Lorelei Robbins

February 16, 2018
11:00 am

Leading Advisor for Progressive Businesses

Lorelei believes that each of us has a song to sing and that no one will die on her watch with their music in them. Singing your song is about being who you really are inside and out.  It’s about giving every single part of you a voice.  Lorelei helps people realize their dreams by having the courage to DARE to dream, to RELEASE what’s in the way, and to SURRENDER to Divine timing.

Using the power of the Lunar cycles and other planetary energies, Lorelei guides people to accelerate their dreams and manifest their heart’s desires in perfect timing.  She sees the light and the beauty in others and reflects it back to them. Once the light is turned on inside, anything is possible.  Her unique skills as a spiritual astrologer, counselor, interviewer, and ordained minister are all in service to the manifestation of dreams.

Lorelei has a great passion for relationships, and believes that Every Match Is Made in Heaven, because every relationship is a holy encounter that provides us with a mirror image of ourselves. She has inspired thousands of individuals to enhance the quality of their relationships by knowing that we script and attracteveryone into our lives for a reason. And only we can change the script.

For seven years Lorelei was featured on Atlanta radio station B 98.5FM as their Relationship Astrologer. Twenty years of successful personnel consulting has positioned her as a leading advisor for progressive businesses.