Danielle Brooks

March 6, 2018
11:00 am

Sound Alchemist & Master Class Leader

Special Offer Two Powerful Transmissions Plus Private Session

Danielle is a sound alchemist who sings Creation codes that realign you with your Divine truth and authentic power. Her work is both practical and profound.

Danielle’s personal journey through trauma and cancer led to her visionary way of transforming pain into greater health and freedom.

In 2005, the Divine Mother began to sing through Danielle. This new form of vibrational medicine emerged, with unconditional love and support for our awakening and expansion into Oneness.

The light languages Danielle sings recalibrate DNA, release trauma and spark sacred remembering. Many have described her life-changing work as transcendent, bliss-filled and profound.

Danielle’s greatest joy is supporting you in being who you came here to be. Her simplicity, compassion, and rich life experience are offered with heart-centered awareness.

Danielle has spent years living and traveling the world, studying traditional medicines and sacred teachings. Much of this has been with the faith healers and psychic surgeons of the Philippines and Brazil. She draws on a diverse background in mysticism and shamanism. She holds a doctorate in Human Development and Religion.

Danielle is an eternal student of the light.