Gabrielle Spencer

July 3, 2017
11:00 am

Catalyst for Light

Special Offer Heart Opening to Abundance Packages

Gabrielle has merged with her Light Body and utilizes her abilities to tap into greater levels of Light and higher vibrational frequencies, keys, codes, sacred geometries and universal knowledge to help you heal every energetic layer of your heart, spirit, mind, Higher Self, and Soul. Connecting you from within yourself to the higher vibrational frequencies of Light for sustainable abundance of peace, joy, love, happiness, health and wealth.

Gabrielle is a catalyst for your personal growth and self-fulfillment by aligning and connecting you with your inner-heart, inner-spirit self, higher mind and soul. She is known as a Master Facilitator of Human Evolution, Multidimensional Energy Master and Abundance Activator. She communicates with your Higher Self to tailor healing, keys, codes and activations specifically to your needs so you can quickly move forward on your path!