Audrey LightLanguage

April 16, 2018
11:00 am

Divine Channel

Special Offer 4 Light Language Recordings / 1 Hour Private Session / 2 Live Group Sessions

Audrey Light Language is a New York-based energy worker, light language speaker, and divine channel. She is celebrated as a ‘healer to the healers’ from ‘time before time,’ and was a vessel for Spirit to birth forth a new octave for humanity and Gaia. Audrey has worked with clients in person in the NYC area and all over the world via Skype or phone for: light language healing, the language of the Akash, channeled messages from higher beings, sacred key codes and your own personal list of ascension numbers, and DNA awakening- all extremely powerful healings and activations that occur on multiple levels. She has been featured many times at the NEWLIFE Expo in NYC- America’s largest mind, body, and spirit expo- alongside renowned healers/speakers like Judy Satori, Jay Emmanuel, Jodi Serota, and others, and has shared her work at the Edgar Cayce Center, the META Center, and more. This is healing without the smoke & mirrors- healing through the illusions, to the truth.

Audrey speaks the Languages of Light as well as the Language of the Akash. She also brings in the Fairies, Ancient ones and Native Americans and brings through Galactic and dimensional work as well. Relax, Receive and Listen to the work that people around the world have received to help them move to a totality of healing and empowerment as they move along upon their journeys back to their True selves Empowerment with Audrey and her work of releasing the old and downloading of New codes to upgrade your DNA. People around the world have listened Audrey’s and the ONE’s message and feel the high energy coming through in it to touch and heal you and help open your heart, which is the key and the way.