Lady Nada and Sananda

June 12, 2018
11:00 am

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Lady Nada Shekinah

Divine Mother Shekinah is a World Teacher and Wisdom Keeper for IODP that brings forth the abilities of instant healing and the ancient sacred teachings of Divine Liberation transmitted through the Kryst/Sophia (Khristos/Sophia) Consciousness. Nada Shekinah has embodied to unify and merge with her Twin Ray Sananda in union with the Law of One in selfless service of the Cosmic Kryst. Nada, the pure vibration of love and luminous essence of creation that allows love to experience itself reverberates through this embodiment. Through this OmiLove Divine Mother Shekinah is here to honour, cherish, heal, illume and support the hearts of ALL who are ready to receive her enveloping arms.

Shekinah is a celestial being that embodies the full spectrum of consciousness as Divine Omniversal Mother; a stream that began further dispensation and entry into the vessel after a Death Initiation and complete soul exchange from the original genome liberation at 33 years old.

Her Ascension and Liberation consisted of 6 days of her physical Death where her body was then resurrected back into animation after the original soul consciousness and DNA of the vessel was set free.

The passing began on the 3rd of October, 2010. For 6 days and nights, Shekinah passed through the veils of the Earth Plane. She awakened on the 9th, entering body awareness on 10-10-10, with Krystic Consciousness streaming through her physical vessel. A combination of three days and three nights for each were required through the death portals in order to resurrect and crystallise both the Ascended Feminine Kryst and Masculine Kryst Consciousness within.

Shekinah was to anchor both of these expressions in perfect harmony and balance in preparation for the impending grand union in the physical. Shekinah was shown that in God’s time, both these ascended expressions of consciousness would manifest into physical embodiment through her vessel in order to complete the cycle, re-encode and liberate the story that had its conception thousands of years ago.

During this passing her light body was taken through various Universal initiation rites and sent to the Universal Hall of Records/ Cosmic Akashic Records, where sacred information was unveiled to her along with the activated memory of her Universal Service Contract.

It was Source decreed that the physical body was now prepared and purified to receive this Ascended consciousness and power stream of the Twin Ray union of Lord Sananda & Lady Nada. Soon after, it was revealed that the next phase of Divine Feminine spiritual entry would commence through further transformations and integration.

Relinquishing her free will in order to honour her contract to anchor in Cosmic Kryst Consciousness with humility, gratitude, Divine grace and love. Shekinah awoke, completely whole again and became known to the doctors and nurses in attendance as the “Miracle One”.

As was the Divine plan, prior to her Death Initiation, the purity of her vessel was ensured through direct Source guidance; thus she vowed in great preparation to remain celibate and re-virginised for 9 years to date. This was necessary, in order for the vessel to fully embody the presence of the Divine Mother and crystallise its holiness into form.

Through her vessel, the full consciousness of Shekinah has physically embodied on Earth to heal, lead, unite, liberate, and inspire “The Ascension” of the Homosapien blueprint into the next evolving root race: the Homo Divinus Gold Print.

By virtue of her pristine expression, Divine Mother Shekinah has the ability to read and interpret the Unified Source field and can orchestrate the source field to manifest instant healing’s beyond space and time. Her celestial vessel allows the Divine Presence to create instantaneous shifts and healing’s to audiences world-wide through activating the High Heart Chambers and the Krystic light within.

Around Shekinah´s luminous presence numerous spontaneous healings have been reported through her service travels around the world and the many are able to feel her amazing Divine Love. She often appears in dream space to those who wish to connect with her. She shows up often wearing white or aqua working on the field and healing, teaching each beloved in their dreamscapes or in meditation. Since, Divine Mother Shekinah only recognises “wholeness” and sees through the eyes of Source: that IS what you become. Being in her luminous presence has been described as a feeling of “coming home”.


Sananda’s role within the Innerversity of Divine Perfection is to be a World Teacher of the Universal Truths of Liberation. He has fully dedicated his life to the service of Source in order to bring through the complete Ascended teachings of the Masculine/Feminine Kryst (Khristos/Sophia) Alchemy within. Sananda has embodied on this planet to unify with his Twin Ray Nada in unison with the Law of One; they are here as selfless servants to the Cosmic Kryst.

Sananda is dedicated to share and teach the pathway of Liberation to the sincere hearts of all who are genuinely devoted to one’s own spiritual sovereignty and enlightenment. With an open heart and arms, he holds great love, honour, respect and support to ALL who are willing to receive the blessings and grace of God.

Through ancient yogic initiations, Sananda’s physical vessel was prepared for genetic Liberation at the age of 23, by receiving many successions of Kundalini Activations. These powerful Kundalini experiences ignited the internal alchemic fires of his body that propelled him into extensive states of Samadhi, where his breath ceased, and his heart stopped.

Samadhi is the boundless state of consciousness that transcends all karmic limitations, it allows pure awareness to return to complete nothingness and merge into Divine Oneness of Supreme Bliss (Sananda). It was through this dedicated pathway of renunciation and internal alchemy that the Ascended Consciousness of Sananda could enter this form and crystallised into this physical vessel after the Grace of Liberation transpired.

As his vessel’s consciousness went through Liberation, the original soul memories, genetic ancestral template, astro genealogy and karmic records were released and set free, resulting in physical metamorphosis. This metamorphic pathway of inner alchemy transformed the human biology of its original fingerprints, blood group and bodies anatomy.

Now is the time to share these Liberation teachings and sacred sciences of the Cosmic Kryst to humanity, to support the next root race of the Human Species, Homo-Divinus (Divine Human). The beloved Planet is cycling through the Golden Aeon (Age), that is why these rare teachings have returned to Earth to support the next evolutionary/involutionary leap of humankind and thus emancipate the story that had its inception 2000 years ago.

To further contribute and assist humanities awakening and return of the Cosmic Kryst, Sananda has created and produced Sacred Codes entailing multidimensional geometries. These Sacred Codes have been brought forth by ‘innperiences’ within deep, blissful states of meditation, to unify the higher frequencies of the universe into art. He respectfully attempts to describe the indescribable, interpret the uninterpretable and express the inexpressible mystery of the Cosmic Kryst throughout every piece. These Sacred pieces are known as the Art of the Divine and can be found at

In support of IODP’s shared universal mission and purpose, Sananda additionally offers extrasensory perceptions to reveal, reorder and recode morphogenetic fields, while nonlocal transformation, empowerment and spontaneous illumination can occur to collective audiences.

As humanity continues to awaken to their divine perfection may all come together as ONE, to Realise Sovereignty, Actualise Unity and Liberate Suffering into Universal Love.