Lyon Zonamyari

February 23, 2018
11:00 am

MasterClass Leader

Special Offer Name Reality - What Does Your Name Say About You?

At an early age Lyon quickly discovered that conforming with conventional was not his path and questioned our very existence when just eight years old. With no help, guidance or information readily available at this time, long before the internet, Lyon became a rebel, lost without a cause. Past lives and reincarnation fascinated Lyon for many years. The more books he read on the subject, the more he became convinced it was a reality. A sequence of events prompted Lyon to discover his past which led him to his first spiritual mentor who took him way beyond past lives. Soon after, his second mentor, also at Oracle level, advanced his learning of energy and vibration linked to healing. Lyon’s third mentor, a homeopathic intuitive doctor completed the circle of knowledge.

Lyon is not a practicing healer, preferring to assist only when called upon. Lyon has put together a powerful three step healing process, the accumulation of knowledge gleaned from his three mentors that has saved many people from surgery and saved others when surgery failed.

In 2010 Lyon diverged down a more scientific path linking energy and vibration to ones names. Some will relate this to a continuation of similar research made by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, linking the power of words to water. The combination of your names, influence your personality, your virtues, vices and both your mental and physical health, for better or worse. Incredible, maybe, but true! Lyon is an accomplished author and professional name analyst with clients from all around the world.

Prompted by the recent passing of his second mentor, Dianne Bright from Bournemouth (UK), Lyon has returned to his original background to document and share this healing process.