Jafree Ozwald

January 30, 2017
5:00 pm

MasterClass Leader

Special Offer 90 Day Super Manifesting Program

​Jafree is a gentle yet powerful soul who has discovered what people have been searching for their entire lives, the enlightenment experience. Since his spiritually awakening return from India in 1997, he has helped tens of thousands of people around the world consciously activate and harness their “super-natural” manifesting abilities and start creating a miraculous life that they love. He is a powerful intuitive, akashic record reader, a personal manifesting coach, and tantric workshop leader. Jafree has been on dozens of radio shows and TV shows around the world sharing his heart-driven manifesting wisdom, dedicated to helping the planet wake up and ignite their natural manifesting powers within. He also facilitates a Tantric Manifestor workshop in Bali, Thailand and Europe for those wanting a LIVE in person experience of how to awaken their Kundalini, increase their manifesting vibration and physically attract the life of their dreams! Born and raised in Colorado, Jafree has traveled to over 35 countries, has lived in Hawaii, Australia, Norway, Sweden, and now currently resides in Bali. He has created a global enlightenment online portal that is transforming the consciousness of the planet. This life transforming online Super Manifesting Program is 100% guaranteed to physically manifest any dream, wish, or desire you have in 90 days or less and instantly available at: www.SuperManifestor.com