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  • Powerful Vibratory Healing
  • Enjoy Healing
  • Do other things Simultaneously
  • Heal Others
  • Improve Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Realms
  • So Inexpensive
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Deep Wave Beauty (Digital CD)

Use the Power of Sound to restore and revitalize Beauty!

Best New Age CD – Silver Award!  COVR

Sample Clip

      Deep Wave Beauty - Sample


  • The CD consists of 8 original tracks all rich in multidimensional music interwoven with special vibrational frequencies. These frequencies convey targeted, healing energies to benefit our holistic nature:
  • The CD contains the frequency-equivalents of important vitamins and nutrients. These substances revitalize and renew the skin, musculature, tissues and collagen of the face and neck area. (Frequency-equivalents of vitamins A, C, B, B4 B6, B12, E and Resveratrol are included to nourish.) Frequencies related to collagen and facial muscles are layered into the music. Healthy collagen stimulates and strengthens the skin structure.
  • When one listens to the frequency equivalent of niacin, his face flushes the same as if he had ingested the nutrient. The language of the body perhaps is mathematics – expressed by frequencies. When you ingest niacin, does your body count the cycles per second of the vibrational energy? Is this why listening to the frequency equivalent of niacin creates the exact same face flushing that the actual nutrient creates. This CD contains frequency equivalents of vitalizing vitamins and nutrients. You absorb sound!
  • Mattson’s extraordinary music serves as the catalyst, helping the listener achieve an optimum state of mind and soul to fully receive the healing energies in a setting of beautiful uplifting and relaxing music. The end result empowers one to effectively renew herself. The music guides the listener to a great state of calm, stilling the mind and giving a deep meditative state maximizing the overall benefit.

Use again-and-again to soothe and smooth Body and Soul!

I started listening to Deep Wave Beauty by Jill Mattson around the first of March 2012. When I realized that it carried the frequencies of collagen, I kept in on day and night for weeks.

The first difference I noticed was my pores. They had grown larger after I turned 60 and no matter what potion I used on them, they just seemed to get larger. I also developed sagging skin under my chin with deep vertical wrinkles.

The effects are not just on my face. My entire body has tightened. I have lost two sizes and I finally have a waist again. I have to wear belts to keep my pants from falling down.

My upper arms are tightening. I have not added an exercise regimen that would account for this change. I do chi gong twice a week and I work in the garden. That’s the extent of my exercise. I am doing nothing to account for my upper arms tightening and dropping two dress sizes.

I believe the collagen all over my body has tightened and I seem to be naturally changing back to the body I had when I was much younger. I am 64 and I think I look better now than I looked in my late 40s and 50s. Not only has my body started reshaping itself, but my energy level and my stamina has also increased.

I have only done two things that could account for the change in my skin, body and energy level. I listen to Deep Wave Beauty several times a day, and I have given up wheat. Not eating wheat could account for the loss of two dress sizes, but it can’t explain why the skin on my body is tightening all by itself.

– Rayelan Allen

Crystal Realms (Digital CD)

Enchanting Music
With Frequencies of uplifting Flower Essences and Crystal Healings

Sample Clip

      Crystal Realms - Sample


Immerse into the higher energies of crystalline frequencies -Light up your life for new possibilities.  Ingest enlightening music embedded with frequencies of virtues, frequencies from a dozen flower essences and twelve crystals!

The flower music, inspired by uplifting feelings, creatively takes you into the vibrations of positive emotions – a yummy and transforming state. With enough listening repeats, make a habit of these energetic states, slowly transforming your energies to that of a powerful and evolved person. Feel & Heal!

The crystal music transports to you to the crystal and fairy kingdoms! Revel in the magic mysteries of fairies and the wonderful world of crystals.  Also enjoy musical guest appearances from the water world: Whales, dolphins and giant turtles!

Fantastic Music with Frequencies of Crystals that bestow:

  • Calmness, Trust, Acceptance, Emotional Harmony, Relaxation & Love
  • Logic, Intelligence, Abundance, Joy & Clarity
  • Unconditional Love
  • Emotional Harmony, Relaxation, Love, Abundance, Joy & Clarity
  • Protection, Calm, Vitality, Health & Devotion
  • Protection, Abundance, Purity & Transformation

Nurturing Flower Music to enhance:

  • Confidence & Ability to Make Decisions
  • Companionship
  • Freely Giving
  • Enjoying the Moment
  • Giving-Love
  • Self-Trust
  • Fearlessness
  • Broadmindedness
  • Courage
  • Patience & Peace
  • Trust
  • Inner Peace

Healing Flower Symphonies (Digital CDs)

Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Sample Clip Vol. 1

      Healing Flower Symphonies Vol. 1 - Sample

Sample Clip Vol. 2

      Healing Flower Symphonies Vol. 2 - Sample


  • Soothe your soul with Flower Frequencies, a similar experience as taking the Flower Remedies. This Powerful Music contains actual frequencies of flower remedies to release & clear a negative energy, and to build positive emotional strengths.
  • The Healing Flower Symphonies capture the actual frequency of the flower essence remedies for the Bach Soul Flowers. Listening to a frequency of a substance is akin to ingesting it. For example if you listen to the frequency of niacin your face flushes, if you just ingested niacin! Listening to the frequencies of the flowers is like taking the flower remedy, providing emotional healing.
  • In addition the music creatively and intuitively takes you into the dark side of each emotion (such as impatience to patience) as a cathartic release – letting emotional baggage go.
  • When one is depressed, joyful music is irritating. Likewise, depression needs to be released before one can enjoy upbeat music. Sad music stirs old pain, bringing it to the surface. It enables one to reconnect with feelings that he had long ignored, leading to an emotional catharsis.
  • Whatever is repressed has power over us; we have been trained since our earliest years to repress negative emotions. These do not vanish, but show up as an outward negativity, such as anger or aggression, or an inward force manifesting as depression, insecurity or illness. Pretending that you don’t have negative feelings doesn’t make them go away, but pushes them into your subconscious mind. Similarly, you don’t get rid of a bad habit by ignoring it.
  • The antidote is to feel your pain – it allows a release. This isn’t as frightening or as painful as you think. It will not destroy you. Within a surprisingly brief time the pain will dissipate. Simply listen to music and let it help you feel free.
  • The Healing Flower Symphonies creatively take you into the dark side of each emotion (such as impatience versus patience) as a cathartic release – cleansing emotional baggage.
  • The music transitions into the feel of successful triumph and mastery of the emotion (such as fear to trust). The music creating the emotion of trust and you subtly practice the successful emotion… and practice makes perfect! As we all improve our emotional energy, our impact on others strenthens, uplifting our worlds!
  • Your subconscious mind will store and pass your new positive behavior into your conscious mind. Later, use this new improved emotional habit – without even thinking. The easiest way to gain a habit of something good is through – sound & the right music!
  • Put yourself in the driver’s seat by choosing and feeling a good emotion repeatedly. The flower essences and the Healing Flower Symphonies make this happen.

Cosmic Streams (Digital CD)

Two meditations – 78 minutes Information on Chakras

Sample Clip

      Cosmic Streams - Sample


Cosmic Streams: An Unrivaled Chakra Meditation Experience Tune Chakras with Special Frequencies, Rhythms, Colors, Elements, Subtle Energies, Affirmations, Music & Tibetan Bowls! Clear Chakra Layers, Dimensions, Higher Energies, Tune associated organs/glands.

Secrets were passed down through the Ancient Mystery Schools concerning subtle energy channels within your body, such as the chakras. Initiates in various Schools of Enlightenment, studying under an ascended master, scribed special ways of clearing and balancing the chakras.

This CD incorporates many long lost methods to deeply clear chakras. Incorporated into this guided meditation are 17 sound based methods for chakra clearing from all over the Earth.

Sounds add energies associated with chakra clearing. For example, when you are visualizing the color red associated with the root chakra, the sound of the color red is playing in the background. This sound amplifies the energy created by visualizing the color red.

The rhythm, pitch, Tibetan bowl, elemental sound, and syllable associated with each chakra are sounded during the meditation amplifying the power and energy for chakra clearing! Some of the frequencies are tuning your associated organs and glands!

  • Revitalize front & back chakras! As well as open new chakras above your head to download higher consciousness and improve body mind and emotional energies.
  • Clear all Chakra layers and dimensions… front & back chakras
  • Harmonize and balance all major Chakra levels – including higher energy connections – open new chakras
  • Align Chakra harmonic patterns using vowel sounds, musical instruments and Tibetan bowls
  • Chakras are linked with specific glands – the control centers of your body. Activate, Clear & Tune the Chakra/gland subtle energy connections. • Elevate spirituality through Channeled Subtle Energies of Ascended Masters and Angels

All of this and much more, plus healing frequencies associated with the chakras, are in this chakra meditation – tremendously powerful! Music • Improve Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Realms • Use Again & Again!

Cinnimist Past (Digital CD)

Sample Clip

      Cinnimist Past - Sample


Cinnamist Past is a unique collection of works ranging from 15th century Irish music to Modern American Blue Grass to original works by Mattson & Hall.  The remastered tracks are inspired instrumental interpretations featuring the beautifully flowing, sonorous violin of Jill Mattson.  Ken Hall plays inspired piano selections and all instrumentals are performed by the duo.  Cinnamist Past is an inspiring collection remarkable in its breadth and variety.  The songs will lift and warm the soul.  Your heart will want to dance and sing as you experience old favorites and listen to new creations.


  1. Ingeborg
  2. Bryan O’Lynn
  3. Miss McLeod’s Reel
  4. Spanish Cloak
  5. Devil’s Dream
  6. Give Me Your Hand
  7. Christmas in Kilarny
  8. Home in the Woods
  9. Toss of the Coin
  10. Temperance Reel
  11. Sheebeg Sheemore
  12. Missing You
  13. Maiden’s Prayer
  14. Anne’s Reel

Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing (eBook)

Health, Intelligence and Energy through the Magic of Music, by Jill Mattson, is an enjoyable read, packed with information on alternative health topics – all centered on Sound Healing or the use of Vibrational Energy in the form of sound frequencies to accomplish amazing things.

The book – in its third edition – consists of 17 entertaining chapters – totaling 226 pages. Mattson’s work is an outstanding introduction to this growing field. The writing is clear and easy to understand. Eleven leading contributors to Sound Healing/Vibrational Energy are interviewed by Mattson including: Jonathan Goldman, David Hulse, Fabien Maman and Tom Kenyon. Heirs of Tomatis and Monroe are also interviewed along with the foremost Indian Swamiji – Sri. Ganapati Sachchidananda. Mattson also presents some of her own unique work including compositions containing the vibrational equivalents to the Flower Essences.

This is the “go-to volume” for anyone interested in learning more about novel uses of sound energy for benefits ranging from emotional healing, intellectual and spiritual growth to just getting a better night’s sleep. ANCIENT SOUNDS ~ MODERN HEALING is filled with secrets from age old cultures, combined with the latest findings from today’s scientific community … it takes the reader on an extraordinary journey revealing the immense power and healing capabilities of sound.

Jill Mattson guides us along this mind-altering adventure using the knowledge that she has acquired from her lifelong study of Antiquity and Secret Societies. These Secret Societies used sound as a profound tool to transform consciousness and to create physiological changes in the brain and body. This knowledge enabled masters to heal mind, body and soul – thousands of years ago.

100 Things You Can Do with Sound (eBook)

A delightful and astonishing compilation of 100 power things that you can do with sound that you would never have dreamed of in your wildest dreams!   Use sound for practical fun and powerful benefits!

Voice of your Higher Self (Bonus Video)

Use your Voice to channel your Higher Self and hasten your spiritual progress!

Special Offer Details (B) - $149:

Package B

A $270 Value for $149

Includes all of Package A above, PLUS:

Ancient Secrets to Empower Your Manifesting (Video Course)

Over two hours of hands on instructions and handouts on using sound for manifesting.

Tired of learning how to manifest, but not achieving good results? Ready to power up your internal energy internal strength and power of attraction? Right now! Do you want to manifest: Financial freedom? Career opportunities? Relationships?

Learn to use ancient techniques from mystery schools from thousands of years ago and modern scientific methods to increase your energy… that will increase the power of your attraction!!!

Use powerful sound to amplify your manifesting! Some components of this are altering subtle energy of DNA, aligning your energies in harmony with your goal, making the sounds and word energy of your goals more powerful, bringing powerful ascended and angelic sounds into your voice to increase your strength.

Try some time travel to see what your goal looks like in the future, perhaps you want to tweak it with some hindsight! Increase your own power for manifesting and simply living the life you desire by removing pre-birth contracts that interfere with your goal, lowering negative astrological energy that prevents your goal from being created, releasing and cathartic release of negative energies blocking your goals.

Improve your personal power to make manifesting easier and quicker. Use energy within your heart and voice and mind – powerful energy concoctions – to amplify your manifesting. Use the science of sound to create energy to materialize your goals.

Look into future to understand obstacles and results of manifesting, before you commit energy to the process. Experience fun “aha” moments of clarity!

Learn what obstacle-energies prevent your goal from manifesting?? Pre-birth contracts? Energies of others? Alter your energy fields for receiving!

Remove energy blockages that prevent your goal from manifesting. Use Quantum Entanglement, the Egyptian ka body, astrological energy to your benefit! Learn about frequencies that build energy & clear obstacles, clearing negative past life energies and avoiding astrological difficulties.

Leave energies in your future …that you want to receive!

Use simple chakra sounds for manifesting, sounds of opulence and put the energies of time – on your side!

Learn to:

  • Retrieve your higher self’s voice and use that voice in your affirmations, healing and evolution.
  • Alter pre-birth contracts obstructing with your goal
  • Undoing interfering astrological energies
  • Hermetic Magic – making our words powerful
  • Changing our DNA for what you want
  • Time travel to check out the energy of what you want in the future…Is this really what you want?
  • Align internal energies is harmony to increase your manifesting/healing strength
  • Increase the resonance and power of your affirmation
  • Release hidden negative energies in your body impeding your progress
  • Clear energetic pathways in your body with purifying sound
  • Ground yourself with sound, increasing your strength and spoken voice
  • Bring heavenly energy into yourself
  • Use sound to amp the process of manifesting!
  • Use sound and the vibrations of your own voice to increase your own power!
  • Align your consciousness with what you desire

Channeling with Angels and Masters from Atlantis (Video)

40 minutes

Are you curious about the lost continent of Atlantis?? Perhaps you had a past life there!

Meet the original Atlantian Masters, in this exclusive channeling with Jill Mattson, reunite with these masters and download their energy, energy links and Vibrational Blessings.

Your Sacred Garden (Video Course)

One Hour Course

  • Singing Plants
  • Communicate with your Plants
  • Ancient Secrets for your Garden
  • Sacred Geometry & Flowers
  • Flower Frequencies
  • Star Energy & your Garden
  • Science & Plant Growth
  • Protein Music

Special Offer Details (C) - $211:

Package C

$370 Value for $211

Includes all of Package A and B above, PLUS:

5 Hard Copies of the CDs Mailed to Your Door!

  • Deep Wave Beauty CD
  • Crystal Realms CD
  • Healing Flower Symphonies Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
  • Cosmic Streams CD
  • Cinnimist Past CD

Shipping included. Full guarantee on hard copy CDs if (and only if) they are unopened. You can listen to the digital version before opening the hard copies.

Special Offer A - Only $97

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!

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Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!

Special Offer C - Only $211

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!