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Special Offer Details (A) - $133:

Gift #1…. “The Invitation”
GrandMother Speaks… “Answering the Call of the Heart”

Virtually on Zoom with play-back recording and video to further enhance the teachings.
PLUS: bonus personalized written affirmation / mantra
Valued at $333)

In this one-on-one Master-Class session with KA’ryna SH’ha you will be immersed in the sacred spaces of Omni-Presence to enrich and fortify the brilliant light of your High-Holy-Heart. You will be expertly and gently guided inward to the immaculate and innocent place of perfect intactness at your core of consciousness.

NOTE: Have a pen and paper and or journal available to write down your insights, mantras and affirmations that come through.

As you receive

  • Deep insights and illuminations on your spiritual and personal destiny
  • Sound coding’s to uplift and purify your body and being,
  • Ascension activations to accelerate dormant D.N.A
  • Heart Coherence principles and Primordial Presence practices to awaken and align your deepest purpose with highest gifts
  • Conduit Messages with  GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah ( The Universal Oversoul) with time to ask questions regarding your life and luminous legacies

KA’ryna’s Message to you:

As best as I can convey this to you… I sit upon councils that exist on a higher dimensional plane of awareness. I offer to serve as a mediator- which is both a receiver and transmitter and embodiment of ascended consciousness.

Often I Am able to translate complex metaphysical concepts into messages of deep inspiration and illumined wisdom to those who sit in my presence… to be of benefit to those seeking awareness of the heart or core of being.

Calling upon the Councils that I sit on…I listen and receive wisdom and teachings to aid in each beings unfoldment. Each being must come to this reckoning and acknowledgment, of their own free will…this is how it has been done and this is how it will always remain.

The Invitation: “To Love”

You volunteered to show up to be present at the greatest moment on earth.
To witness the dance and play of your consciousness
To find the stillness amid the haste and distractions.
To discover the silence amid the noise.
To listen, be still, and be conscious of the power contained in every breath…
Be aware of what is inside awaiting your attention.”

The Calling: To Be Present

Listen to the calling of your heart…
It asks you to answer it and witness what rises.
It holds a gift for you… open it.
It asks that you value yourself.
It asks that you seek the wise counsel of your inherent nature.
It shows you how precious and beautiful your humanity is.
It awaits your return to openness, innocence, and honest vulnerability.
It asks that you stand up and claim your sovereign awareness and free yourself.
It asks that you lead with love and listen with lucidity.
It offers an invitation to return to your sovereign, noble and divine nature.
It shares the secret mysterious teachings of the path of presence.
It eases the hunger of seeking and searching.
It alleviates the longing and desire for love.
It brings harmony to every restless being.
It offers tenderness to every wandering soul.
It stimulates awareness and thoughtfulness in all consciousness.
It returns wholeness to your every divided thought.
When you take in this invitation and open the gift of life.
You find the message that rises up in your ascending heart…

The Answer… To Be Still

When we stop running away from the greatest moments of transformation and inner guidance available to us we finally signal to the divine that we are ready!

Are you Ready to realize your true value and worth and actualize the greatest treasures of your being?

Hidden in us all are untold and untapped treasures of wisdom, power and grace waiting to be opened and realized.

It’s time to open the door to everything that is waiting in store for you. You deserve to know the truth…

Beyond awakening….beyond awareness…beyond anything …you have ever known!

There is a place and space being prepared for you right here and right now.

Are you Ready to Acknowledge the Gift of Who you Truly Are?

Session Details:

What does a “Sitting in Council” session look like?…

We sit together in each other’s presence, with the clear understanding that our meeting brings forth that which rises and that which descends and finally that which emerges from within the heart.

What is encouraged in each Council session?…

  • Witnessing in grace- the gift that is present in each ascended breath
  • Realizing our divine immanence- awakening, aligning activating and ascending into our highest and deepest spiritual nature.
  • Recognition and acknowledgement- of our holy, unbounded and embodied presence.
  • A more precious awareness- understanding of our dharma (spiritual purpose for incarnating into form).

What is offered to you in each session?…

  • Heart-gazing and listening…in wisdom and love.
  • Transmissions of compassion and grace… to awaken, align, activate and ascend the gift of who we truly are.
  • Revelations and realizations… direct information to understand our true nature.
  • Appreciation and acknowledgment… deeper awareness of life and our life’s issues.
  • The Mysteries…whatever comes will arise to address the fundamental answers of how we may return to our true nature of being.

What is asked of all who attend a session in council with GrandMother and KA’ryna?….

  • Nothing but a willingness to be present and listen deeply in the heart
  • Perhaps one comes to council with a question?
  • Perhaps one comes to council with something to resolve?
  • While sitting in the silence and stillness whatever is meant to come forth …will.

The Result:

  • Immediate and conscious awareness of how to simply quiet the mind and open the heart
  • Serenity and peaceful relaxation into divine awareness
  • Answering of the deepest questions of being in the soul
  • Pronounced effects of heightened and expanded perception
  • The accessing of divine visions and messages of our purpose
  • Opening into non-local states and dimensions of consciousness
  • Timelessness, emptiness and fullness simultaneously
  • Feelings of blissfulness, love and appreciation.
  • Experiences of enlightened states of Consciousness, higher dimensional realities and the up-liftment into Ascended states of being.

Special Offer Details (B) - $144:

Gift #2…. “The Promise”
Divine Dispensation Harmonic Healing

Live connection call on Zoom, with play-back recording and video to further enhance the teachings.
PLUS: Holy Healing Mudra Symbol for Sacred Body Alignments with Sound & Light-Language Mantra.
Valued at $444)

In this one-on-one Heart-Harmonization Healing session with KA’ryna SH’ha, you will be bathed, soaked and saturated in the highest honoring and deepest vibratory Blessings of the Purest Primordial Presence of Divine Love. KA’ryna SH’ha will guide you through a process of rebuilding the original spiritual life-force codes for life-extension and living revitalization of the 7 Bodies of Being

Note: Have a glass of purified water ready for a water coding blessing that may be used for your anointing and healing

As you receive:

  • Divine Encoding’s and Ceremonial Consciousness clearings of the 7 Essential Living Bodies for Positive Harmonic Health
  • Drum-Beat In-toning to uplift and purify your body mind and being
  • Ascension Anointing’s with Water Blessings for deep
  • Soul-Calming, Gentle Breath-Quieting relaxation techniques to revivify our living spiritual light
  • Holy Harmonies  and Illuminated Instructions with GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah ( The Universal Oversoul) to ask questions regarding your life and luminous legacies

KA’ryna’s Message to you:

The highest principals of causality and the deepest mysteries of reality unfold in our hearts…

In each power-filled session KA’ryna SH’ha will share sacred knowledge and wisdom of how to prepare the vessel of our being to enter into full Ascension ,Enlightenment And Mastery.

The Promise: “To Live”

Long before you ever incarnated into any form…
Long before you received your original instructions…
Long before matter and all realities were formed….
Long before any identity was proposed…
There was the first cause…
The original intent…
A gentle breeze….
A tiny breath formed …
To which all things are born of…
This breath has traveled in you…
In all…
It carries the original signal code…
It has no end…
It is the birth of being…
It bows to your beauty and loves you beyond words.
Happy Birthing.

What is delivered in each “Divine Dispensation” session?….

A Divine Dispensation is a series of ceremonial over-lighting attunements.  Each involves the teaching, the embodiment, the metabolization and the upliftment through transmission and revelation of the sound and light-language codes of creation!

Offerings of the High Holy Heart:

Harmonic Immanence: “Light Language Acceleration and Sacred Sound Activations”

“Claiming our Universal Sovereignty”: The receiving and giving of the gifts- full actualization and harmonization of the primary instrument or vehicle of creation
* designed to create harmony and balance within in our heart and soul!

Heart Sutra’s: “The Ancient Pathways of Primordial Wisdom Teachings

“Weaving Threads of All Beings” : Emanations Of Divine Grace… Delivering pure codes of emancipation and liberation, from personal well- being to supernal majesty.
* designed to open up the heart-space for receiving the codes of Luminous Leadership.

Opening the Libraries of Liberation: “The 3 Gifts of Source… Master Keys to Enlightenment”

“The Golden Light of Grace”: Eliminating all programs of separation that keep us from realizing our true nature.
* designed to prepare our D.N.A for full alignment and upliftment of the frequencies of Grace.

Primary Promulgations: “ Light Body Essence Expansion and Dilation of the Holy Heart”

“Holy Breath of Light”: Discourses with an ascended master teacher sitting in your own mastery. Divine dialogues on our “Sovereign Birthright and Universal Nature”
* focusing of the master-teacher-healer dialogues of the heart!

An Invitation to You…. Would you like to?

  • Awaken the primordial essence and presence of a fully realized “Luminous Leader”.
  • Learn simple and elegant ways to cooperate and collaborate with higher forces that support your infinite potential.
  • Activate your sovereign, noble and divine nature.
  • Empower your truest path and deepest gifts for living a power-filled life.

Delivering to You: Knowledge of The 3 Gifts of Source:

  • Omnipresence “The Love Of All That Is” Our Sovereign Nature – “Mukti”
    Refers to freedom from saṃsāra, the cycle of death and rebirth. Release from the psychological senses to attain self-realization, self actualization and self-knowledge.
  • Omniscience “The Supreme Intelligence” Our Nobile Nature – “Bhakti” Sankrit word for devotion. Refers to spiritual devotion and or a path of devotional service for the attainment of oneness with our Divine Source.
  • Omnipotence “The Divine Wisdom” Our Divine Nature – “Shakti”   refers to the divine feminine force of creation. Sometimes knows as the Great Mother Goddess. The great balancer of all opposing forces. Union of the Great Cosmic Force.

Activating within us… The Receiving and Giving of:

  • Divine Dispensations ™: D.N.A transmissions of Grace for opening the Libraries of Liberation™ the storage center containing 90% of the dormant codes to awaken the foundations of true wealth and well-being.
  • Accelerated attunements for superluminal shifting to reach your highest potential and arouse your deepest gifts.
  • Teachings on the light-body and the essential nature exploring universal themes of Wisdom, Love and Power.

Discovered by You… You will learn how to:

  • Align With Divine Equanimity: To ignite your mission and accelerate the rapid expansion of your life’s legacy
  • Awaken The Seeds Of Knowing: Naturally and effectively sustain the life of your deepest dreams
  • Actualize Your Spiritual Gifts: The key to all well-being

Special Offer Details (C) - $333:

Gift #3…. “The Gift”
Inception Point Ascension Harmonics Personal and Global Sessions

3-Part Session, Live Zoom connection call with play-back recording and video to further enhance the teachings.
PLUS: Sacred Syllable Name Awakening
Valued at $888)

In each one-on-one Ascension Actualization session with KA’ryna SH’ha, you will be assessed and re-associated with dimensions of yourself in-dwelling in mutli-dimensional timelines, lifelines, lifetimes and lineages as you restore, renew and reignite your fullest potential within your highest and deepest Gifts. You will spend time with Ascended Presence Guardians and Councils who will give you messages and meaning for uncovering and unveiling your True Essence and Presence.

KA’ryna SH’ha will guide you through a celebratory discovery of the 3 Gifts of Source as you come to receive the ringing tones of Creation.

Note: Have a glass of purified water ready for a water coding blessing that may be used for your anointing and healing. Also a pen and paper and or journal available to write down your insights that come through.

As you receive:

  • Anointing’s, blessings and prayerful affirmations of the Luminous Lattice of Love
  • Deepest mystery teachings of the Ascended Masters
  • The MAHA Heart Resonance-sonic equations designed to open up prannic , dharmic and karmic clearing
  • Bell-Tone Sacred Soundings, Light Language Messaging and Alchemical Innocence recognition
  • Primordial Presence and Illumined Information through GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah (The Universal Oversoul) to ask questions regarding your Ascension Harmonic.

KA’ryna’s Message to You:

What you bring to this earth is a beautiful gift wrapped up in a mysterious force called Love.

You may never know the full extent of the power and presence you bring to each person’s life you meet. Something wondrous and marvelous is revealed that has long been held in the quiet recesses of your heart.

In this moment if you take the time to breathe into these words perhaps something truly inspiring and illumined will light up your mind and open up unto your heart….

What that is I cannot say for sure? Only you will recognise it by the way you heart skips a beat and something rises up to meet the message calling in your soul.

Will you give yourself permission to listen and be still, to quiet your mind so you can deepen your awareness of the profound gift and message you have brought to this earth?

Is it time to unveil, to shine forth and share your light and love as the presence of your being rises to meet the calling in this moment?

The Gift: To Be

Come and stay awhile and immerse yourself in the warm tranquil waters of your “Luminous Legacy”. Be present as you stand in the purest manifestation of an incorruptible, inexhaustible and infinite space of being!

Lift off from the world of form and enter into the “Sanctuary of the Heart” as you make contact with the purifying presence of the “Holy of Holies”.

Come into the space of the “Unified Flame” called the “Secret Place of the Most High”, a state of perfect equilibrium and peace.

Inception Harmonic Principles:

Prior to anything forming in any dimension, space or time.
Prior to our etheric blueprint being created.
Prior to any thought, intent or conception….there is the seed of source.
That which is issued forth from the prime creator of All That Is.
Deriving from very flame of the “Empyrean Heart” (the holy light of Source Divine) is the opening of empty space from the void of all being.
Enter the Holy Heart and witness the songs of Love and the signs of Light as we awaken the Seed of Creation, upon the new Tree of Life.
This is the place where all things begin and reset and where all fields of awareness and energy form.

Session Details:

Each session with KA’ryna is organic, live and dynamic in the moment allowing for source / creation/ and divine presence to flow through…below are the steps to how sessions unfold in each moment of being.

In Her Own Words:

Utilizing the deepest space of presence I ask to be shown the revelatory principal of a space, person, or location prior to anything built, created or birthed into this plane of existence.

In utilizing this information one can reset ones consciousness to zero-point and therefore bring forth the restoration of all Karmic coding

Gateway 1 Atunement:

Aligning the harmonics of Omnipresence to restore our deepest perception and connection to “The Love Of All That Is”.

This where we set the tone and intention for what is about to unfold and be transmitted through our heart. We have the opportunity to ingest the food of Omnipresent Love, as Grace to give meaning, value and worth to our whole being.
This includes information on all dimensions of consciousness pertaining to our current state of awareness.

  • Receiving the luminous legacies of our operating system of life.

Gateway 2 Atunement:

Ascending into a deeper atonement with Omniscience- “The Supreme Intelligence” through sound and light language frequencies to harmonize the individual with the whole of creation.

Here we receive direct access to inner and outer divine presence as we receive and transmit ascended light.

This is where we discover the Inception point or the point of Cause and Origin of awareness and dissonance that requires harmonization.

  • Enabling one to rise up out of their current circumstances to see their true path of purpose, destiny and service!

Gateway 3 Atunement:

Finally there is acknowledgement and completion of our individuated mission, vision and transmission of source which activates and aligns us with Omnipotence “The Divine Wisdom”.

Here are bathed and saturated in the Power of Omnipresence and Omniscience as we realize three things…

Knowledge of Our Power   The Courage to Dare….and The Faith To Be

This is our place of full liberation and freedom. This is the natural state of our true divine mastery.
This is who we truly are!

  • Accelerating the Ascension process in full divine union with “ALL THAT IS”.

How long is a session?…

2hr. min …up to for several hrs. depending on what needs to occur.

* It is highly advised that you do not book anything the day of your session with KA’ryna as you will need time to integrate and be still. Transmission cycles after your time with her, can last from a few hours to many days depending on the protocols involved. Be prepared to go through rapid consciousness shifts.


Special Offer A - Only $133

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Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!

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Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!