Dorian Light

May 16, 2017
11:00 am

Energy Healer

Special Offer Remote Group Sessions, Personal Session, and Sound Tracks

Dorian Light is a Psychic Channel, Licensed Spiritual Hypnotherapist & Counselor, Language of Light Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Radio Show Host, Energy Healer, and Ordained Minister.  Dorian is the founder of Psychic Energetics and is the creator and channel of the one of its kind oracle card deck called “Universal Activations with the Language of Light”.   This card deck is also accessible as an iphone or android app.

Dorian uses her strong psychic and intuitive abilities to see into the  multi-dimensional spaces of a client’s energy field  These various and vast spaces that we, as soul’s, have played in can play key roles in our lives as they cross over all space and time.  By tapping into these dimensions, Dorian can see into the deep core issues of what may be causing sabotaging patterns, programs and blocks in her client’s field.   Dorian is then able to shift, dissolve and resolve these issues thus facilitating quick life changes and deep inner healing.  While tapping into these vast multi-dimensional spaces, Dorian will also bring in ancient and new patterns of information and awareness that help you to align more completely to your “True Authentic Self” and to your “Designed Soul’s Purpose”.  Using her gift of the Language of Light, Dorian facilitates Light Code Attunements, Alignments and Activations which facilitate shifts in all multi-dimensional aspects of one’s self down to the soul’s memory banks, cellular and DNA level.  Dorian’s Mission Statement is – “I help you to heal your past so you can create the future of your dreams”.   Working with Dorian will help you to “Step into the Realm of Infinite Possibilities” for your life.