Dipal Shah

March 12, 2018
11:00 am

International Speaker, Master Healer and Medical Intuitive

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Dipal Shah is a world-renowned Master healer, Speaker, Teacher and Medical Intuit who has worked in the field of medicine, pharmaceutical, and biochemistry for nearly 10 years.  Having worked for Corporations and understanding the Western and Eastern approaches to medicine she was able to help heal herself from mulitple digestive and emotional issues. Today she helps assists other people heal with their health worldwide.

After studying multiple healing modalities, she developed a modality that is unique and specific to healing your mind,  body and spirit as she dives into your body to heal and balance every organ, gland, and system in the body. She will help release any emotional and physical blockages that your body is holding onto from old childhood traumas or past life traumas.

She has helped many people of all ages including Medical Practitioners, Lawyers, Businessmen and women, Hollywood stars, Healers, Priests, young infants and children and even the pets.

Her life’s motto is: “Balance your body, balance your mind, and the rest will align”