Paige Hall-Ferraro

December 12, 2017
11:00 am

Crystal Messenger & New Earth Guide

I have been a professional, certified Life Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner, since 1999. I am also a Spiritual Medium & Clairvoyant and throughout this life, I have been a clear channel for the Celestial Beings of Light and for Spirit. In addition, I am an Ascension Guide & Spiritual Teacher, a Crystal Healer & a Reiki Master Teacher. Most of all, I have dedicated my service work here as a Light Guide and Anchor to carry a torch for our Conscious Awakening on Earth as One Unity Consciousness.

Paige is my birth name. My first spoken English word as a child was “HI”! Not the usual Mama or Dada. As a dolphin incarnate, I anchor the higher frequencies from every civilization formed on Earth and also beyond from my home planet and star. My current reincarnation is known as Ama-Ra-Lia, a Lemurian Goddess of the Sea bringing forth fertility and abundance, Love and Nurturing, birth and rebirth. A fusion of the energies of Ama, the Great Mother of which Isis and Mary became physical embodiments and Ra, the Sun God – a child of the Sun. Lia – means to bring forth glad tidings / good news. Ama-Ra-Lia is a visionary, looking deeply in the depths of the human psyche having been aware of its manifestation throughout millennia of incarnations through the rising of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis. My teachings are here to allow you to look deep within yourself to bring forth spiritual wisdom in order to live genuine, honest lives in harmony with those around us, whilst contributing to the planetary and galactic wisdom of humanity in its perfected state.

In this life, I have studied alongside my biggest teacher, Terrie (T), who was my birth mother. She was an exceptional clairvoyant & medium, crystal healer, spiritual counselor and pastor of the Spiritualist Church in Onset, Massachusetts. When she transitioned to Spirit in 1999, she became my main Guide from the other side of the veil, teaching me and reminding me of what I knew and learned from White Eagle, Jesus, Mother Mary and the Sisterhood of the Sacred Rose. To this day, over 16 years of her crossing, she continues to watch over and guide me. I have also studied with and earned certifications from the divine angel therapist & new earth activist, Doreen Virtue, renowned life coach Cheryl Richardson, international medium & teacher Lisa Williams, energy specialist Caroline Myss, medium and healer Rosemary Altea, metaphysician & visionary Gregg Braden, energy healer Deborah King, gifted medium and spiritual teacher Marlene Panish, galactic channel, teacher & guide Anrita Melchizedek, Cherokee native american Shaman David Singingbear, language of light teacher Judy Satori, and extra sensory specialist Sonia Choquette, just to name a few!

I hold advanced certifications from Doreen Virtue, The Coaches Training Institute, Clayton College of Natural Health, The Deborah King Center, The Pleiadian Light Network, the Usui System of Natural Healing, and have achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Graduate degree in Women’s Communication, and I am also a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Training with these gifted Master Teachers has greatly enhanced my services and my growth. However, most of my Knowing is from my Soul’s Remembering of Ancient times & past lives, as well as the awareness of other dimensions, & the Cosmic Beyond. I continue to receive guidance from my Higher Self as I become more integrated with IN, and I have also received channeled guidance and messages from Jesus, the Archangels Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Haniel, Zadkiel & Uriel, the Andromedian Councils of Light, the Great White Brotherhood, Mother Mary & of course my precious Spirit Guides. Each day brings another layer of Awareness on our path of Ascension and I AM ab-SOUL-utely committed to sharing Divine Love and Light with ALL.

For over 23 years (of this life) I have assisted people around the Globe on their journey to Wholeness of the mind, body and spirit by utilizing my Awakened extra sensory & telepathic abilities via readings, holistic healing modalities, life coaching and spiritual guidance. I offer a wide variety of services such as Lightbody Integration & DNA re-programming, energy clearings, sound healing, personalized crystal grids and elixirs, Divine Ray healing & chakra readings, Reiki healing, Spiritually Guided Intuitive Readings,holistic life coaching, detoxification programs, and spiritual development mentoring. I am happy to offer workshops on all levels of Spiritual Unfoldment, Crystal Vibrations, Conscious Eating, Reiki Certification classes, and Raising Vibrational Frequencies. I am also the Founder & Host of the Raising Vibrations Radio Network and have had the honor to co-create with incredibly gifted lightworkers, teachers, wayshowers and forerunners of this new Golden Age.

I truly know that WE are ALL students, teachers, and doers. We are continuously evolving and here for great things. Thinking or Being small is not in your cosmic plan here on Earth. Our time is Now. Let me help you to Remember Who you are & why you are here.