Joanna Ross

March 20, 2018
11:00 am

MasterClass Leader

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Joanna L. Ross was born and raised in Victoria, B.C. Canada. At a very early age, she was Infinitely inspired by the minute subtleties of all aspects of life around her. Taking in the immensity of even the smallest aspects of life, it was this internal stirring and curiosity to ‘know and seek,’ that aligned her to a series of naturally progressing events that spurred a profound spiritual awakening. Joanna is passionate about understanding true human potential within the vast and infinite aspects of our Universe, and how to unveil what resides within for greater aliveness, unity, harmony, and gratitude within every day life unfolding’s.

In her twenties, she moved to Vancouver, B.C. where she worked at a variety of public and private sector jobs until the Divine pull and inner stir to ‘seek’ led her to the arena of metaphysics.

After the birth of her second child, a series of soul-wrenching dark dreams was the catalyst to the unfolding of a grander understanding of the human potential, celestial Oneness, lightship engagement, and humanities Divine offering to reunify with the Heavenly Creators that truly does transcend all concepts and ideas of religion.

The unique Divine source spark within is the ignition to knowing and creating moment-for-moment entanglement with the inner temple. This Divine inner temple is the core principal in her new direction and series of ‘Sacred Temples of Light’ teachings and inspirations. This profound inner temple is the communion and entanglement of the Divine Sacred Heart, pillar of life, and the Divine Sacred Mind, and how the understanding of this eternal life operating system can enhance every aspect of living a higher dimensional life.

Daily ascension path work and marrying the inner temple to all life experiences is truly how every human can fully integrate the infinite. As we step up into new dimensional threading’s of consciousness experience, we allow for deeper and wider cosmic wisdoms to be activated within our DNA and the etheric energy field.

These activations assist in the outpouring of unconditional love, compassion, and inventiveness that can evolve the human species in a peaceful and harmonious manner that has yet to be explored in the way that we are being offered now.

As Joanna further explores her role here upon Gaia at this time, she is passionately offer’s monthly sacred temple teaching’s of such ascension topics and attributes in a worldwide webinar platform. These teaching’s have expanded to offer ‘Global Sacred Ascension Tours’ upon Gaia’s unique energetic vortexes and portals. This exciting work has opened her to inner wisdoms with other parallel star systems and how evolution and balance can occur and is required to advance in a holistic way with Creation.

Joanna is the author of three progressive and deeply rich ascension books taking the aspirant on a journey of self exploration and profound inner self-knowing and offering the practical tips to beginning and enhancing daily communion and entanglement with spirit in all ways.

Joanna also offers personal private intuitive readings, invocations, healing sessions and is the vibrant host of a global weekly ascension radio show that offers heightened energetic concepts for expanded learning in Divine Universal reunification.

Her expansive study, inner knowingness, and the incredible multidimensional adventures, has become her life passion and destiny to express the limitless potentials that humanity has to alter and shift our reality experience. This remarkable path of planetary and human ascension paves the way for the most profound self-discovery into wholeness, cosmic unity, self-love, and our ultimate reunification with Divine Source essence through which all miracles and majesty unfolds.

Joanna now lives out her passions for Universal Unity as an Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, and Ambassador for Universal Unity, and Public Speaker, and calls Calgary, Alberta Canada her home. She loves playing and learning with her three young children, painting, writing, and embracing the joys of Universal entanglement with the myriad of multi-dimensional beings and consciousness that have been guiding and supporting her for eons. Joanna’s primary passion and life expression is to be a student of Creation first, and share in all that she has learned and expanded within.

In utter gratitude and reverence for this earthly experience, she is devoted to inspire, to share, educate, empower, and enlighten those who so desire to understand the profundity that resides within us all. In her joy of offering guidance to reveal the infinite human potential, may you all experience solace, light, and the innate gifts within humanity enters the new 5th dimensional playground.