clearing, and infuses the chakras and aura with colors, and encourages her clients to use visualization to powerfully co-create a complete and balanced energetic body. Her clients have experienced spontaneous physical and emotional healing from just one session.

Ameera’s role is to act as an energetic gateway to the Ocean and to the Mer Beings. This unique method embraces and relies on the fact that the water element is vital in all human beings. Water not only represents emotion, purity and Life Force, it is the most significant component of our bodies, including the Earth’s body. The dolphins, whales and other sea creature bring this powerfully healing essential element into the healing session.Ameera has been gifted with memories of her role as powerful water infused healer during the Atlantean and Lemurian ages.

She remembers that there was a large part of these ages when the peoples were very connected to the healing powers of the Oceans and the water element of the planet.Ameera works closely with her guides, and Ocean Mother Goddess Yemaya. She will often utilize Andara crystals, as well as an extraordinary and unique Lemurian Star-Seed-Wand, all which can be used to augment each individualized healing session.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life?Have you ever felt unexplainably connected to a location or to certain people in this life?Do you have flashes of remembrances of other places and times, dreams, or de ja’ vu like experiences?Are you simply curious about your past lives?

Past Life Regressions are actually SIMULTANEOUS LIVES because all time and realities happen and once. They are wonderful and unique way to gain an understanding of the talents, gifts, and patterns we bring with us from lifetime to lifetime. As an advanced level certified facilitator, Ameera Beth uses a light hypnotic trance and gentle probing questions enabling you to clearly recall people, events, and locations in past lifetimes.

Past Life Regression can also be useful for:

  • Discovering and releasing the origins of unhealthy life patterns or addictions
  • An adjunct to healing physical dis-ease in the body
  • Bringing clarity, healing and understanding to difficult or traumatic relationships
  • Remembering and gaining access to lifetimes where you were spiritually and emotionally fulfilled
  • Curiosity! Who were you in your last lifetime?

Together, with your angels and spirit guides Ameera Beth empowers her clients to find answers and healing by accessing and integrating their own inner guidance.

Soul Progressions

A Soul Progression works in a very similar way as a Past Life Regression, with the focus and intention on “progressing” the soul thru any energies, experiences or fears not allowing highest and best soul growth. This amazingly successful healing modality allows Ameera Beth’s clients to meet with their Spirit guides and angels to ask questions, receive guidance and become familiar with who in the Spirit realm is helping with their human experience. Ancestors and departed loved ones often present themselves in her client’s sessions, and the healing through these reunions is wonderful.

An excellent intention for a Soul Progression is to place a special emphasis on reuniting aspects of the soul that have been forgotten or lost through traumas or experiences in this life or others. It can be difficult for the conscious mind to accept why certain events happen to us, we all want to know “why?”… Ameera takes you on a journey into the “void” where all answers, possibilities, and potentials lie waiting to be learned. When we receive answers from our Higher Self and Spirit guides it allows us to more rapid progress and evolve through this lifetime and into the higher dimensions. A Soul Progression helps us to resolve karma and to remember our purpose and intention for coming to this planet.

After a Soul Progression, Ameera Beth’s clients often report a greater sense of life purpose, connection to angelic guidance, peace and joyful life.

Ameera Beth provides an environment of safety, comfort and love, holding space for Spirit to take her clients into their highest and best healing experience.

Some examples of what may take place during a Soul Progression are:

  • Meeting your Angels and Spirit Guides pre-birth or in between lifetimes
  • Remembering Alien encounters or “abductions”
  • Communicating with unborn children during pregnancy, or terminated pregnancies
  • Releasing “spirit entities,” cords or stuck energies attached to the energetic body
  • Remembering your soul’s plans or intentions for this lifetime
  • Bringing forward healing gifts intended for this lifetime
  • Releasing the trauma associated with the fall of Atlantis
  • Obtaining information helpful in making major or minor life changes.

Intuitive Guidance

The truth is always found “within”, at least that is what Ameera Beth knows, teaches and believes to be true. However, there may be occasions when we are in need of a little extra assistance or information in order to be clear about situations and concerns in our lives.

An intuitive reading is a way to gain clarity, shift energies and expand possibilities. Ameera Beth is a true believer in empowering others to learn to tap into their own natural intuitive abilities and to connect with the angels and guides surrounding us and offering support.

The future is never set “in stone”. We human beings are wonderful creators and manifesters of our own reality and our own destinies. Ameera Beth’s place is to hold space for questions, concerns, and desires while allowing your angelic guidance and hers to communicate for the highest and best resolutions of the situations at hand.

She feels very strongly that she is here to help others expand and understand their own natural intuitive gifts. If you are drawn to this page and are considering a reading, it is likely you are experiencing the desire to learn more about who you are as a Spiritual Being, and are feeling the urge to remember the gifts, talents and abilities you came into this life to explore.

As a deep listener and empathetic healer, Ameera Beth honors each individual path and choice. She is here to offer her perspective and guidance on the energies and situations that are currently transitioning or taking place in your life.

After an intuitive reading Ameera Beth’s clients often report having confirmation of what the heart knows to be true, greater peace of mind, clarity, and a stronger connection to both their Spirit guides and their own inner wisdom.

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Metatron Activation

Gold Ray Meditation

Feminine Geometry

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"My session with Ameera Beth has been the most profound of my experience to date! I was truly"met" . My higher self reflected beautifully back to me in a way I knew was authentically from spirit. Through Ameera Beth's guidance I found answers to my deepest questions ; Why did I choose my family story? What is my souls mission ? She reminded me of the archetype I am here to embody in this life. I am so grateful Ameera Beth has graced my path she is a true gift to all on this path of Ascended self realization!"

~ Leanne

"When I first went looking for a Reiki teacher I came across Ameera’s web site, During the class I felt instantly at ease with her; she is a plain spoken person that holds sacred energy of the divine Priestess. It wasn’t at all what I expected with preconceived ideas that spiritual teachers would all be aloof and detached.

Since then after many class’s and much learning she has helped me release old pains easing my suffering allowing me to love myself as much as I love others, finding peace in my heart. Now I can close my eyes, opening my third eye to speak to my guides’ directly."

~ Shea

"Ameera Beth is one of the finest teachers I have ever known and I highly recommend her for any energy work or general guidance. Ameera Beth has a talent that can only be given by the Divine, check her out and I know she can help you in many different areas!!! Love, love, love Ameera Beth!!!!"

~ D.L.

"From the moment I met Ameera, I was drawn to her genuine warmth and lively spirit. She made me feel comfortable and accepted. I was able to vista a past life, and through this encounter, was able to let go of some heavy emotional baggage that I have been holding onto for so long. Ameera has helped me tremendously through my healing process. I look forward to more sessions in the future as I grow, change, learn and evolve!"

~ Elle

"I had a series of Soul Path Activation sessions with Ameera Beth and I definitely recommend her services to everyone. Since our sessions, I feel that I have developed dramatically. She gave me the knowledge, the tools, and the reassurance for me to discover exactly how powerful I really am. I had assumed that I would’ve eventually accomplished my goals in time, but with Ameera’s assistance and insight, I will reach my goals much, much quicker! She is an amazingly talented mentor, healer, and intuitive, and I am confident that everyone could benefit from a session with Ameera. She will change your life!"

~ Jaci L.

"Ameera Beth is an absolute gem! I am an extremely empathetic and highly sensitive person, and before I met Ameera I was a nervous wreck. My chakras were all out of alignment, and I was having incredibly intense dreams. Ameera helped me see that it's okay to be a sensitive, caring person and she gave me the tools to empower myself. I like to think of her as my electrician of the mind, body, and soul. She helped me install on/off switches and helped me build up my aura and cleanse my chakras. I couldn't have asked for a more patient and loving teacher and friend. Thank you Ameera! you gave this star child a sense of empowerment that she'd never experienced before.
Thank you so much Ameera!"

~ Witney M.

"I attended a 12 chakra clearing and aura protection shield of Ameera's as well. What is so very cool about Ameera's workshops is that she teaches us to do the work on ourselves.

Prior to attending her workshop, I was experiencing constant blood sugar crashes, or what appeared to me to be this. They were horrible, and sometimes last for a half hour, even after I ate some protein, which in the past would help.

I had my blood tested (please note, it was a spur of the moment test during a different exam and I had not fasted appropriately). The results showed that I was pre-diabetic. I am healthy, thin, exercise, eat well, so this diagnosis seemed unusual to me. All my research showed that I was NOT a candidate for pre- diabetes. So why all these symptoms?

During the workshop, Ameera mentioned that the energies of the planet are crazy right now and those who are sensitive to them are experiencing many "wonky" symptoms". The word "wonky" exactly described how I was felling.

Here is the fascinating thing!!! The moment I cleansed my Chakras and put up a protective Aura shield, my symptoms left me. If there is a moment that I feel they are coming back, I take a moment to center and ground myself, do a cleaning, and I am instantly better.

This is powerful to note how energy, which is everywhere and everything can affect us physically. Modern medicine can't always pick up on or prescribe ways for us to protect our bodies from this energy. We need people like Ameera, who are guided and trained and filled with nothing but the best for her clients and their healing.

Had I gone back to my doctor, she suggested that I may need to be put on insulin. That, I have found in my research is horrible for pre-diabetes patients. I will continue to go to doctors, and I will continue to go to healers like Ameera. Both are important.

I know for myself that is is IMPERATIVE that all forms of healing happen to a patient in order for them to heal completely. MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT…"

~ Cinda