Marie Cederholm

I am. That is the most important and true description I can apply to myself. I AM.

I am also 36 years old and have a wonderful family with two small children and my husband. I live in Åkarp, Sweden, originally from Örebro. The course of life also brought me to live in Norrland, Småland and South Australia.

I wanted to study Art and Design, but ended up with the safe option of studying Engineering in Industrial Design. I started my career as an Industrial Designer at the small business of a bullying boss. I lived five years in Australia, surfing and living a beach life, working in Industrial Design and Engineering. Life happened, I moved back home to Sweden. Working at IKEA. Stressing away, being the good girl high achiever. Met the love of my life (and many other lives) and we are now married with two kids. Frank, 5 years and Liv, 2 years.

After my stress breakdown I can also be assign the roles of Yoga Teacher 200 h RYT, Mindfulness teacher, Reiki II Usui Holy Fire Practitioner, Children’s yoga teacher and probably something else that is not that important really.

The most important thing is the I AM presence and the wisdom that is wanting to get out. I am truly teaching from my heart, not bound to a book or protocol. It is pure and honest and deep.

I work closely with ascended master Green Tara and I am here to eradicate attachment to suffering on earth. I am offering containers which activate the New Tara within you to help you release your addiction to suffering and manifest your soul’s desires into reality.

I am also ancient.

I am a star person from a galaxy far away, deeply connected to Sirius and I have been on this earth for eons.
I have lived in Egypt, Lemuria and Atlantis.
I have been a fairy and a mermaid.
I have been in denial but I am no longer distrusting.
I am a channel of divine guidance.
I am a lover of mantra singing.
I am an intuitive psychic energy worker.
I have healed myself through intuitive self-regression and shamanic journeys. (I remain open and honest about what else will come up for healing).
I am an inner voice advocate.
I am an inner peace goddess.
I work with Green Tara, her Dakini angels, my spirit guides and high council of Dakini angels and my inner angles of light. Mary Magdalene and Isis are cheering me on.