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Special Offer Details (A) - $97:

Crystalline Light Code Activations Package A

True Value $333

Crystalline Light Code Activation – Live Course

5 Week Live Interactive Course
Starts August 5th 11am PT

Join us to Expand, Explore and Create in the Crystalline Light of Multi-Dimensional Living

Using her gifts as a Crystalline Grid Activator, Zoe will guide you to step into the dimensional experience most aligned with your heart’s desire – that of the 5th dimensional frequencies and learning how to anchor this light into your daily physical lives.

These activations will shake and release down from the root core of your emotional, physical and energetic being to unify, expand and ground into the crystalline grid for ascension alignment.


  • Aligning with the accelerated timeline to your awakened ascension
  • Anchor your ascending light bodies into the crystalline grid to explore and create from this potential
  • Harmonise your light with Gaia, embracing the divine connection and grounding in your heaven on Earth
  • How to activate crystals & grids for abundant receiving


WEEK ONE – Crystalline Light Code Frequency

The Crystalline grid houses our complete potential to live presently, live with joy, live with love, live with harmony, live with compassion, live with integrity.

It holds us in a strong resonance with those vibrations that serve our highest goods at all times of life:

  • Resonating with love.
  • Resonating with unity consciousness.
  • Resonating with our higher selves.

WEEK TWO – Higher Heart/Higher Self Integration

We awaken to our hearts, when we awaken to the remembrance that we are the potential of change. Every minute, every hour, every day holding ourselves accountable to what is possible here now on Gaia, with ourselves and each other.

  • Grounding our potential into the crystalline grid
  • Core wound healing from our roots, hearts and Earth Chakras
  • Forgiveness of self to house our connection to New Earth

WEEK THREE – Golden Rays of Abundant Receiving

Let us come together as one and be reminded we are all on our journeys working through lessons, karmic ties and re-building a more supportive life free from fear, ego wants and judgements.  We can access this through our ascending crystalline light bodies.

  • Significant changes can occur within our realities
  • Collectively looking to release and align to the more expanded version of our crystalline lights.
  • This vibration – this state of cosmic awareness – this grounding of light into Gaia not only changes the reality of observer but also the continued expansion for the collective.

WEEK FOUR – Harmonising with Gaia and all creation

We the collective right now in this incarnation are HERE to anchor these truths into our daily existence – To be the example of light and what is possible. Our missions, soul paths are strengthened:

  • When we align with the Crystalline Grid
  • When we remember we ARE the grid workers of Gaia
  • Here to anchor love – unity consciousness in the new paradigm

WEEK FIVE – Embodiment of source, multi-dimensional reality and physical integration

These multi-dimensional codes are channelled at this time for our higher selves to come in and work with us – the observer of our realities.

  • There is truly nothing to heal – there is only perception, experience and continued expansion.
  • Group intentions are amplified and this group program holds that support.


  • 5 week live interactive program – Starts August 5th 11am PT
  • 5 x live channeled calls each week
  • Intention setting, activating meditations, ground in the light codes, call and embody our higher selves to help clear, transmute and anchor our new awareness into the crystalline grid.
  • Ascension alignment integration, light code and sound code activation.
  • Core healing of emotional and karmic wounds to remove old blockages, limiting beliefs and programming and replace them with new language and light codes to accelerate your timeline into ascension into 5-d and beyond.
  • Channeled messages from the collective consciousness of light, the elementals, angels and guides.
  • Sessions dedicated to answer your personal questions live
  • Access to a private Facebook group to support and nurture each other, weekly Facebook Q&A thread and Facebook live

If this resonates with you – if this speaks to your soul – trust – trust in the process that you are meant to be part of this group and step into the unknown of crystalline creative potential.

Are you ready to step up to the next level of your awakening?

Are you ready to feel the potential and stay in the expanded potential of your heart and ascending light bodies?

Are you ready to truly step into your grid worker role as you expand your light, your reality expands also creating ripples effects throughout the world?

Then it is truly my humbling honour to guide you, expand with you and activate the one heart within us all. Stepping into the magical alignment to expand, explore and create in the Crystalline Light of Multi-Dimensional living.

All my love

Zoe Davenport
Crystalline Grid Activator & Ascension guide

Bonus: Love is the Answer – A Guide to Awakening the Heart & Stepping into True Authenticity

PDF copy of this transformational book

This is an energy book, not a thinking book, designed to gently assist you on your continued journey of living with an awakened heart. Each chapter brings a renewed awareness that love is within you the whole time. Through daily meditations, affirmations, and journaling- you may step back into the truth of who you are to always follow your own heart, intuition and authenticity. This is my truth, and a gift of love to help guide you on a journey back to your hearts and back into alignment with your souls.

This is a great additional feature to support you during our 5 week activation program together – it will help to align, ground and anchor all the light you will be activating to receive the love from within your being.

Bonus: 7 Days of Self-Love Meditation Course

A seven day course designed to open your heart

Easy bite size course designed for a simple yet effective daily self-care practice.

This is a great addition to the crystalline activations supporting daily grounding, opening and continued heart expansion.

Included are 7 different meditations with aligned self-care tasks through effective affirmations.


Special Offer Details (B) - $177:

Crystalline Light Code Activations Package B

True Value $555
Includes everything from Package A above, PLUS:

Five 90-Minute Live Group Recorded Activations

ACTIVATION ONE – Crystalline alignment & higher self connection

ACTIVATION TWO – Atlantis Crystal Blue Heart Opening

ACTIVATION THREE – Golden dimensional rays of abundant receiving

ACTIVATION FOUR – Harmonising with Gaia and all creation

ACTIVATION FIVE – Expand, Anchor & Align with the divine flow

These multi-dimensional sound codes were channelled through live in a previous group program and still has the same impact listening to them again and again and again – the intention remains with energy expanding everytime time they are received.

These are a great additional tool to the live group program starting August 5th!

eBook of Crystalline Channeled Information

A short E-Book containing up to date channelled ascension information by the collective council of light, Crystalline grid guide and how to honour the physical body during these shifts



Special Offer A - Only $97

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!

Special Offer B - Only $177

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!