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The Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13

The Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 is a priestess circle present in Lemuria and is now speaking to us about our connection to Lemuria, Lemurian values and energy of love, acceptance, beauty, wonder and creativity and how to remember and re-develop those traits within us again as we co-create ourselves and our planet back to a place of harmony and peace.

Lemuria is an ancient civilization said to have existed previous to and concurrently with Atlantis in what is now the Pacific Ocean, including the Hawaiian Islands, Easter Islands, New Zealand, the Maldive Islands, and perhaps beyond. It was an idyllic culture where people honored each other, and all beings and lived a life of spiritual and creative pursuits in harmony with on another.

The priestesses came to SanRa in meditation in 2011and explained that they were a priestess circle that lived in Lemuria and that she was one of them. They told SanRa that she was the only one of them still in physical form and that they wanted to work together again to bring back to the Earth the predominantly feminine Lemurian values of beauty, truth, cooperation, wonder, transformation, and honoring of the Divine in all things. She was overjoyed and to this day, tears well up in her as she remembers.

This package of 7 group meditations was recorded live. There is no specific theme to each session; we trust and allow the priestesses to bring through the appropriate energy and information for our highest good. They give us timeless and profound wisdom, energy and love in each session. The priestesses not only channel, but help us to restore our DNA, clear and activate our chakras, awaken Lemurian encodements, activate our crystalline grid structure, help us feel lighter and filled with delight and help us to develop our Sacred Feminine and be in harmony with the Sacred Masculine.

They use beautiful sacred sounds and beams of energy from their shared heart to ours to assist us in our awakening. Also offered by the priestesses are powerful and specific Lemurian tones for the 15 chakra system to balance and activate our own inner knowing. You will hear these in the recordings. There is also a separate recording of just the chakra tones.

In this time on Earth, the Priestesses have recommended 6 weeks to allow intentions to be set and worked with within the Chamber. Choose 1 thing (possibly 2) that you would like to heal; spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical. Focus on it each day in your meditation, sleeping, and daily life. Listen to the recording at least once a week, more if you can.

With consistent use, participants have reported breakthroughs in spiritual growth and clarity, more confidence, increased feelings of worthiness and self-love, more experience of peace, greater clarity with intentions and deep desires, improved sleep, lessened joint and other physical pain, improved mental alertness, healing of inner children, improved elimination, breakthroughs in financial abundance AND MORE!

Special Offer Details (A) - $127:

Special Package #1

Package Includes:

7 group meditations, recorded live in a structure of two 6-week group sessions

Recording of the Lemurian chakra tones for the 15 chakra system

PDF visual of the New Lemurian Healing Chamber

PDF visual of the 15 chakras and their tones in writing

Special Offer Details (B) - $227:

Special Package #2

Package Includes all of Package #1, PLUS:

An individual channeled healing session with the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13

I am so filled with gratitude that I can offer these individual sessions from the Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13.  They are so uplifting and filled with light, joy, love.

The many Lemurian Priestess sessions I have channeled for clients have lead to fulfillment of a deep yearning to find themselves again after so many lifetimes of searching. Now is the time for the re-emergence of Lemurian values, creativity, and harmony upon the earth, for your own personal self and for collective humanity.

Your individual session is a channeled healing session where the Priestesses usually tell you about your purpose in Lemuria and how that pertains to your life today. Your Lemurian name is almost always sung to you by the Priestesses (so powerful and moving). You will hear many chants and sacred sounds given just for you. The Priestesses offer their deep love for you and bring awakening, activation and deep nurturing.

The sessions will last 60 minutes. I so hope you will give yourself this wonderful gift.

Special Offer A - Only $127

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!

Special Offer B - Only $227

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!