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Crossing Over – Finding Truth When a Loved Animal or Human is Passing or Passed

Six Part Audio Video Clearing, Cleansing, Understanding Transmission Program ($333 value)

Find the gifts, self-love, healing, awakening, and rebirth offered when a loved is preparing to pass, passing or passed. These transmissions are created to receive over and over, quickly but deeply in your full day! A treasure chest of support that is easy to feel and implement.

  1. Loving Yourself in Your Loved Ones Passing
    11 Minute Video Audio Transmission Mediation
    Be guided with Laurie’s soothing yet powerful magic as inspired by her cat, Jessie Justin Joy. Find ways to love yourself in a multitude of thoughts and feelings that occur when a loved one is preparing to cross, is crossing, or has crossed.
  2. Finding the Gem in a Loved One’s Crossing Over
    7 Minute Audio Transmission Meditation
    Receive assistance with Laurie’s comforting assurance that everything you are experiencing is valid.  Receive support with finding the gifts when facing the pain, relief, joy and sorrow when a loved one is preparing to cross, crossing, or crossed over.
  3. Heart Transmission: Power and Peace in a Loved One’s Crossing Over
    12 minute Transmission Video Meditation (#273)
    Find power and peace with Laurie’s encouraging and validating answers to your private questions. Discover the bounty of gifts that are ready to come to you when a loved one is preparing to cross, crossing, or crossed over.
  4. Information About Crossing Over : Experiences we May Have with a Loved One’s Crossing
    9.5 minute Transmission Video Meditation (#273:2)
    Feel okay again with Laurie’s recognition that all of your experiences are absolutely fine and more comment than you may have realized. Come into deeper resonance with the gems offered when a loved one is preparing to cross, crossing or crossed over.
  5. Cleanings, Transmissions and Clearings Related to a Cross Over
    55 Minute Audio
    Release negative planetary thought forms and conditioned emotions.  Regain your natural ability to move in fullness, feeling all preferred and non-preferred feelings in a foundation of self-love and acceptance, co-harmonizing with situations and finding deep peace.
  6. Focusing for Fullment Before, During, and After a Cross Over
    15 Minute Video (#279)
    Learn the tool for returning to fulfillment. Refocus on your primary intention. Release all distractions or sabotaging back into your primary intention with assistance.

Personal Reading and Coaching Session with Dr. Laurie Moore ($200 value)

30 Powerful, Compassionate, and Moving Minutes of personal assistance to help you find soothing, validation, healing, awakening, and infinite gifts in your experiences.

Special Offer - Only $247

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!


"Hi Laurie,

I have been meaning to email and tell you how spot on some of your comments were about our pets.

Lila's description of being not emotional and light (that is a subtle description with a cat but really nails her). She has always seemed detached (in a good way). Her wanting the door left open. Boy do we know that!

Shanti's description of being simple and peaceful and still inside and how she needs time alone could not describe her better. And the comment about sounds, no extra sounds in the house etc. That is major.

Niko's description of being eager to do a job but not sure what is so like his energy. And being needy and wanting to be included and be doted over and be the center of things. Wow!

It was really quite amazing how well you pin pointed their personalities. Does that happen with most of your readings or sometimes more than others?

Anyway thank you and I wanted to give you feedback on how accurate it was.

Oh yes and the comment about my being a hidden people pleaser but not something you would know from my personality. I could really relate to that but doubt if anyone would get that about me. That was Lila's observation.

Thanks again."

~ Irene

"Thank you for being there. Knowing you are there to call I feel better."

~ Lynne, Acupuncturist

"Thank you. I was so scared and worried and now I am at peace. I am in trust."

~ Alice

"Just knowing what I felt was right helps.

I would like to be able to call you when needed. Thank you."

~ Val

"I never knew of this world before. Now I can hear animals. Now I hear what people are saying deeper than the worlds. My husband, mother, and sister used to do things that frustrated me. Now I listen deeper than their words. I listen to their hearts and it's so simple. Compassion, love, peace in all life.

I hear many animals and respond to their needs. Jessie your cat approached me and helped me to find peace in all life, to let go of unfavorable habits, to be me."

~ Kat

"I want to thank you for doing a reading on Gina the dog. Since I spoke to you she seems to be a different dog. She is much calmer, loving, and has not had one pee accident in the house. She seems a lot more grounded. There is a noticeable difference.

I almost feel as though some demons were cast out of her. Have you ever had an experience like this with any of your clients? I feel that this is more than just a coincidence.

I just wanted to share this with you. Thank you."

~ Debbie

"Wow! What a beautiful reading and you have our cat pegged, Dr. Laurie Moore! Thank you so very much for doing it so quickly and thank you to Pattie with all my heart. Pattie gifted us the session. You have given us hope again."

~ H.

"I am so happy to know that the session I gifted to friends with Dr. Laurie Moore was so good for them. As I said to my friend, Dr. Laurie Moore is "THE-BEST-OF-THE-BEST" in all she does and her Animal Readings, too. Dr. Laurie is one of the few people that I can truly attest to having the Highest Integrity always, with so much expertise. Of course, Integrity means Honesty as well as she is of the Highest LOVING People on this planet. I am so blessed to have her in my life."

~ Pattie Mills, The Connection Magazine