Marinna Rose

February 27, 2017
5:00 pm

MasterClass Leader

Special Offer Unleash the Blueprint of Your Soul

Marinna Rose wants to live in a world where connecting with your souls messages and guides is commonplace and being taught as one of the foundations of our education.

A sought after International Soul Alchemist using tools such as Scientific Hand Analysis, Intuition and deep understanding. Marinna brings her clients from pain and struggle to fully living their Soul Purpose. Her specialty is working with powerful woman in transition, helping them every step of the way!

She has successfully Produced & Hosted her own Educational Telesummit on “Freedom from Addictive Behaviors”, created an interactive online program “21 Steps to Soul Discovery “. She is gifted in Soul Guided Meditation and has co-created her “Soul Bird” CD with “Guitar Monk’ Mathew Dixon who is Dr. Joe Vitale’s (from “The Secret’”)  music partner,  as well a facilitator of  Soul Mastermind Retreats to Belize.

Her latest happening has been a UFO encounter where she felt she had come home. Since then she has been receiving direct guidance from her guides and been downloaded a special coded healing process that she is currently working with a graphic designer on bring this process to life.

She currently offers her own 6 step Signature System “Soul Flower Methodology” that blends all of her specialty knowledge and Old Soul experience into one laser focused system with incredible results of knowing your life purpose and being able to move forward fearlessly with tools specific to you that last your whole lifetime.

When she is not reading hands and helping transform lives, she is spending time traveling the world or at her home in Florida and on her boat that she shares with her husband enjoying nature on the sea.  Her vision and mission is to create a Healing Island Resort in Belize where Coaches and clients can connect.

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