Lanna Spencer

April 24, 2018
11:00 am

Multidimensional Psychic, Quantum Dreamer & Medical Intuitive

Special Offer Available April 24, 2018!

Lanna Spencer was born in 1960, AWAKE with special gifts during a very exciting & challenging time on this planet knowing that the planet is undergoing a huge Paradigm shift out of a collective 3D linear perspective and awakening into a 5D Multidimensional perspective. This is a dynamic state of expansion which is marked by specific phases and will last for many years to come.

Lanna is a phenomenal multidimensional Psychic, quantum dreamer & medical intuitive. She holds degrees in Human Services and Nursing with a detailed knowledge of body systems and functions. (since 1976)

She joins the tele summit world to provide an in-depth and very UNIQUE perspective about the bio-evolutionary changes occurring in all of us and what we must do in order to come fully on-line as the New Wave of Human Being ©.

She offers cutting edge consciousness tools that support & facilitate multidimensional Soul Awakening & Emergence through Vibrational Entrainment & Conscious Dream work.

For 40 years Lanna has shared these gifts with clients around the world. Her unique multidimensional perspective & ability to see energy allows her to work with powerful spiritual frequencies and New Earth energies and awaken them in others to produce useful, lasting change.