Dafna Ohana

October 30, 2017
11:00 am

MasterClass Leader

Special Offer Divine Mastery Course Plus
Metaphysical Hypnosis and Energy Work

Dafna holds a grand vision for humankind and serves as a catalyst of remembering our Divine Essence and Creative force. From a space of Surrender, she provides a doorway to Bridging our human experience with the soul’s infinite wisdom.

Being fascinated by the soul’s journey and captivated by all that is metaphysical, Dafna holds a clear vision of the role our human existence plays in the evolutionary continuum. With great care and insightful clarity, she gently guides others through a profound and deeply explorative process of illumination and recollection.

The Core of Dafna’s work is to pierce to the heart of the matter and unveil the hidden truths within our inner life. As we release all that is out of alignment, we can remember our divine essence and enter the flow of conscious creation. With her rich educational and experiential background, Dafna developed a process that is intuitively guided and best defined as ‘Metaphysical Hypnosis’. In this highly organic and integrative approach, she incorporates modalities such as; Past-Life Regression, Life-Between- Lives, QHHT, Transpersonal counseling, and Energy healing.