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Multi-Dimensional Activations Digital Recordings Package

8 Quantum Light Activations (+ prep), 1 Recorded Group Session Audio, PDF of Awakening To Remembering Book

Full Value $444 / Purchase for only $97

Quantum Light Activations

Quantum Light Encoded Frequency Activations assist with relaxed holographic visualizations while activating your higher consciousness and multi-dimensional aspects from within you. You just sleep to absorb and further activate your NEW Crystalline Star Light BEing DNA to unlock these dormant encodements that hold energetic memories inside. The more you listen, sleep to integrate, practice/apply to anchor, the more these absorb and continually activate your own light codes further each time! They speak directly to your cellular programs and higher consciousness aspects too. Please note that the activation of your own Light will trigger any old programs held inside that were hidden and not visible before. These emerge from your cellular memory and also play out in your own physical reality world. Your conscious awareness of how this process works is important, as both occur simultaneously, which is how the Awakening, Ascension/Descension/Merging and Purification processes work. Honor you at all times!

The initial “Quantum Light Preparation” MP3 Download included will walk you through the relaxation process to get ready to activate your consciousness for expansion, spinning, traveling, clearing, cleansing, purifying and remembering more from within!

Quantum Light Activation Preparation (6 minutes)

Do this one first to assist with easier relaxation, activations, expansion and light integration.

Quantum Light Activations 1-3:
LightBody/Merkaba Activation Visualizations For Physical Body Ascension
Recorded Length: 1 Hour 17 minutes total

Part 1: I AM a LightBody, Cosmic Portal, Universal BEing of LIGHT (29:05)
Part 2: The Spin, The Bubble: Unification Instead of Separation (35:04)
Part 3: The Sacred Space of WE (13:18)

Unification of all of our bodies (mental, physical, emotional, energy), our aspects/selves, increases our UNIFIED FIELD SPIN. Doing the opposite of separation/human will reverse-field-spin. Zero point is where all comes to a halt, reverses, merges/unifies and our field starts to spin in the other direction, clearing distortions and connecting us up AS the ENTIRE UNIVERSE again. This 3-part activation will assist you with this, activating codes and sequences within you and your field of consciousness for merging. Sleep to integrate easier, nature and alone time too. Drink more clean water to assist with high frequency electromagnetic light energy of your own spirit/soul inside of your body. Do these as often as you like, separately, together, however they work most for you. This is a powerful activation that will work subtly continually once you do it.

Quantum Light Activation 4:
Clearing Timelines In Your Sleep
Recorded Length: 13.56 minutes

Sleep is the most magnificent way to “work” here. We can bypass so much human experience stuff now! We get to clear and jump timelines without our mind needing to be involved at all. WE use the sleep state for us! This will activate these “knowledge codes” so that you can consciously be clearing and jumping at-will!

Quantum Light Activation 5:
Understanding the Higher Realms and Lower Realms Within
Recorded Length: 13.08 minutes

All dimensions are within you and float around outside your head. Experience this activation to fully understand. You are taken through a new understanding transmitted and activating you in light and to expand your conscious energy field. WE go inside so that you can see yourself as a Star Being and Master again.

Quantum Light Activation 6:
Recognizing Old Programs and Moving Energy Out
Recorded Length: 12.47 minutes

All dimensions are within you and float around outside your head. Experience this activation to fully understand. You are taken through a new understanding transmitted and activating you in light and to expand your conscious energy field. WE go inside so that you can see yourself as a Star Being and Master again.

Quantum Light Activation 7:
Releasing All Contracts and Re-Writing All New
Recorded Length: 6.20 minutes

Soul contracts are a huge part of this journey and utilizing these are KEY. Activate the awareness and ability to see through soul contracts and change them if you desire! You have these abilities and power(s) inside.

Quantum Light Activation 8:
I Activate The Next Awesome Reality to Come Forth in This Dimension Here
Recorded Length: 5.13 minutes

It is so simple, yet we must REMEMBER to DO this in every moment. This activation will REMIND you of your ability to continually call-forth awesome! You bring it here and raise your vibration to receive it!

Recorded Audio Group Session in Downloadable MP3 Format


Recording length: 2 hours 53 minutes
Recording Date: August 15, 2015

Through Lisa’s monthly interactive group sessions, she answers questions from the participants which inspire the conversations that activate everyone through light, provide applicable tools for shifting, navigating, mastering, resolving, clearing, transcending in a multitude of ways. You receive as you listen to the group ask questions and share of their own experiences. By providing multiple perspectives, we assist with expansion beyond the current dimensions and all through the unified heart-mind of our souls. The more questions and experiential observations shared, the more this assists all!

We discuss everything multi-dimensional ascension, descension, soul embodiment and mastery together. and how to expand beyond old programs, previous limits and beliefs and share ideas, inspiration, support and higher light guidance for all! These are a wealth of information that will answer questions and assist with light integration and dispelling distorted perceptions that seem reasonable to the human aspect.

We answer the why’s and how’s and simply all related to multiple-dimension-integration here. Group support assists so many! We are so excited to have you activate further with these!!!

NEW Earth is a whole new existence. It’s a revamping of our whole body, physical reality and all that we are, to match and hold the frequencies of higher light consciousness. Everything we do assists you with this.

Specific Topics for this recording:

  • How light encoded transmissions work, why you don’t have to “hear” them for them to work
  • Dream states, clearing and hitting the vibrations and gaining access to more
  • Physical experience based on consciousness
  • Physical sensations that tell us our truth, what does discomfort mean
  • Hitting the end/breaking point/being done and what that energy does for us
  • Physical Embodiment, Initiations and graduations
  • And more!

This is a huge process, so we work with the processes that assist you in stepping further into your soul  purposes/missions/roles  here.  Opening  hearts,  opening  minds  through  challenging  and obliterating the old mindsets, limits and barriers held in place. This is about the energy of all and when we understand the energy, work with the energy, deal with all in present moment… everything gets a whole lot easier. We walk you through the “hows” so that you get to choose from a multitude of options according to your own inner guidance and knowledge and higher self aspect for you! We guide and assist from the other dimensions and higher vibrational realms so that you can fully embrace your most vibrant and magnificent you and awesome realities too!

PDF Version of Lisa’s First Book
Awakening To Remembering: A Journey of Consciousness


You will want to read this to receive the higher frequencies of light and gain simplified understandings of the overall Ascension Process here. It is meant as an overview and to activate your soul aspect so that you can shift easier from the old human perceptions into how all truly came to be, what things really are and open a portal, a gateway into you connecting with your own soul and higher self aspect for embodiment in the physical here. (33 pages)

Special Offer Details (B) - $197:


Multi-Dimensional Mastery Package

2 Light Encoded Online Video Courses (Lifetime Access):
Multi-Dimensional Mastery – 12.5 Viewable Hours
Walk With Me: A Journey Within – 13 Viewable Hours

Full Value $1500 / Purchase for only $197

Multi-Dimensional Mastery Online Video Course Program

51 Recorded Instructional Mastery Videos
12.5 Viewable Hours (Lifetime Access)

This is a self-paced online Video Course that challenges your mindsets, assists with unification, transcending old beliefs through releasing the old perceptions, boxes, limits, attachments, cords and needs. It will make you “think” through your heart. (Y)our job is to question the entire physical reality and come to re-create it totally from within. “That out there” is our projection, our hologram. WE take back our power and become programmers here.

These videos to activate that which you already hold within. These are to assist you with re-connecting AS SOURCE inside, MASTERING energy, accessing SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS and clearing old programs that kept you held in a limited dimension. All must fully open, so that new Crystalline DNA can activate and the NEW Earth structures can start to build inside of your physical body. The old structures will come down and your physical Lightbody upgrades, re-calibrates, re-configures, and reprograms. The heart and mind unify, and the physical body does too. All returning to pure to LIGHT again, radiating out from within. We explain the processes and how things work, while providing ways to REMEMBER fully and to come to exist beyond the old matrix and veils here.

This journey is sacred, magical and without understanding, embracing and intentional participation, can be extremely intense. We learn (remember) to play again. love again, be exquisite and magnificent abundant beings again. It is truly an honor to BE a part of your journey here!

You catapult as you integrate all into your awareness, moments and BEing here. These assist you with expanding your perspectives in a multitude of ways, seeing what was not visible before, releasing old limits and barriers and understanding how all truly works, AS a multi-dimensional being here!

These courses are meant to be “absorbed” & for you to go at your own pace.

  • Explanations, Exercises, How To’s & Tools to tailor to your own journey!
  • Beneficial to all working to master one’s own energy
  • This course is a GUIDE and activates your own ancient knowledge to that which you also already hold within!

This is an expanding comprehensive library of videos to assist you with an abundance of navigational tools for your multi-dimensional expansion into being your abundant and magnificent being again here. Embodiment AS a MASTER CREATOR and SOURCE. This is WHO we are. Energy and Pure Love. This will assist you in connecting and REMEMBERING again, from the inside out!

Multi-Dimensional Mastery Course Content:

Module 1: (150 minutes)

  • Understanding & Becoming Energy
  • Shifting from Head to Heart
  • Expanding Perspectives & The Expansion Grid
  • The Importance of Sleep
  • Interactive Realities
  • Alternative Meditations & Sacred Space
  • Taking Your Power Back to BEcome a Powerful BEing Again
  • Presence, Thoughts, So What, Who Cares, That’s Ridiculous, Wow
  • Surrender & Let Go To Become Your Higher Self
  • Navigating Dimensions, Confusion, Loss of Identities, Amnesia

Module 2: (161 minutes)

  • Recognizing Versions & Aspects of Selves
  • Being A Survivor-Safe-Portals-Calling Forth REalities
  • The Human Aspect Needs Proof-Experience
  • Before a Dimensional Shift- Signs Anchoring Lucid Dream Here
  • Separation of Time, Merkaba, Identities
  • Come Back to Peace Inside
  • Untwist & Re 17-Twist Your Mind
  • LightBody, Merkaba, Food
  • As A Creator, Why Would I Have Created That?
  • Assumptions, Scenarios, What if?

Module 3: (117 minutes)

  • Trying vs. Flowing
  • Not Under-Valuing or Limiting Your Self
  • The Need for an Experience by Wanting Proof
  • Take Command of What Dimension You Are In
  • Pull Away, Go Inside, Take A Shower, Go Slow, Love You
  • Identify Your Aspects & Versions To Understand & Shift
  • Open Up To Love
  • Observe the Energy of Your Relationships & Exchanges
  • Old Programs, Anchors, Mentalities, Shift to Love (A Higher Dimension)
  • Turning Everything into Light

Module 4: (149 minutes)

  • Lots of Dimensional Reminders & Messages in a Bottle
  • Aligning with Your Own Truth
  • Human Uses the Imagination to Create Old Illusions That Are No Longer True
  • Trusting All of Our Bodies To Release For Us As WE Embody Light
  • Spiritual Hierarchy
  • Understanding the Purpose of Things
  • Focus & Build Your Energy & The Old Programs Held Within
  • Boxes of the Mind, Studying Humans & Mastering Present Moment
  • Separate Your World to See It For What It Is & Unify all Within
  • Observe Different Dimensions, See, Shift, Command Your Light Ship & Universe

Module 5: (128 minutes)

  • Where do you fear putting yourself out there? Leaving the safe space
  • Always Come Back to Love
  • Money, Abundance & Lack Energy
  • Motivation, Inspiration & Activation
  • Can You Create a Future without Attaching to It?
  • BEing In-Service – This isn’t about you, but it is
  • Working & Seeing in Multiple Dimensions, Crystalline LightBody, Doing Nothing
  •   What Are You Avoiding?
  • You Don’t Need a Physical Experience If You Can Clear it Yourself
  • Who Am I? Who Am I Not?F Clearing Identities & Creating New Ones

Bonus Videos: (23 minutes)

  • Working Yourself Out of a Belief
  • WE Consciousness of ONE

Walk With Me: A Journey Within
Awakening, Ascension & Consciousness Expansion

Free Gifted Online Video Course Foundational Program
(Additional Content Included with this Special Offer Purchase)

Lisa’s first foundational online video course, “Walk With Me: A Journey Within,” sets the stage for expansion by covering in-depth the information that will assist with moving into the next phase with the Multi-Dimensional Mastery Course. The sound is not the best and Lisa was in an earlier vibration (ascended state) when recording, which is funny to observe (for us all). The information is light encoded and is an activation of the Mastery knowledge that you already hold. Utilize this course first, if you like, then move to the Multi-Dimensional Mastery Course, for an even more comprehensive journey of Awakening To Remembering now.

This course sets a baseline, working with key-code components necessary for expanding our consciousness for moving into mastering multiple dimensional realities here. It has over 13 Hours of 60 “How-To” Videos to assist you on the journey of expanding your consciousness from within. Exercises, explanations and navigational tools for connecting to and remembering your multi-dimensional higher self aspect here.

Information on how to navigate with the fore-knowledge and tools to create ease, release resistance and recognize so that you can CHOOSE how you experience; Learn to CREATE your own reality and step into your own SOUL (spirit, higher self); Tools to use in your own process to allow for greater understanding, vibrational detection, and explanations.

WE are here to embody our higher selves and to release the limits of our own human minds. This course will give you actual exercises that will assist you with shifting into your heart so that you can bring your mind into this same space, which makes all of this much easier to comprehend. The heart is the doorway (portal) to the entire universe again. This is where you remember. This is where peace, love, awesome and magic exist. These teach you how to let go, how to see what you couldn’t see before from the inside and how to leave the old physical human world limitations behind.

So walk with me… As one. From my soul to yours, I am honored to share this journey together. Happy Journeying within and WELCOME!

This course is beneficial to all working to Master one’s own energy. It is meant to be “absorbed” & is set-up for you to go at your own pace! This course is COMPLETELY GUIDED from a Soul’s Perspective through actual experience and the development of actual tools that work!

Walk With Me Course Content:

Intro Video: (12 minutes)

Module 1: (80 minutes)

  • Consciousness and BEcoming an Observer Without Judgment
  • Create Tools: ByPassing Logical Mind Blocks (Say Whatever You Need)
  • Physical Self vs Soul Self
  • Desperation Creates Inspiration
  • Expanding Perspectives Beyond Logic to the View of the Soul
  • Alternative Forms of Meditation
  • What Makes You Happy? Get Creative!
  • Own It or It Owns You
  • Synchronicities: Pay Attention to the Signs

Module 2: (98 minutes)

  • So What? Who Says? Who Cares?
  • I Allow
  • Consciousness: Acting Reacting
  • 10 Steps to Letting Go
  • Hand-On-Heart (A Movement)
  • Write Your Own Affirmations & Mantras
  • Exercise: Weighing Emotions (Also a bit on Empaths)
  • Exercise in Separating Energies: Respect, Responsibility & Boundaries
  • Understanding Judgment: Releasing Self & Others
  • Exercise: Draw A Heart

Module 3: (186 minutes)

  • The Awakening & Ascending Soul
  • Victim Energy: Masculine Feminine
  • Forgiveness
  • Releasing Stories
  • What is in YOUR Subconscious?
  • Removing & Replacing Words (Transforming)
  • Judgment: What do you hide? Seek in another?
  • Subconscious Access to Lack or Abundance Energy: My Abundance Dollar Exercise
  • Intro to Dimensions, Timelines, Merging, Soul View (Non-Linear) & Physical View (Linear)
  • What Do You Fill Your Time With?

Module 4: (158 minutes)

  • Overview: Choosing Moments to Become Creators
  • The Soul as an Energy Body & Physical Changes
  • Merging Realities: Going Back to Sleep
  • Ascension Symptoms, Energetic Changes & The LightBody
  • Crystals (Introduction)
  • My Holistic Health
  • Energies: Highs & Lows Showing Separation Within & Purposes
  • Between Dimensions, Voids, Participation Observation
  • BEing Exquisite!
  • Releasing Expectations & Integrity

Module 5: (110 minutes)

  • Overview: Consciousness, Soul Awakening & Ascension
  • Exercise: The Logical Mind Can’t Visualize or Imagine
  • Cultivating Chi & Feeling Energy
  • Feeling Energy: Transmitting or Pulling Love, Gratitude, Fear, Lack,
  • Linear Non-Linear, Physical & Energetic Experiences, Loss of Memory & more
  • Physical Manifestations, Weight, Addictions and more
  • Stages of Growth Through Dissolving Separation Within (They-Me-WE)
  • Exercises: Expanding Perceptions of Self
  • Expanding Consciousness: They ARE Me, I AM Them, WE (Going Within)
  • Creating a Sacred Space

Module 6: (177 minutes)

  • Intro: World of Illogical & Opposites
  • Separation Within & ONE Consciousness (Experience)
  • Exercise: Desire or Expectation? If You Believe…
  • Exercise: Karma
  • Step Back, Step Away or Walk Away
  • Restrictions, Conditions & Limits
  • What IS Consciousness & The LightBody?
  • The Reality of Fears
  • 20 Ways to CREATE Your Day
  • When Logic Stops Working

BONUS: This video course has also been converted to MP3 Audio format to take on-the-go too!

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Multi-Dimensional Activations and Mastery Combo Package

This package includes BOTH packages listed above!

  • (A) Multi-Dimensional Activations Digital Recordings Package
  • (B) Multi-Dimensional Mastery Package

Special Offer A - Only $97

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Special Offer B - Only $197

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Special Offer C - Only $247

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!