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Creating The Reality of Your Dreams

Brand NEW!
One of a Kind Event!

Warning: This Offer Is Lightning-Packed with the “Woo” and
Will Begin to Open Some Very Deep Spaces within You

June of 2017 marks the crescendo of a New Energy Wave which will be flooding the planet through April of 2018. Specifically, two Super moons, on back to back months in June and July will serve to open a massive space for change, healing, and release, enabling us to truly step forward and into our power as conscious creators.

Energy runs high during these phases of shift and transformation… you may feel more emotional, experience sleep disturbances, feel “electric,” or ungrounded,  as well as feeling a bit displaced, and not quite knowing why.

Out in the world, for those who are not rooted into a deeper sense of Love and Connection, this may bring about some turbulent Summer months; Yet it also brings a doorway: the choice for multiple new paths and timelines, as well as a deeper feeling of nostalgia.

That nostalgia is a sense of Home – it’s a deep activation of who you are at your Core Source Level, beyond the illusion of time and space, and deeply loved, connected and present as Pure Potential, Pure Love, and Pure Source Energy.

This is a time like no other to begin to tap into that energy – The Energy of Home – and begin to create a new reality, one of Your Creation, Your Deepest Dreams, and Your Most Vital Passions. It is a time for Awakenings and Miracles, and what’s more, it is a time for YOU to dive deep into the sublime sea of quantum potentials, and really learn to create your ultimate reality!

Because of this massive energy surge, 3 time Best Selling Author and Energy Expert Jarrad Hewett is offering an ALL NEW, MEGA 21 DAY PROGRAM EVENT loaded with brand new downloads and your chance for one on one guidance – including for the first time in 2017   NINE All New Energy Journeys and Guided Meditations, NINE NEW Creation Formula Symbols geared specifically for Lifting out the old and Creating New Timelines, Massively Expanding Awareness, Increasing Vitality and Abundance, Bonuses, Live Calls, and So Much More!

People around the world have experienced Amazing Medical and Financial Breakthroughs, Huge Growth in Relationships and Health, and Life-Changing Manifestations with Jarrad’s Energetic tools and products, as have the hundreds of thousands who have experienced his energy, Insights, and Readings on radio, television, private sessions, and in groups.

It doesn’t matter which areas you’re seeking balance, resolution, improvement and higher vibrational alignment, LOVE is always the answer!

You’ve felt his energy on LIVE Calls, NOW, feel what it’s like to have this MASSIVE energy flowing to you, through you, with you, and as you, while you learn to tap into the INFINITE Abundance and Presence of Source Energy!

This is your opportunity to allow old wounds to fall away in a space of total Divine Love and expand into receiving the total love, abundance, and flow that the Universe has to offer while expanding in ways you may never have even imagined.


  • 21-DAY Access to the MOST AMAZING Energy you will EVER Experience — directed right at you!!
  • 3 Hours of a LIVE question and answers with one of THE MOST leading edge remote healers and channels in the world TODAY!
  • The Updated Creation Formula eBook and MP3 Audio Activation with musical frequency activation
  • Nine ALL-NEW Energy Journeys and Symbols including:
    • The New Timeline Jumping Journey
    • The Never-Before-Released Creating a New Past
    • Clearing the Way: Inter-Dimensional Alignment
    • Opening and Expanding Your heart — Seeing and Being Loved
  • Renewing Your Core
  • Jarrad’s ALL NEW Transforming the Ego For Divine Release Journey
  • Grounding Into Change and Integration: I AM Divine Flow
  • Complete June/July Membership to the Online Community
  • Audio Book of The Best-Selling Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation
  • Remastered Journeys
  • New Awakening 3rd Eye Journey
  • Experience the Remastered Child Like Play Journey with New Music and Energy!
  • Wholeness Through Well Being… and Release Into Love — In All New Ways!
  • 3 Special Saturday Calls
  • Plus Unannounced Bonuses!

The Total Value of This Program — including the 20 minutes per day of remote energy work, BRAND NEW Energy Journeys, Exclusive New Downloads, Plus an Amazing catalogue of material, Live Calls, and the Members Only Web Site — is valued in excess of $7,697.00!

This offer is NON refundable starting July 11th which is the first day the 21 day program begins!

Discount: 96% Off
Total Value: $7,697
Special Offer: $297!

Special Offer Details - $297:

Item 1: 21 Days of Remote Energy Work

20 MINUTES of Remote Energy Work Per Day!
Begins July 11, 2017

The energy of the group meditations and live calls will help to move you into a calm and open space, free from the reactive mind, and into a space where you begin to open up to more miracles, healing, mastery, and abundance. Along the way, you will be FULLY supported with 20 minutes each day of peaceful and gentle remote energy work to help you integrate quickly and move beyond the stories and illusions, and into a receptive state for healing and an active state of creation! Beginning when you join this program, Jarrad will start to set a space for incredible growth, expansion, and love, which will officially begin on July 11th, 2017! (Although daily work will begin the day you purchase, and you will have immediate access to all of the downloads and the membership site, as well!)

This energy will help open you up, gently, to all that you are — packing in power, peace, love, harmony, and so much more in these powerful transmissions!

These remote sessions are Powerful catalysts for Growth, Harmony, and Healing

Item 2: Three (3) Weekly Live Group Calls

60-Minute Weekly Live Group Calls in July 2017

During these amazingly loaded 21 days of growth and heart-opening LIFE CHANGING expansion, you’ll have access to 3 in-depth and LIVE frequency raising calls – FILLED with amazing energy and remote frequencies, where you’ll get to call in and explore and play in this vast, expansive, energy of the ascended heart — moving into a whole new world.

Jarrad’s intent for these weekly 60-minute plus calls is to take you further into the healing and knowingness of Source while connecting you into the infinite love of who you really are, and creating a space of Instant Awakening, Healing, Love, and Expansion.

He will be going deep and doing work for everyone on these calls. As his personal sessions are booked almost a full year in advance, this gives you an excellent opportunity to call in with questions to help heal and bring clarity and purpose BACK into your Being AND YOUR LIFE!

These calls are SPECIFICALLY geared towards connecting this group to the full-on, infinite vibrations of Source Energy as well as maintaining FULL ON SUPPORT throughout the entire 21 days in July!

Jarrad has LOADED this amazing and leading-edge program with a TON of NEW MATERIAL that has NOT EVER BEFORE BEEN RELEASED

Item 3: Clearing the Way: Inter-Dimensional Alignment

Journey and Symbol

This is the Portal to Infinite Choice and Freedom!

Starting with the intention of wholeness, Love, Vitality, Abundance, and Joy, this Light-Filled Journey is going to be a new favorite, as it quickly moves right to the Heart of Divine Love, Lifting Away all that’s Been, and Aligning You and All Energy Bodies with Pure, Divine Source.

This Journey unites all that you are under YOUR direction so that you can create with ease and joy, no longer fighting aspects of yourself or fighting that uphill battle, while also turning up the vibratory signature of who you are at the wider level, allowing your True Source Nature of ease and Abundance to begin to become the new dominant vibration in your field.

This Journey contains a very powerful activation and process for creation as well as a cleansing and clearing energy and can be used as often as you’d like.

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 4: Opening & Expanding Your Heart: Seeing & Being Loved

Brand NEW!
Journey and Symbol

“This is the Experience of Feeling Loved and Living with an Open Heart”

Release the separation collected and created from this and all other lifetimes, while clearing, cleansing, and opening the heart at every level, allowing for a space of pure Self-knowledge, Reception, and Love.

Create a space where you no longer hold yourself back, hold yourself separate, or hold yourself at fault, entering a space of beautiful interaction and Love with All You Are at a Divine Level, experiencing the Enrapturing Love of All That Is, while opening to See yourself, and the world in a Whole, New Way.

Warning: This Journey Contains a Deep Level of Transformative Shifts, Opening the Heart and Allowing a space to Choose Happiness in New Ways. It is Completely Normal to Have Emotions Surface, and You May Experience Tears as Your Heart Begins to Heal and Open. Due to The Emotional and Connective Nature of this Journey, it is not recommended that you listen to this journey more than once per day.

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 5: Renewing Your Core

Journey and Symbol

An in-depth look at how you define yourself, this power-packed journey goes deep into our definitions of capability, self-worth, self-esteem and more, as we dive deep and uncover the True core of who are.

Lifting the veils of separation, this guided track opens you up to a space of Unity and Sovereignty and introduces a new Energetic Tool — a first in Jarrad’s Journeys — where you will experience “The Silver Fire” wherein you will experience the phenomenon of heat and cold, simultaneously, as the lower density vibrations lift out, and the higher frequencies birth, and any collected consciousness that has been seeded in your field is released, so you may emerge from this process fully connected and Unified as your own I AM Presence, both restoring and creating a space of Full Being and Full Presence.

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 6: Transforming the Ego for Divine Release

Never Before Released!
Journey and Symbol

What Would it feel like to have the very creation of the Stars moving through Your Being?

A deep exploration and a loving invitation to understand the ego, this journey serves to help us understand why we create opposition from within while creating our own experiences. Often times, the ego — that beautiful embodiment of our own individuation — fears its own demise and sets up what feels like self-sabotaging “alter ego” boobie traps that hold us back and keep us fighting and struggling for what we want.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also develop “Spiritual Alter Egos” that begin to define our path and create non resonance as we move further into unity consciousness.

This journey begins to erase the fears of miscreation, destruction, and alienation… all the fears, spaces and places where we hold boundaries within ourselves which keep us from creating what we truly desire in our lives, and allows us to release ourselves into our Divine Being, free from lower vibrational “separation” consciousness.

Experience a Divine Release!

This Journey Contains Light Language

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 7: Your Future Starts Now

All NEW!
Journey and Symbol

By releasing the Conscious and Unconscious Attachments to our past, present, and future, we are able to fully step into our I AM Presence, and we Free ourselves to Fully Be Present in the Moment of Now and Create All We Desire.

This Powerfully Integrative Journey Introduces a Sparkly Energy to Bring Back Empowerment as we go on a journey Through the Physical Body, Opening you to Creating A New Future, Right Now!

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 8: Grounding Into Change & Integration: I AM Divine Flow

Brand NEW!
Journey and Symbol

Often times, at a very deep level, we hold a “ceiling” with regard to change. We have resistance to how much of our story we can or will allow ourselves to change — no matter how much we truly desire that change to occur!

By grounding into change and Integration, we allow ourselves to fully feel whole and complete at every level of our journey, so that we minimize resistance and maximize our progress, growth, and ability to create and expand into and as Divine Flow!

This is one of the MOST Powerful Journeys in this Series, and because of the Amazing Integrating Energies, and the Freedom Which Can Birth as Result, Feel Free to Listen to This as Often as You’d Like

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 9: Opening to Your NEW World

Journey and Symbol

What is it to know that You are the Creation of Everything in Your World? As big of a statement as that may seem, as we open up to the energy of all that is, we open up to the realization that we are the sum total of every single thought, belief, and experience we have ever had. As that experience grows, we are able to change our beliefs and our thoughts, in order to change our past, present, and future experiences.

This journey begins by re-defining relationships with the world and the self, and creating a space for change, love, and transmutation, as you release the fear, worry, and tension that can embed itself in our daily living in the physical life.

This journey is the energy of nurturing and connection at a Galactic level, creating unity and wholeness in your field, and allowing you to fully know the Self as Source knows You.


Item 10: Creating a New Past

Brand New!
Journey and Symbol

What if you could Open up to a Multitude of Manifestation, Possibility, and Potentials in the here and now, by learning to Create a New Past?

Feel YOURSELF Like Never Before as you Create Yourself from a Completely New Space while beginning to integrate New Frequencies and Journeying into a space of sovereignty over the Past.

What would it be like to Shift Consciousness in a way which allowed you to literally re-write your past?

Through this multi-dimensional activation, we will journey into that space, re-patterning, reprogramming, and re-writing the story of you, in the stars, throughout time and space, to re-arrange and create something totally new!

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 11: Timeline Jumping

Never Before Released and BRAND New!
Journey and Symbol

A journey truly unlike any other, this deep exploration of the energy of time and space serves to open our energetic being as well as our physical body so that we may hold the energy and create our own “Mandela Effect” through the process of Timeline Jumping.

What are some of the effects of Timeline Jumping, and How Can you Begin to See the Markers which Validate that you have begun to Shift Something Huge?

This Amazing Energy goes well beyond the words spoken and Energizes and Integrates your Physical Body with your Light Body so that you both own and occupy your Multi-Dimensional Space, which allows you to integrate timelines, as well as change your Present Experience!

Warning: This is Lightning-Packed with the “Woo” and will begin to open some very deep spaces within you. If you are new to energy work, please listen to the other downloads first in order to give you a solid energetic foundation on which to build this experience.

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 12: Total Access to Jarrad’s Membership Site

June/July Membership

Welcome to one of the strongest, most supportive, loving, healing, and absolutely most awesome communities on the web. Jarrad has created a wonderful membership site specifically for this 21-day immersion which you have immediate access to, when you sign up!

You will be able to communicate with him and other conscious creators in what has become one of the most celebrated sites on the web! Blog, post photos, get access to bonus material, and more!

Jarrad has already posted content and will be on the site daily to answer questions beginning June 28th — two full weeks before the beginning of the program — and this one of a kind ability to interact gives you access to a safe and loving space in which to ask questions, explore topics, grow, FEEL SAFE, allow yourself to be seen, and express.

This personal membership site also allows you the opportunity to set up your very own profile, post blogs, ask questions of each other — and Jarrad — in the forums, and search from a HUGE array of posts and topics to see how other people — just like you — have found true happiness, health, and freedom.

In addition to the blogs and forum posts…

You will be getting support at every level — through your ability to walk your talk and receive guidance like never before!

Item 13: “Journey’s with Jarrad” Frequency Radio Broadcasts

60-Minute Special Saturday Broadcasts

This year in CCU, my yearly program where I offer one-on-one work and we really go deep, learning to do this and much more, we did something new — we had monthly Frequency Radio Broadcasts, which evolved into a time to gather together and listen to Energy Journeys!

During this Amazing Event, we will not only have our Regular Live Calls, but we will also gather on Saturdays, to listen to journeys as a group, amplifying the energy, while also possibly exploring some new themes with bonus material, as needed.

This will be an excellent way to gather new understanding and have wonderful new experiences with the material in a time frame set aside to go deep and expand with Love and Infinite Possibility.

Item 14: Awakening — 3rd Eye Activation

Remixed and Remastered
Journey and Symbol

This is one of the STRONGEST ENERGIES I have ever experienced — and that is saying A LOT!

One of THE MOST transformative journeys ever channeled, this deep-seated healing Awakens you to the Truth at the Highest realities, gaining access to your POWER to totally create your life, awakening to infinite potential — allowing you to see yourself free, clear, and POWERFUL, and being able to EXPERIENCE the full embodiment of THE I AM THAT I AM, not just as a concept, but as an embodied energy.

I cannot stress how strong this energy is. At the same time, it is INCREDIBLY gentle and something every single person who truly wants to merge into this new dimensional space should experience.

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 15: Childlike Play — The Open Heart

New Music and Energy!
Journey and Symbol

“This Is What Conscious Creation Is All About!”

Enter the Child Like Sense of Play and Wonder, Engaging the Energies of Excitement and Creation, while healing the inner child and allowing that energy to fully enter into your life.

Lift the veil and allow the mind to simply be an extension of the heart — feeling totally free — while reprogramming the entirety of your being, reprogramming what you send out and receive from the universe. Receiving the child-like sense of play and wonder, and knowing that when you “come as a child” you FULLY enter the kingdom, and allow all of creation to support, nurture, and LOVE you!

Flow as the Beingness and the Love that You are — in Full Connection, all the while, feeling loved, and celebrated, and empowered by the safety of our new space.

Bring your Inner Child out and into a new world: a world of joy-filled creation and love.

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 16: Releasing Into Love: “The Bon Fire”

Remade for 2017!
Journey and Symbol

Allowing All That You Are, beyond The Stories, to unify and expand, and strengthening the focus on Love, this Journey creates a Unified structure of Self, wherein you Release into The Vast Space of Total Choice, Total Love, and Total Awareness.

This is one of the MOST POWERFUL transmutative Journeys ever recorded, wherein you will have the opportunity to transmute lifetimes of limitations, grief, stress, and strife through the amazing “Bon Fire” Experience.

This Powerful activation also sets in motion a Self-Sustaining field of Freedom and Pure Love, wherein the experience of who you are, and what the world is, re-formats into a space of experiential love. This journey also moves into “future timelines,” allowing you to restructure where you’re going and what you’re creating.

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 17: Wholeness Through Well Being

Journey and Symbol

As with many of the journeys for the fifth dimensional transition, this journey works on the electromagnetic field, reprogramming what wholeness means to us — severing the dependence or codependence on lower and limiting vibrations, thoughts, and relationships (whether genetic or otherwise), reprogramming all that we are — where and how we get power from, as well as allowing power to now be US, expressing through the knowingness of our own Divine Connection and Love. Any spaces and places where you have given your power away are balanced, cleansed and harmonized, as we move into the choice of Total Empowerment.

Many of us have subconscious beliefs around what safety is, and the fear energy that underlies these beliefs are often locked into our physical bodies. This journey allows the release of this energy, so that all energy can truly love, honor, and bless us.

Journey into Freedom, releasing everything, and creating a NEW experience of Wholeness Through Well Being.

Note: There is also a strong release of genetic energy as well as a restructuring of relationships, wherein we no longer chose from karma, debt, or duty, and chose from a place of love, light, and joy.

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

This is the redefining of your I AM Presence as WHOLENESS!

Item 18: Choice of the I AM Will: FREEDOM

New Music and Energy
“The White Gold Journey”
Journey and Symbol

Experience the space where the “THY” in “Thy will be done” and the I of the I AM that you are, become one. This is the freedom to create everything your heart desires, supported by the Light and Love of the Divine at every single level.

Experience the Light of the One, flowing into your being like the tides of the ocean, strong and ever moving, bringing with it the light of the one, washing, cleansing, and clearing, allowing all that you are, to be made known in the here and now.

Meet the Ascended Heart in a whole new way, as we step into a space wherein the ascended heart energy surrounds and permeates all that you are in the physical reality, allowing you to release into the 5th dimensional focus — the space and place of the NEW mind, the space and place where “as above” is made manifest here and now, through the unification of all that we are, as the expression of the ascended heart, and the merging of All That We Are — Allowing the I and the Thy to become one and the same.

Includes Spoken Word Journey and Journey with Music.

Item 19: Perfection Now

Beginning by connecting us with Source at the Purest and Highest levels, beyond the stories and perceptions, this journey removes the struggle energy: the battle energy, the “try” energy, the energy of judgements, separation, and “should”.

Clear a space to see yourself as Source sees you RIGHT NOW: as whole, and perfect, and loved in every single moment

This powerful energy that corresponds with the new Perfection Now symbol allows for the recreation of your electromagnetic field — allowing you to receive yourself in a whole new way.

Experience what it feels like RIGHT NOW to be peaceful, and to be at harmony with all that is — allowing resistance to fade away and clearing a space for action and something new to grow.

Release the hurt, the guilt, and the shame, and allow yourself to find that which has been sought: the still point. Beingness. I AM THAT I AM.

Feel what it feels like to open up to you at your highest, most ascended state of love, joy, abundance, and vibrancy RIGHT NOW.

Item 20: The Creation Formula

PDF eBook and MP3

Complete with eBook and audio activations set to music and infused with the actual frequencies of the formula itself, you can begin working with specific frequencies, as well as learn the core of Jarrad’s work in frequencies and how it birthed!

You will also receive the original hand drawn frequency chart!!

Here’s how Jarrad describes the Creation Formula:

“The Creation Formula is the process of expansion. I’ve often described it as a two pronged, multi-dimensional frequency chart (Remember, EVERYTHING is Energy — therefore, EVERYTHING has a frequency) that balances energy while simultaneously activating the ability to consciously create.”

The formula itself is comprised of multi-dimensional frequencies and symbols that activate dormant information within the energy field that works to balance energy fields, activate pituitary and pineal glands, and reprogram total consciousness in a way that accelerates and activates true abilities to consciously create (learn more about this on the free call!).

Think of your life as the product of millions and millions of frequencies — just like a symphony is the product of thousands and thousands of musical notes. This formula represents a giant tuning fork that vibrates through your entire energy system and tunes the frequencies so that the life you are experiencing is a match to the vibrational symphony you are offering forth with your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and feelings — all while directing those subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and feelings into Love, Joy, etc.

This is the exact formula that I use in my own private and personal energy work each and every day.

Every hand-drawn symbol that comes with the accompanying eBook and remote healing audio walk through represents ingredients of this powerful formula and allows for transmutation and change in specific areas. These symbols have been used by Energy Masters, teachers, and students of all faiths and backgrounds, from across the globe, with amazing and miraculous results!

This amazing remote energy activation program also includes an audio session, where you will experience first-hand the amazingly powerful energy of the symbols as well as the meaning and invocations of the multi-level frequencies. In the accompanying eBook, I will also speak to what the formula and symbols actually mean, as well as how to effectively tap into their energy — and subsequently, how to tap into the Full Power of You.

Remember: Everything is Energy, and YOU have the POWER to change your life NOW!

Item 21: Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation

Jarrad’s #1 Bestselling Audio Book

One of the most powerful and brilliant messages you’ll ever hear, this special frequency encoded audio version of Jarrad’s International Best-Seller contains some of the highest frequencies felt on this plane.

The text itself provides an awe-inspiring view of God, consciousness, and what it means to be alive. It powerfully demonstrates the full potential of love and conscious creatorship in ways that will astonish, inspire, and leave you breathlessly moved.

No subject is off limits in this exploration of thoughts, energy, and the science that brings them together. Constant as the ever-present moment of now is our Source Self, and Love, Life, God fully illustrates that concept. Understanding how to reach and operate from that center are the keys to uniting and healing not just a fractured culture, but a fractured self. By tapping into who we really are, we begin to see in life-altering ways that through our own actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc., just how our world (and our perspective of that world) has come into being. On this journey, Jarrad also shows in clear and irrevocable ways how to change the world through changing the Self.

Coded with massively expansive frequencies, this special audio version is like having your own personal energy library to visit time and time again.

This program is TRULY unlike any you have ever experienced!

Special Offer - Only $297

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!


"Physically... aches and pains have simply disapeared. In the last ten days while incorporating the information from these journeys my left knee has regained a new mobility that has resulted in my ability to climb with a full range of motion- and actually run against an underwater current in 3ft. of water. Emotionally, I am ecstatic to experience the joy of running again! I am filled with appreciation and gratitude to discover my ability to make changes and to genuinely love my Self.

This is a stellar program for all who are truly ready to live life to the fullest.

Thank You Jarrad, for Your ability to ride the waves of these new energies and to share them in this powerful format."

~ Caroline D

"This new program is absolutely amazing!! I have purchased several of Jarrad's programs in the past & every one is so new & exciting to experience. I just started these new journeys a couple of weeks ago & I have found that I am releasing some very old resentments in my dream time from a past divorce that I truly thought I had worked through. It is so freeing to simply let go of the past & begin to create anew from a loving blank page!! Creating a new future & a new past!! Once again, Jarrad has created life changing journeys!!!!"

~ Susan

"Jarrad's new journeys & tracks are even more transformative than those that came before. I get a sense of going deeper both physically & emotionally. Each one provides the changes I'm ready for in the moment. I'm am always amazed with the depth of the energies that Jarrad offers us in these programs. It's always new. He always delivers more than I expect, and after almost 2 years working with Jarrad I expect a lot. The growth I've experienced since finding Jarrad & his work thanks to Darius is astonishing!"

~ Nancy K

"Since I started these I have felt happier, lighter and sillier. I love how these new tracks seem more direct and go deep but in an uncomplicated way. I am finding by taking my time and going in the order suggested it is a good pace to allow the energy to integrate. The last few days I have been listening to Transforming the Ego for Divine Release. This track helped me to understand the egos and I identified some hidden stuff that I needed to release. I felt the energy in my heart when I heard the words, "Right now is a new moment…" Symbols are so fascinating with these tracks. I am excited to see what will happen with Track 5!"

~ Alison A

"Wow! What a way to create a ‘new balance point’ in my reality. The new symbols are quite different and journeys are powerful! Best ever experience yet, was listening to ‘Clearing the way: Inter Dimensional Alignment'... in the first minute the top of my head felt like it was opening up wave upon wave upon wave, with a beautiful feeling of sparkling diamonds and beaming heartfelt joy. Deeply transformative, these journeys shift you into a new space for ‘creating your new reality’ with a loving and supportive gentleness. Deep truths, realizations, and growth bound to awaken you with renewed energy and direction."

~ Antonietta

"I Have gone through the 9 energies, so much clearing and I cried while going through them. They are really powerful, I already feel the shift NOW, even before the program really begins. Things are changing and shifting for the better, the best part is I know I create and manifest those things! I am so excited, can't wait to start this new journey with everyone!"

~ Nancy C

"The only description that comes to mind is "Jarrad Journeys on steroids". Seriously, I have always loved your journeys. They are peaceful, healing, transforming...but these take that to a new level. I have actually had to pace myself for the first time. I have only let myself go to #4 so far. I just get so much out of each listen, I want to be sure I'm ready to move on. Thank you for these amazing journeys!"

~ Beverly D

"These are the most peaceful, profound, transformative and loving tracks Jarrad has created to date. When you follow the order you are lovingly guided to the most beautiful place inside yourself that you could ever imagine, where the knots unravel and disappear. As you awaken from the journey you bring this sense of peace, joy and happiness back into your reality with a sense of permanent freedom from the ties that have bound you in the past. The release is gentle yet profound and each day it's like your perspective on life comes from a higher, more grounded in love filled place where there is peace, joy and happiness. Those around you seem to rise up with you as well and you become loved as you love, you find joy where you thought there was no hope of joy, you are peace filled, you become love and happiness, they are you and the lower vibrational energies within you and around you just disappear. These are the best journeys & meditations I've ever experienced....the freedom is extraordinary. Ive always loved your work Jarrad, but this program, this is something beyond....this is what everyone in the world needs, this is the creation of the most profound release so we can all become the most ultimate divine love and live it. You are amazing, thank you so much for creating this incredible program, it's like the gift of the ultimate life."

~ Leah

"Mind blowing and surreal! In the last two weeks since listening to these super powered tracks I have experienced amazing conscious time shifts. I am walking through my enchanted golden door, receiving two monetary payments for sharing my intuition and found an extra $100, twice now in my money envelope. I had jokingly asked for a new hubby, have the same wonderful hubby but am enjoying happiness at a deeper connection of much laughter and dancing over the last two weeks. Yahoo!"

~ Sally P