Jill Renee Feeler

August 13, 2017
12:00 pm

Spiritual Teacher, Author and Inspirational Visionary

Special Offer Unveiling Your Light with the Pleiadian Council

Jill Renee Feeler invites us into not just another dimension of ourselves, but into another spectrum of our humanity. She is boldly setting the stage for 21st century spirituality, ushering in a way for being divine while also being wholly human. Jill embodies awareness, wisdom and unconditional love that turn present day spiritual teachings on their head. Jill offers her audience and her clients bold, game-changing tools for bypassing the limitations of this Age, for connecting directly to your eternal energy field and your inherent Sovereignty.  As a published author, dynamic speaker, quantum teacher and professional intuitive, Jill’s bold ideas come to life and awaken the soul for even the most advanced spiritual seeker.  Her latest book “Stepping into the Platinum Age: A Firm Foundation for your Light” is smart, humorous, deep and sure to stretch your heart and your mind. Jill’s ongoing collection of work guides us like a laser beam to our own personal connection to Source God, for increased joy, true freedom and less nonsense.