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Healing with Sacred Glyphs

Glyphs are a form of spiritual energy, a language of Light. Healing Light from Source, God, All That Is. Each glyph invokes a powerful prayer directed at a specific thing for a specific purpose. It has been proven many times over that prayer heals. Much of the information for these glyphs was given to me by Source. Jean was told to write her books by Source. When she asked Source by what name should she call you in the book, she was told “By my name, Source Energy, God, Jehovah, Creator or Christ. It is all the same.”

These glyphs are energized by Source and highly evolved spiritual beings during a scared ceremony at a sacred site high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.The energy from the glyphs, together with prayers and intentions of the user form a strong bond that enhances the body’s ability to resolve inner conflict, release negative patterns, and mend old wounds. Each person is an extension of Source Energy and, therefore, is unlimited. As a part of our Source, there is nothing, nor anyone, who can prevent us from achieving happiness, health and abundance for ourselves

If you are interested in exploring this, Jean has put together the following packages for you to begin using these in your life and the life of your loved ones. Whether you are in the Healing Arts, or you simply want to begin using these in your life, you’ll find the options below helpful on your path.

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Special Offer Details (A) - $97:

Package A

A Trilogy of Powerful Healing Manuals

All available as e-books for immediate downloads.

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs

One of the most unusual books ever written. It is a collection of remarkable small drawings called glyphs with Divinely guided programming statements, empowered by the company of heaven with prayers, intentions and blessings to have a strong healing effect on the body. A number of the glyphs are capable of drawing out different negative emotions that hold people back from achieving their goals, while other can transmute toxic matter from the body to Light. Other glyphs can transmute pathogens, heal damaged nerve bundles, and speed the healing of damaged tissue.

Sacred Symbols of Light

A manual containing 34 empowered symbols that can: resolve malignancies, restore organs and glands that are diseased, resolve eye diseases, regenerate bone and cartilage loss, remove harmful vaccinations and repair their damage, remove etheric implants, resolve neurological problems, remove stagnant lymph, remove toxic matter from the body including kidney stones and much more.
It also contains instructions in using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Symbols of the Dawn

Contains symbols that provide powerful scalar energy healing, sacred healing codes, repel negative influences, healing the appendix, purify water, Akashic Record assistance, colon cleanse, regeneration, remove diabetic markers, heal brain injuries and deficiencies, restore collagen to facial tissues and many glyphs to resolve issues we deal with in regards to the insect world.

Sacred Symbol of Mu – Antibiotic Glyph, And Sacred Symbols of Mu eBook

This Glyph is created from MU’S Cosmogonic Diagram.
The Cosmogonic Diagram of Mu was the mother of all the various cosmogonic diagrams found throughout the world.

Recommended Use Of MU’S Cosmogonic Diagram Glyph

This glyph has a powerful ability to heal viral illnesses and more with exception of karmic issues or negating vibrations.

The Sacred Symbols of Mu

A collection of symbols and story written by Col. James Churchward about the ancient civilization of Mu, a continent that existed in the Pacific thousands of years ago.

Special Offer Details (B) - $147:

Package B

Includes everything in Package A above, PLUS:

Programming statements

The glyphs are like computer programs. The programming statements are texts that were originally used in the creation of the glyphs. These were created to assist healers and persons who workshop the glyphs to provide them with additional information in their work.

Special Offer Details (C) - $197:

Package C

Includes everything in Package A and Package B above, PLUS:

One-Hour Consultation

Can be divided up into two 30 minute sessions

With a degree in nutrition, years of experience in spiritual counseling, this gives an opportunity for help in a wide range of subjects

Special Offer A - Only $97

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!

Special Offer B - Only $147

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!

Special Offer C - Only $197

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!