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Messages from the Enlightened Ones and Personal Session

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Messages from The Enlightened Ones

Messages from The Enlightened Ones is a series of live channelled sessions that bring through the newest information and highest vibrations. The first 4 series consist of 12 individual sessions from various Ascended Masters, Angelics, Collectives and other Enlightened Beings. Series #5 was also 12 sessions but the Guides shared that one session was not yet to be released to the public. Many of the beings were ones Ana-La-Rai had never heard of. Hear the message, experience the energies and enjoy!

  1. Lord Melchizidek – Opening to Oneness
  2. Lady Sa Ma Tru – Aligning to Your Higher Purpose
  3. The Timmers – Advancing the Self
  4. El Tara – The Codes of Creation
  5. The Essene – Christ Consciousness Today
  6. Moo Rah – The Crystals of Atlantis
  7. Lady Laticia – The Power of Silence
  8. Helios and Vesta – Let Their Be Light!
  9. Archangel Sandalphon – Angels Among You
  10. Not Yet Released to the Public
  11. Consciousness of the Divine Feminine – The Return to Power
  12. Lady Venus Lovestar – The Alchemy of Love

Personal Session with Ana-La-Rai

A 30 minute personal reading via Skype or phone with Ana-La-Rai!

Bonus #1:

A special live channelled group session with Ana-La-Rai ONLY for those who purchase the package.

To be held on Monday, August 7th at 9am PDT via webinar

Special Offer - Only $200

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!