Bridget Nielsen - Special Offer!

Special Offer Details - $222:

90-Minute Private One-on-One Session

An hour and a half session with Bridget Nielsen

I can connect about any topic you would like to explore from spirituality, living your passion/purpose, reconnecting with your inner child, overcoming challenges, or … most people’s favorites ~ hybrid children and ET connections!! This is an intuitive session where I’ll be tapping into whatever aspects of your essence you want to explore.

Open-ended Spiritual Reading: I’ve been trained in soul retrieval, ancestral healing, connecting with spirit guides, (simultaneous) revealing past lives, incarnational life theme template and more. We can explore whatever you want! I have other sessions listed here on my services page that go into greater detail.

ET Reading: For those who would like to learn more about hybrid children and explore their part of the hybridization program. We can dive into your experiences, dreams and how the understanding of galactic family is relevant to you. I’ll tune in and share what star connections come through and your cosmic mission. We can talk about your abduction experiences or other extraterrestrial contact.

Special Offer - Only $222

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!