Alexa Marie Cederholm

November 2, 2017
11:00 am

MasterClass Leader

Special Offer Release Your Attachment to Suffering / Expand Your Light and POWER / Myriad Healing Private Session

Alexa Marie Cederholm is a Multi-dimensional Channel for Ascended Masters and the Myriads, the star system that sent her here for this specific time. Alexa is her multi-dimensional self that she is channeling and embodying more for each day.

Marie provides spirit-powered support for your soul growth, enlightenment and empowerment and brings through the vibrations of the Myriads for an elevated experience of clearing, healing and ascension.

Marie empowers sister and brothers on the spiritual path, through channeled guidance and activations from the Ascended Masters like her personal mentor Green Tara but also Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, St Germain, Ganesha, Jeanne d’Arc and more.

Marie loves helping people see through their attachment to suffering and claiming the power within, and to love oneself enough to do it! Through releasing the addiction we have to suffering we can rise and create heaven on Earth through our presence or dedicated service.

Marie is passionate about helping you expand in your soul purpose and power, and live in expansive joy!

From an early age Marie has been deeply aware of the power of our thoughts with a childhood with lots of anger and emotional neglect and from here her interest in meditation and yoga set off. She was, despite this interest, living from the intellectual mind for a long time, motivated by achieving and accomplishing in a corporate job for 10 years after completing a Master of Science Degree. She eventually left a promising career as a Product Developer at IKEA after a series of stress-related breakdowns and began teaching yoga and mindfulness, after her spiritual awakening during time of recovery.

She quickly evolved to be sharing her insights in the ancient Wheel of Samsara (suffering) before awakening further to the channel for multi-dimensional beings that she is today and her Star Family of the Myriads, which only recently came to be.

Living in Sweden, where religion and spirituality have been considered nonsense for a long time, she felt quite alone as an awake and aware Lightworker and she founded the network Swedish Lightworker Sisterhood to connect Swedish Lightworkers online. She also gathers women in circles, to nurture the divine feminine rising within.

As a representative of the newly awakened Lightworkers shaken awaken in 2013 she follows her inner guidance with immense bravery and the offerings coming through her keep expanding rapidly, becoming more transformational by the day.