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~~ Awaken the Light Within ~~

Ascension is about the process of our evolutionary shift in consciousness, a metamorphosis. This shift will enable us to become more of our true self: multidimensional beings that are able to exist in multiple realms simultaneously. There are several dynamics that take place as we ascend.

One aspect of the ascension is the awakening. This is when we realize our current reality is not as it seems. We want to know more and dig deeper to find meaning in our existence  As we become more aware of our truth  we begin to experience expansion.  The expansion then allows us to receive more light and being of a lighter vibration helps us to transcend above our dense 3D physical body and other lower vibrations that weigh us down and continue to trap us into 3rd dimensional experiences. Expanding also frees us from being locked into the wheel of incarnations and karmic debt.

32fsOnce we have raised our vibrations high enough we can then receive and experience our body of light descending into us.  Our lightbody is the bridge between our physical earth plane and our heavenly plane or where we connect with our I AM Presence which resides in a higher dimension.

Most importantly, we must successfully align our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies so we can become one unified field of light. For the awakened being it is an ongoing process that takes time, focus and dedication.

  • Calibrate your energies into higher vibrations
  • Activate DNA and cellular light codes
  • Experience harmony and flow to open higher dimensions
  • Increase your creativity and ability to find creative solutions
  • Shed psychological trauma and deeply ingrained false programs
  • Release unproductive mental programs
  • Clear karma from all dimensional lives
  • Break free from the 3D re-incarnation wheel
  • Anchor Light body


1. You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening” (PDF e-book)


  • This award winning book will change the way you see the “Awakening” while answering the age old question of “Are we alone?”
  • Awakening is a word that has become mainstream. Yet, it is not truly understood. While pondering this idea, I ask myself, “Why am I writing a book?” Quite honestly, writing a book was never my dream. I recall an encounter I had at a Spiritual workshop, where I was approached by a gifted Psychic, and she asked, “Are you writing yet?”
  • I thought, “What are you talking about? You must be picking up on someone else’s energy.” I let it go until it happened three more times. That was before the experiences, as I call them, began happening about ten years ago. I am finally in alignment with telling my story. In so doing, I hope to take you on a journey of discovering who you truly are, not just the physical you, but the real you. The you who has a soul purpose and a reason for being. The you who asks, “Am I crazy? Am I imagining the voices I’m hearing?” Or, the urging, “There’s something I’m supposed to do, but I don’t know what.” If this describes you, read on. There is more at the core. Together we will discover it.
  • We are on this earth for a reason. We can either spend a lifetime trying to learn how to determine what life is all about or, we can simplify our lives and get to the business of living life with intention and clarity. “You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening” will propel you through the dirge of doubts, to a panacea of purpose.
  • Whether you are a Spiritual scholar or Spiritual student; seeker, lightworker or illuminary, this book is a quick read, filled with insights, inspirations and Spiritual truth. The exercises are a bonus and quite stimulating. The journal of encounters will intrigue anyone that has questioned, “Are we alone?” or “Is there anyone out there?”

2. The Gift of Clearing Meditation – MP3


  • Emotional clearing is a very important part of ascension. It is the process of releasing the effects of the emotional wounds we unknowingly store within us from our environment, relationship conflicts, negative thought patterns, poverty consciousness, current life and even past life traumas are things we need to clear.
  • Without regular clearing practices we could end up with an overload of negative energies that would eventually cause many illnesses in the body. Heart disease, cancers, allergies, high blood pressure, and asthma are some conditions that can be experienced from the overload of negative low frequency energies. This also includes blockages that would further prevent us from being able to continuously hold higher vibrations or ascend into higher dimensions.
  • Now that you know the importance of clearing, take a look at the benefits of following this clearing meditation as it supports the releasing of energies, traumas and all the layers of emotions not serving you at this time.
  • Discover more clarity in decision making.  Release negative emotions and strengthen your  etheric body against attacks or weakening from environmental experiences and energetic exchanges.
  • Whether you are a Spiritual scholar or Spiritual student; seeker, lightworker or illuminary, this book is a quick read, filled with insights, inspirations and Spiritual truth. The exercises are a bonus and quite stimulating. The journal of encounters will intrigue anyone that has questioned, “Are we alone?” or “Is there anyone out there?”



  • Get ready to go on a journey to the Divine Mother and Divine Father.
  • You will raise your vibration and balance your chakras through this guided meditation.
  • Infused with nine ancient solfeggio tones that not only awaken your soul, but these sacred tones will help clear and release stuck energies.
  • Learn through this simple technique the importance of focus, intentions and aligning thoughts naturally in order to master creative visualization.
  • Discover how Surrendering is where you will discover and become your authentic, true self.



  • As we become more aware of our divine truth and accept that we are a part of the greater whole we begin to expand. This expansion allows us to receive more light activating our GOD DNA and dormant codes needed for Ascension. To awaken your Light Body is to awaken energy centers in your being that will give you new skills of mastery over your mind, your emotions, your physical body, your spiritual bodies – even life situations and circumstances. These centers are definite and real, and are a totally new addition to the human energy field. As you explore these energy centers, you can experience new levels of harmony, flow, creativity, new ideas, telepathic connections to others, deep love and compassion, bliss, and many more expanded states of consciousness that are beyond description.
  • Once we have raised our vibrations and frequencies high enough we can then receive and experience our light body descending into us. And live a life that is more in alignment with our divine soul purpose and aligning us for our I AM Presence to anchor more fully into our body systems.
  • We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and this is the time to move past all of your old programs of fear, guilt, pain, lack, suffering, prejudice and poverty. We are expanding and becoming a more highly evolved human being, who is able to access higher dimensions of reality and to do so while experiencing matter.
  • It is time to shed the old you and move past you fear of losing yourself in the awakening. Surrender and allow yourself to expand and become all that the Divine has for you.



  • You may be asking yourself why do a lesson on Reincarnation? The answer being, as we are here doing the work to release the old and clear a way for our Higher-Self and our Lightbodies to enter. For some, we are in fact ending the reincarnation wheel. But we must understand what it’s all been about.
  • The word reincarnation. Its literal meaning is, “entering the flesh again” and we have entered it many times learning many lessons along the way. In hopes of becoming masters and for the opportunity to graduate! Well this is it! This is our time to graduate.
  • Our ultimate aim or goal has been to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of the Creator “All That Is.”

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