Wendy Kennedy

June 18, 2018
11:00 am

Channel, Intuitive, and Empath

Special Offer Available June 18, 2018!

Wendy Kennedy is a channel, an intuitive, and an empath. For over 20 years she has used her gifts and abilities to work with beings in other realms and dimensions to assist others in recognizing and releasing old patterns and helping them to live more whole and integrated lives. The clear and compassionate wisdom shared through Wendy facilitates a shift in perspective from that of separation and limitation to connection and multidimensional existence.

Wendy currently lectures and channels for clients around the world. She was one of the six channels featured in the movie and book Tuning in: Spirit Channelers in America. Her work can also be found in the book, The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light, which is now available in seven languages.

For more information about Wendy and her work, please visit http://www.higherfrequencies.net/

Free Bonus Code – Galactic Light Code for Hope

Today, it is so easy to get sucked into the doom, gloom, and negativity that’s all around us. If we aren’t conscious about our energy and have practices in place that help us to consistently reset our energetic frequency, we can quickly spiral down into a pit of despair. After a while, that despair can turn into hopelessness.

No matter what it is you want to create, either for yourself or the world, it begins with hope. It begins with the belief that something is possible. As the guides always say, “If you don’t think something is possible, then it has no possibility of being.” If you’re someone who wants to create change in the world, but you aren’t sure how that’s even possible with the current world consciousness, or if you want to create something in your personal life, but you’re stuck on your old stories of why it’s just not possible, then I’ve got just the Galactic Light code for you.

How to Work with the Code:

The symbols used in the light codes resonate with us at the energetic level and help remind us of our divine nature. The codes help us to release old limiting beliefs without having to define them. The symbols represent the Language of Light which bypasses the traditional language centers of the brain and speaks to you, a Diving Being of Light having a physical experience.

To work with the Galactic Light Code below simply hold the thought, “I experience infinite potential in every moment. New possibilities exist within me.” while gazing at the code. If your inner critic is a bit active saying things like, “You know that’s not true!” or “You’re just kidding yourself!” then imagine what it would feel like IF YOU COULD…?

There really is no right or wrong way to work with the code and the activation. Follow your intuition. Note any changes in how you may be feeling physically, emotionally, or mentally. Often we don’t recognize change unless we make a concerted effort to look, especially when we are seeking to notice subtle changes in frequency.

      Hope Activation - Wendy Kennedy