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Special Offer Details (A) - $97:

Ascension Program for Light Workers, Empaths & Healers

Total Package Value: $1250

Many cultures and traditions point to this moment in our lives were there will be great changes. Some call it The Golden Age, others call it The Ascension. Well, what is The Ascension? How do we make sure we are doing the necessary inner work which will make sure we are part of this movement, this evolution to our highest state of being?

What if you could release everything holding you back from breaking free and being all you are here to be and doing all that you are here to do with infinite ease and grace?

With the help of an empathic, intuitive healer using a modality that has been called the most powerful healing modality in the world by lightworkers who have been working with different healers for many years! A healing modality that has changed the lives of over a million people worldwide!

We have researched the world’s experts in the area of Ascension as well as channeled guidance from source to create this one of a kind Life changing Program.

Here’s just a “taste” of how this program will help you:

  • Clear out all your lower denser emotions
  • Clear out any and all Addictions
  • Letting go of Fear
  • Shield and protect you from negative energies and entities
  • Clear your victim and blame consciousness
  • Experience more Freedom
  • Experience more Bliss
  • Experience life to the fullest experiencing more joy, miracles and blessings

And So Much More!

The Infinity Technique Will Also Help You To…

  • Heal your inner child traumas
  • Heal your relationships with your mom-dad and divine masculae-feminine
  • Release negative thought patterns and emotions and addictions
  • Clear spells, curses, black magic from childhood, ancestral, in between lives and past lives.
  • Take back all your power from this experience so you can be your infinite self again
  • Experiencing divine alignment, more ease grace and flow
  • Manifest all your hearts desires with ease and grace

I can keep going, This program will cover everything we know can be done as well as all that we are not aware of, whatever starts doing these programs will continue working with you automatically on auto pilot.

This will help you on all levels of your life: Physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

The Ascension Audio Program for Empaths and Lightworkers
From Fear to Your Bliss Vortex

Many of us our stuck in our past emotions, conditioning, beliefs, fears and habits.

The Ascension Program walks us through everything in the way of us experiencing our ultimate blissfilled reality. Stepping into our bliss vortex so that we can experience more positive experiences, to manifest all our hearts desires.

Audio #1: Protection for Empaths

  • This will keep your vibration high, shielded, protected and in your heart space
  • Empathic protections to help you not take on other people’s stuff

Audio #2: Experience Infinite Bliss

  • This will help you clear what’s in the way of you feeling more bliss
  • Clear out those heavy negative energies, emotions..

Audio #3: Healing Addictions

  • This will help you clear all negative habits such as junk food, over eating, sexual addictions, drama, bad relationships………
  • This will help you release any parasitic entities
  • To feel more empowered and energized

Audio #4: Experiencing Freedom

  • This will help you break out of the shackles that bind you
  • Let go of the oaths, vows, agreements that keep you feeling stuck and dis-empowered

Audio #5: Breaking Out of Fear

  • This will help you release any and all fear patterns from your field
  • This will help you live life trusting more, having more faith, belief that all is possible

Audio #6: Heal your relationship with the divine feminine

  • Heal your childhood traumas with your mother
  • Heal your relationships with your mother and females
  • Activate your inner divine feminine

Audio #7: Heal your relationship with the divine masculine

  • Heal your childhood traumas with your father
  • Heal your relationships with your father and males
  • Activate your relationship with the divine masculine

Audio #8: Let go of your victim consciousness

  • This will help you let go of feeling like a victim
  • Let go of the blame game
  • Stop attracting people who are not in alignment with you
  • Take back your power and align with healthy relationships

Audio #9: Clearing all negative energies and entities

  • This will help you clear all your negative energies, entities, and attachments
  • Clear all black magic and negative entity influences
  • Take back your freedom and power
  • Bring everything back into the divine blueprint

Audio #10: Manifest all your dreams

  • This will help you manifest your hearts desires with more ease and grace
  • Clear what is causing things to take so long and to require so much effort
  • Experience more ease, grace and flow
  • Take fast inspired action to make things happen
  • and so much more!!

Tune in to your heart and feel if this is something you are being guided too

My intention is that whatever you invest that you instantly get it all back a thousand fold, financially, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

Everything you desire is already inside you!

Many people mentioned that they have tried working with many healers and have not experienced a fraction of the results they experiences when working with the infinity healing.

“The Infinity Healing Technique”
How is it so different and unique to any other healing techniques

  1. The problem with most modalities is you go to a healer and they ask you what would you like to work on. Your conscious mind is only aware of 5-10% of what is going on. It has no Idea about the 90% that is below the surface. So you work on the 10% and end up feeling like something is not getting addressed. You try a different healer/modality and end up feeling the same. Then you give up cause you have tried everything with everyone and conclude maybe there is no hope for you. What Infinity Healing does is it allows your higher self, that knows you better than you know yourself and decides on what to work on. You also choose a specific theme for the session.
  2. Who is doing the healing. I remember going to healers and feeling not so good, because they were in their ego, like I’m the one who is going to heal you. It did not feel good and I did not resonate with their energy and I did not get the results. Infinity Healing uses the best of the modalities I have learnt that are implemented into it but as much as we know, I know there is so much more I don’t know. So I leave the rest to source to decide what is to be done. Let source do the healing. This was Everything that is possible, that can happen will happen. Source is the ultimate healer and connecting directly with your being and working on the areas that are ready to be worked on.
  3. I never liked the Idea of having to pay someone over and over again for small results each time. So with Infinity Healing, What ever you decide to work on, we set that healing on auto pilot, meaning source will keep working on it for as long as is needed until it’s completely done doing all that it knows to do. One client told me 6 months after the session she was still clearing parent patterns! This way we get to move on the other things.
  4. During each session we: connect to source, balance the left and right brain, divine masculine and feminine, mind body and soul, do a full system upgrade, cleansing, connection to source, align all the chakras, ground to the planet, clear limiting beliefs, programs, perceptions and perspectives, download love based beliefs from source, see things from the highest perspective, We do a mind and heart process to keep you in your heart space and not in the mind. We do a body/chakra scan to feel where the body is holding on to dense energies, we do a process to transmute them and replace them with a high loving frequency. Work on the core challenge and set it on auto pilot. We do a miraculous manifestation process. We do a process to expand your loving energy to the whole universe. We connect to the higher dimensions, We connect to the Christ consciousness grid.
  5. Infinity healing works on all space time and dimensions: It doesn’t matter if the challenge stemmed from a past life, an ancestral thing, a collective consciousness thing, source will work on it in all space time and dimensions and share the healing with your childhood, ancestors, past lives..

Special Offer Details (B) - $197:

Ascension Program for Light Workers, Empaths & Healers
plus Distance Energy Healing

Includes everything from Package A above, PLUS:

10 Distance Energy Healing

Pure Infinity Healing Energy Sent to You Automagically!

Highlights include:

  • Receive the healing once a week, for 10 weeks
  • You will receive this healing through your higher self and in alignment with the module for that week
  • Clear all your limiting beliefs, fears, emotions and everything from the root cause ready to be cleared
  • The distance healings will be sent energetically — you need only to be open to receive the energies!

Bonus MP3 “You are Beautiful”

Enjoy this Infinity Healing to:

  • Feel motivated, inspired, uplifted, clear, focused and powerful
  • Feel glowing, beautiful, vibrant, and confident
  • Take great care of yourself, to listen to your body, your heart and confidently follow through with actions in alignment with your highest and greatest good

Special Offer A - Only $97

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!

Special Offer B - Only $197

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!


"Best Program So Far!

I’m really into your Ascension Series audios, which are the best you’ve done so far! They are terrific, can feel the energies shifting very powerfully. I have been on my path a long time and a student of the ‘old style’ spiritual schooling. Getting ahead meant digging up emotions/thought patterns, crying and a lot of hard work, most of which concentrated on the symptoms rather than the cause of the symptoms. Therefore I find your Ascension Series an absolute blessing and wish it would have been around years ago. As we all go through just a handful of main lessons with individual aspects of the same issue, you make it so easy with the audios to address the main categories of everyone’s trouble areas. Thank you for creating this tool, it will help everyone who really wants to get ahead. The victim energy audio is hitting me hard and helping me understand a lot of things from the past."

~ Marja-Liisa

"One Audio is Worth The Whole Program!

I highly recommend Tarek’s ascension package — a set of 10 recordings — to anyone who wants to go to the next level of well being.

The MP3 session on Freedom is a gem and in itself worth the whole package! As I listened to it, an entity I had picked up from visiting a relative in the hospital left my left spleen area that had been bothering me for the last 2 weeks.

Being a seasoned healer myself for over 2 decades, I can say that Tarek Bibi is a skillful and compassionate healer with great knowledge of “how it all works”, who I would work with anytime."

~ Arathi Ma

"Tarek! So I know you just love testimonies so here is mine… when I reached out to you I was so broken… relationship… self I had gotten laid off… no motivation to start my business I have been working on… confused on the verge of eviction…. so much much more. For awhile I spent everyday listening to you. You were the only thing positive I had for the moment… I did an infinity healing and the next day I got a job. It was a temp job but it was mine. That small step raised my vibration and then m phone rang again with another opportunity. It was not where I was before but it would pay my bills… so I took it…. now… my phone is ringing off the hook with opportunities. On thanksgiving we didn’t have any money this year for a lot of food. I found $2 in my purse in change and I bought a scratch off and hit for 100/ So my son and I went to a buffet. These are just small steps but it a new beginning Thank you for being you … you save my life literally because the moment I was ready to give up… you made me get up… I love you… namaste"

~ Anonymous

"Connecting with Tarek, I have felt a degree of euphoria travelling through my body, I have felt lightened and a great sense of relief.

As an empath and someone who feels on a high degree I feel the healing with Tarek is very moving ~ the shift that I am experiencing in my personal transition is amazing to recognize.

The feeling of my physical eyes and my third eye being completely link connected in a triangle formation, vibration throughout my body and a deep inner ease and sensation of relaxation.

A complete calming of the senses and truly empowering to feel so comforted.

Thank you Tarek for sharing your gift x"

~ Angel Rachel