Joanna Ross

August 11, 2017
11:00 am

MasterClass Leader

Special Offer Mastery in Multi Dimensional Living

Joanna L. Ross was born and raised in Victoria, B.C. Canada. At a very early age, she was innately inspired by not only the minute subtleties of all aspects of life around her, but was also aware of life moving within the ‘unseen.’ Joanna’s remembrance of her first higher dimensional visitation came after her awakening, and was only one of an infinite number of synchronicities that allowed her to initiate and enhance her understanding of the majestic and diverse multi-verse that we exist within.

Joanna’s celestial teams have been present with her through profound visitations, healings, and lightship engagement throughout her enlightenment and ascension path, and is a great excitement that she inspires, educates, and empowers others to expand within their own expanding reality potential’s.

Joanna is a high vibrational teacher of the profundity of our multi-dimensional human experience and through this Christed vibrational teaching and healing offering, many are moved and shifted in a myriad of ways, and is paramount in truly understanding our role in the human collective re- birthing into higher paradigms of reality experience.

All unfolding’s are governed within the Divine orchestration within the All, and how may you manifest, create, and ignite the God-self within to experience the Heaven upon earth that we have destined ourselves to be a part of.

Ignite your unique Divine gifts, Divine offerings, and the innate blessings within as we unveil the remembrance of our most profound earthly lifetime to date.

Join us in this grand and Divine dance of Heavenly orchestration of humanity’s new dance of our Universal celebration and homecoming. Know the brilliance and the genius that resides within and how to unveil your unique creative excitements for greater aliveness, unity, harmony, abundance, and gratitude for Divine human story.