Wendy Kennedy

Channel, Intuitive, and Empath

Wendy Kennedy is a channel, an intuitive, and an empath. For over 20 years she has used her gifts and abilities to work with beings in other realms and dimensions to assist others in recognizing and releasing old patterns and helping them to live more whole and integrated lives. The clear and compassionate wisdom shared through Wendy facilitates a shift in perspective from that of separation and limitation to connection and multidimensional existence.

Wendy currently lectures and channels for clients around the world. She was one of the six channels featured in the movie and book Tuning in: Spirit Channelers in America. Her work can also be found in the book, The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light, which is now available in seven languages.

For more information about Wendy and her work, please visit http://www.higherfrequencies.net/www.higherfrequencies.net