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The Language of Light Series III – Masterclass

This module contains eight video classes designed to be worked with at your own pace.

The Pleiadians bring the initiations from the Higher Realms to us for the first time.

We as a human race are ready for this amazing life changing opportunity. These Higher Realm initiations take you on your unique awakening journey that will open your vision, moving you beyond the limited reality of life.

Meet yourself from a new perspective through this series of direct experiences that will enable you to begin living and utilizing an aspect of your energy that has previously been untapped within you. These powerful activations open you into new energetic states of creation, moving you into the full realization of your natural birth right of abundance.

An aspect of these Higher Realm initiations is the opening of four new energetic centers that will transform your energetic system within your physical and energetic body. There will be a re-positioning your DNA strands, creating a realignment to aspects of your higher self, opening a clarity and understanding of your life now, empowering you to take your next step.

The systems of your body will go through a cellular rejuvenation as you anchor new aspects of light within your cells, and you realign back into your unlimited potential for self-healing.  Simultaneously there will be a releasing of old dense sabotaging patterns leaving your body and you are able to reconnect to the light aspect of Self that remembers the infinite possibilities for manifesting your heart’s desire.

You can continue to build and integrate different dimensional aspects of your four energetic centers, as you are ready. You will continue to be supported as you work by the Pleiadians, Lemurians and the pure loving energies of Mother Mary and the Christ energy.

Note: Each Module in the series is a “stand alone” course. You can take these Modules in any order.

The Modules do not have to be done sequentially. They are set up to be intensive courses for you to move through at your own pace. Each Module consists of eight video classes that are designed to move you through an accelerated awakening. You choose the Module that feels right for your next step!

Self Healing the Physical Body

Work with Christine on a journey into your body for “self healing” of your physical ailments. In a step-by-step process you will learn how to work within your body to meet and release pain and physical issues that have been holding in your physical body. You will be given sacred tools to access these areas that have been keeping you in a limited capacity in this lifetime. This is the time for you to take a conscious step towards your self healing of your physical body and to allow the full life force energy to flow free. The tools you will learn enable you to continue working on your physical body for your ongoing self healing.

To understand how to best utilize the information in the self-healing classes, what follows are the guidelines.

You need to work the different levels within the site intuitively. Once or twice a day is important to develop a relationship with the site and to work on healing the different levels within the site need healing.

You can work 3 consecutive days and sometimes all at once or one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening. You need to feel out what is right for you.

It is best to complete one site before you begin another-complete meaning that you bring the site to a place of completion, and then move to another site.

You may at some point need to go back to the original site and do more levels. This is because a certain site may need to intergrate and then require another level of healing.

Trust your own guidance and enjoy your journey.

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