Catherine Rosenbaum

May 15, 2018
11:00 am

Teacher, Guide, Visionary

Special Offer Available May 15, 2018!

Catherine Rosenbaum is a gifted teacher, guide, and visionary.

A true empath who, through love, compassion, humor, and joy, lives out her Human Design as a REFLECTOR. They are rare! (like unicorns!) Only 1% of the human population are Reflectors…they are pure lunar essences, who can reflect back to us the deep, and often hidden, intimate (jeweled) facets of ourselves.

To sit with a Reflector is a unique experience that can be revelational.

Catherine’s clarity, insight, and support through a session can open up profound pathways of self-understanding.

She gets to the heart of what matters, and when revealed, that once-held energy is free to be available for new opportunities that arise for our highest personal growth and for the upliftment of all.