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About This Special Offer

Imagine RECEIVING easily and effortlessly exactly what you need and want in EVERY way…

Imagine money and opportunities flowing in so fast and continuously that you can hardly keep up with the abundance…

Imagine all areas of your life in alignment with abundance energy

When you open your heart to receive on ALL levels, when you are in alignment with the universal energy of abundance, it’s easy to create a continuous flow of:

  • Love
  • Money
  • Fun
  • Fulfilling Relationships
  • Joie de Vivre
  • Wholeness
  • Passion
  • Adventure
  • Life Purpose
  • And Much, Much More!

Most people unknowingly sabotage themselves from abundance…

If Unlimited Abundance isn’t your current experience and you haven’t been able to create the wealth and happiness you desire, you are in the RIGHT PLACE NOW!

If you know you just want to be DONE with stumbling through life, operating with limited belief systems and limited “human” abilities! No worries, you are in the RIGHT PLACE NOW!

If you are wondering why no matter what you’ve tried, things are still going wrong or you are “hit or miss” on creating the life of abundance you so badly want and need, then you are in the RIGHT PLACE NOW!

Gabrielle Spencer’s Heart Opening To Abundance

In this abundance activation audio series you will be guided through the energy clearings and activations necessary to make the permanent changes in your life so you never have to struggle with abundance again!

Week 1: Unconditional Inner-Heart Healing

Are you ready to let go of the hurt and fear that has limited your abundant financial future? Receiving abundance in every area of your life may be difficult for you to imagine, and it may seem impossible for so many reasons. Imagine how much lighter your heart will feel and how much more open it will be when the guilt, shame, sadness, pain. loneliness, and fear it holds are resolved and released! In this audio, clearing your inner-heart is the first step in opening your heart to abundance.

During Week 1 You Will:

  • Let go of the deep, core hurts, pain, sadness, guilt, beliefs, patterns, and programming that burden your inner-heart and keep you from accessing true abundance
  • Create a new energetic baseline by releasing the lessons of your past and movig forward with confidence, love and joy
  • Step into your inner-power for creation and manifestation
  • Expand your heart so you can claim the love that is yours to receive

Week 2: Why the Law of Attraction Fails

In this profound audio, you will learn why trying to use your mind to think positively to bring abundance into your life doesn’t work. The powerful energy clearings in this audio will help you to erase all of the energetic blocks that prevent absolute trust in yourself, in others and in the power of universal source to bring to you wealth and abundance with tremendous ease.

During Week 2 You Will:

  • Develop absolute certainty and trust in yourself and universal source so that you know you’re deserving of abundance
  • Release the many layers of energetic distrust and mistrust that keep you from being in the flow of abundance
  • Clear your inner-heart of past hurts, scars, beliefs, and negative emotions and then activate your highest vibration for abundance
  • Healing the conscious mind’s “need to be in control” so you can be in the flow of abundance

Week 3: Prosperity Through Forgiveness

Emotional events are filed in many places within your energetic frequency, emotional body, pain body, spiritual body, mental body, dimensional body and your physical body. If the event is traumatic enough it can even be stored within your soul and cause you to leave pieces of your heart and soul behind. This can cause disconnection within yourself.

This audio assists you to access greater levels of your abundance through the healing of all layers of your inner-heart from all incarnations.

During Week 3 You will:

  • Learn the most powerful tool you have for healing your heart and bringing in more abundance
  • Release the lower vibrational energy that is causing negative experiences to be drawn to you
  • Know how to free yourself from the cycle of limited abundance
  • Learn how to determine what needs to be released, healed and forgiven to unlock your abundance

Week 4: Sabotaging Your Abundance

Accessing universal abundance becomes easier and more consistent as your inner-heart opens to a greater flow of universal energy.

You know if your inner-heart is fully aligned with the flow of universal abundance energy because your dreams, your goals, and your efforts either easily come to fruition or they don’t! In this audio, you receive the clearings and activations to release the self-sabotaging patterns that affect you!

During Week 4 You Will:

  • Release the sabotaging patterns that undermine your progress
  • Learn the mirroring technique to identify the self-sabotage cycles that need clearing
  • Heal separation to create exactly what you want

Week 5: Your Fearless Self

Fear limits you and keeps you from opening to more opportunities and the FREEDOM to choose your life path!

In this audio, you receive the energy clearings and activations to release fears, mistrust, betrayal, limitations, and patterns that keep you locked down.

During Week 5 You Will:

  • Release the critic within
  • Heal separation and disconnection
  • Gain clarity and confidence from within

Week 6: Re-tune Your Higher Self

Open to your Higher Self’s multi-dimensional knowledge and perspective to enhance your life and boost your connection with universal energy. The guidance and support from your Higher Self makes it is easy to stay in an elevated frequency!

In this audio, you receive the clearings and activations to strengthen your connection with your Higher Self.

During Week 6 You Will:

  • Create your life with reliable guidance
  • Reawaken your manifestation abilities
  • Embrace the life that you are here to live

Week 7: Attune Your Soul to Universal Abundance

Clearing your soul of karma and it’s deepest secrets opens your path directly to Universal Source! Raising the vibration of your soul allows you to perceive EVERYTHING with new eyes and new ears changing your reality!

In this audio, you will heal and strengthen your soul. Your soul is your vibrational key to attuning yourself to be in the flow of universal abundance.

During Week 7 You Will:

  • Dissolve the karmic density in your soul to embody more Light
  • Open the depths of your soul to receive the love that is yours to receive
  • Be connected to your divine creation and manifestation abilities

Week 8: Multi-Dimensional Alignment

Connecting and activating yourself on every level catapults you to a higher multi-dimensional vibration. By shifting and resequencing your frequency, you hold and command more Light and your capacity to create and manifest multiplies exponentially.

In this audio, you will raise your energy frequency and increase your capacity for holding and projecting more LIGHT!

During Week 8 You Will:

  • Reprogram and resequence your multi-dimensional DNA
  • Rock your biological rhythm into the universal flow of abundance energy
  • Receive the energetic frequency boost activation

Week 9: Generate Positive Thoughts From Your Subconscious

The subconscious mind is the file cabinet of your horrors! It’s job is to remind you of things you need to fear and watch out for. Imagine turning your subconscious mind into a positive generator of peace, joy, love and abundance!

In this audio, you will be freed from the restrictions, negative input and fear that the subconscious program propagates.

During Week 9 You Will:

  • Release the subconscious mind’s restrictive programming that is unconsciously influencing you
  • Purge the “negative” subconscious memories to create positive thoughts
  • Upgrade your subconscious mind from “survival mode” into a “prosperity generator”

Week 10: Freed From The Mind Trap

Mind chatter creates overwhelm and exhaustion keeping you from creating the life and abundance you want and deserve! Your conscious mind is always influencing what you create so make sure that what it is creating is what you want!

In this audio, you receive the clearings and activations needed to shut down the chatter, free yourself from looping thoughts and upgrade your mind for greater clarity, peace and prosperity!

During Week 10 You Will:

  • Break-through the noise and constant chatter to quiet the mind
  • Gain clarity and focus over what you are creating and manifesting in your life
  • Shatter the “faux” sense of control to shift into the boundless energy of universal flow

Week 11: Mastery of the Mind

Any segment of your body/mind/spirit triangle that is out of sync creates a drain on your power and ability to create and manifest for yourself. By heightening your consciousness it is easier to be aware of and have harmony with all segments of your being.

In this audio, you will receive the activations and accelerations to raise your frequency to connect with and activate your higher-mind.

During Week 11 You Will:

  • Easily access more potentials and opportunities through your higher-mind
  • Align all levels of your “minds” to solidify your creative power
  • Maximize your Love, Light and Abundance

Week 12: Access the Frequency of Universal Abundance

Plug into and power up your higher frequency abundance matrix to easily access the universal frequency of abundance.

In this audio, all the activations you have received throughout this course are linked, aligned and amplified for maximum abundance!

During Week 12 You Will:

  • Move into a vibratory state of infinite love to create abundance with ease
  • Easily receive universal energy to support all of your needs, wants, and desires
  • Never struggle with abundance again

Bonus Energy Clearings & Activations

BONUS 1: Unconditional Love Healing for Your Inner-Heart Center

Activate the dormant keys and codes that open and expand your inner-heart for a greater capacity to hold and project Light which is the key to abundance in every area of your life.

BONUS 2: Negative Energies and Entities

Instantly free yourself from the unseen energies that lower your vibration and weigh you down affecting your life experiences and what is drawn to you. Regain the clarity and harmony needed to maintain your high abundance frequency!

BONUS 3: Rifts and Tears

Raise your vibration by healing and releasing layers of old heart-break and emotional traumas that have been stored in your heart and energetic field.

BONUS 4: Contracts and Agreements

Release previous incarnations’ contracts and agreements which may be keeping you from having financial abundance!

BONUS 5: Emotional Body Energy Clearing

Many of the emotional triggers you currently experience were created and rooted in other incarnations but they still effect you, over and over, in your current life. Receive the keys, codes, and frequencies to free you from the vibrational energy drain of a heavy emotional body.

BONUS 6: Hear Your Higher Self Loud and Clear

Often your Higher Self sounds the same as the voice in your head! So how do you know you are clear or connected enough to truly be tapped into your Higher Self? Clear and strengthen your connection so you will know what the vibration sounds and feels like so you can easily access the clarity and focus your Higher Self provides.

BONUS 7: Karma

Receive the keys, codes and dispensations to cancel and release karmic debts to shift your energy into the frequency and flow of abundance!

BONUS 8: Clear Unknown Obstacles and Energy Blocks

Throughout your multi-dimensional incarnations *#!@ happens and the fallout continues to effect you. Energetically resolve and dissolve the unknown obstacles and blocks that are keeping you from a life of abundance.

BONUS 9: Subconscious Cleanup

Thinking positive thoughts has amazing benefits in your life. BUT you can’t override the energy that triggers your thoughts by consciously thinking positive thoughts. Change the underlying energy that triggers your thoughts to have the continous power of positive thought generation on your side!

BONUS 10: Letting Go of Resistance

Resistance in any form keeps you from accessing and using the greatest potential of your mind. Dissolve the fear, worry, or angst that creates your resistance so you can tap into and unleash your magnificent potential!

BONUS 11: Financial Abundance and Creating Miracles

Receive the keys, codes, and activations for financial abundance, good fortune and bringing miracles into your life!

BONUS 12: Oversoul Energy Boost

Tap into universal energy to get that extra boost to bring opportunities for financial abundance to fruition!

BONUS 13: One-On-One Energy Clearing & Activation Session

For a LIMITED TIME, a one-on-one LIVE 30-minute call with Gabrielle will be offered with the purchase ofLevel 2/Option B. Details will be emailed to you after purchasing the program.

Straight Talk for the Soul Bonuses

Clearing and Activating Your Crystals

A crystal’s purpose is to support you in your life and on your path! Plus we love them! By activating your crystals you will be aligning your energy with it and activating additional energetic support for you!

Unlock and Unleash Your Abundance

What is your key to unlocking and unleashing your abundance?  Find out what is out of alignment for you through your Higher Self’s participation in this energy clearing and activation and obliterate it so you can move into your abundance!

Letting Go To Be In The Flow

Holding on to tightly to your worries and fears? Let it go so you can Unlock the flow of universal abundance energy and your ability to manifest what you need and want.

This heart opening, mind-blowing, and life empowering special offer includes weekly intro audios with additional energy clearings for each week’s focus! Creating abundance in every area of your life is a vibrational energy formula and the Heart Opening to Abundance program is your key!

Imagine Where Your Life Could Be In Just A Few Weeks If You Grab This Amazing Offer Now!

Special Offer Details (A) - $197:

Heart Opening to Abundance Program – Level 1

$397 Value

  • Weeks 1 – 4 of the Heart Opening to Abundance Program
  • Digital Downloads
  • Daily deep healing meditations
  • Bonuses 1 – 4 of the Energy Clearings & Activations
  • All Straight Talk for the Soul Bonuses

Special Offer Details (B) - $597:

Heart Opening to Abundance Program – Level 2

$1197 Value

  • Full 12 Weeks of the Heart Opening to Abundance Program
  • Digital Downloads
  • Group LIVE calls for weeks 5 – 12
  • All Bonus Energy Clearings & Activations
  • All Straight Talk for the Soul Bonuses
  • Plus one 30 minute, private one-on-one session with Gabrielle

Special Offer A - Only $197

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!

Special Offer B - Only $597

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!


"I know that the Heart Opening to Abundance program is about overall abundance but I would have paid that just to heal my heart the way you did. I’m forever grateful!"

~ Helena M., Stockton, CA

"Gabrielle's Heart Opening to Abundance program has changed my life. I can truly say that Gabrielle's extraordinary gifts of energy clearing, activation and healing has made a substantial difference in my life as well as my two young daughters. After my husband's sudden passing three years ago, I never imagined I could feel happy or confident again in this life. Essentially, I was just hiding in the dark, waiting until he and I could be reunited again on the Other Side. Only then, I thought, could I be happy and live again.

After "finding" Gabrielle, although I know now it was meant to be, she has helped me rediscover my true self, worked to heal the hurt, pain, guilt and bad memories from this and many other incarnations, and raised my vibrational level allowing me to reconnect my mind, body and spirit to our "home" dimensions where my true higher self and my loved ones reside. I have learned I have an "entourage" of loved ones wanting nothing more than to help me advance and complete my human life lessons, and with Gabrielle's program, learning to reach their higher vibrational level makes it so much easier both ways! Gabrielle's ability to easily access the Other Side, clear negative energy, and activate to heal the inner heart, has allowed me to "remember" the essence of my true higher self that has never left me (and never will). After doing her program and daily work, I am now realizing the pure, intuitive powers that I had, but that have been "forgotten" once re-entering our human, earthly third dimension I now call "the classroom."

Gabrielle has been blessed with remarkable gifts. She is truly a gift from God, a very wise, old soul placed here (once again) to assist us through our challenging life lessons, to reconnect with our higher selves, higher frequencies and energetically clearing the path allowing us to rediscover the joy, love and power of the Other Side while still in this dimension. Sending love and light to you Gabrielle and to all those who need you..."

~ Kari L., San Jose, CA

"Now I feel connected to something greater and I don’t feel alone anymore! I have greater clarity about my life purpose and I can finally see it and feel like I am moving toward what makes me the happiest. This is what I have always wanted, I have tried many things in the hopes of getting to this place within myself and now I’m there! Thank you!"

~ Randhir B., Stockton, CA

"By the end of the Heart Opening to Abundance program the opportunities for me, my business and bringing in money easily and effortlessly has been amazing and more than I could have imagined or can even keep up with. The program has helped me to have the clarity to focus on what I want, not on how I am going to get it. This has been a huge perspective shift for me and has increased my financial abundance!"

~ Susie M., Danville, CA

"So amazing! I feel a thousand years lighter! My friend recently asked me what magic I was on to be so “UP” all the time?? I laughed and told her that I was working with Gabrielle and doing the Heart Opening to Abundance program!"

~ Kim S., Orlando, FL

"For being only the third week of the program, I must say we are moving quickly and steadily...I feel some amazing energy around me! My relationship with my daughter has vastly improved and I have released the guilt I was carrying about not being the “perfect” mom! It’s fantastic!!!"

~ Lourdes S., Ft. Worth TX