Amy Flynn

May 11, 2018
11:00 am

Energy Healer, Medium and Intuitive

Special Offer Available May 11, 2018!

Amy Flynn, The Business and People Healer, is a transformational teacher and coach, Money Reiki Healing Grand Master, channeler, energy healer, medium and intuitive. Guided by her very strong connection with Source and her powerful energy gifts, Amy guides her clients to blast through lifelong blocks to create major shifts and breakthroughs, often in just one session!

Like all babies, Amy was born fully connected to and experiencing Source Energy and Consciousness. Amy’s path diverged from most when she never lost that connection and remained highly intuitive and tuned into the world of energy and the non-physical. Amy was so attracted to the nonphysical world because she could experience what she called the “Beings in the air” around her. While her day to day experience demonstrated the conditional nature of physical human love, she knew the “air” was filled with an amazing unconditional love because she felt it!

Amy naturally accessed ‘wisdom’ from nonphysical consciousness and from prior lifetimes, recalling many prior lives in detail. She channeled, received and communicated with nonphysical as easily as she did with those who were physical but had no idea that everyone else didn’t do the same thing. One of Amy’s most fond childhood memories is of swinging on the backyard swings and feeling an awesome love force wrapping around her like millions of hugs. It was a love beyond anything experienced in the physical world! Unfortunately the adults in her life didn’t appreciate her sharing the powerful wisdom that she tapped into from the nonphysical. So she learned to keep the experiences and insights to herself.

As Amy entered her teens and naturally became more interested in fitting in, she stopped focusing so much on the nonphysical world. However, it never stopped focusing on her as Source always does. As a natural medium, she was reminded often of the nonphysical world as nonphysical entities made themselves visible to her from time to time as if to say, “we’re here, don’t forget!”

Everything changed when at 20, Amy’s life was literally saved by nonphysical Source. While returning to her dorm while in college, she was knocked to the ground and held at knife point by a man experiencing a psychotic episode. Her life was saved when loving Source flowed through, temporarily displacing Amy’s consciousness, to interact with the attacker and fully calm him down. Amy had no recollection of what transpired, all she recalled was the power, beauty and infinite love of this awesome energy force that she was one with! It was the most amazingly profound experience and she knew that she had to find a way for everyone to experience this energy, love and power! It became her passion to discover a way of enabling a connection to Source that everyone could access and awakening others to this infinite, abundant, powerful and all knowing aspect of themselves remains Amy’s mission to this day!

Today Amy Flynn is a Facilitator of Consciousness, Change and Transformation. She embodies a loving energy and spreads instant joy through channeling her connection to higher Source that can be felt in the loving energy she radiates. Known as a business and people healer, Amy quickly shifts people into a higher vibration of love to move and awaken them to remembering who they really are.

Amy acts as the voice channel for an expression of nonphysical Source Consciousness known as “The Collective” who lovingly transform all they teach and interact with. The Collective are multidimensional Source Guides that Amy considers the “larger non-physical aspect of herself”. Amy has been channeling and connecting with The Collective since childhood and only recently gave them the name of “The Collective” since referring to them as “my larger part” was a bit of a mouthful! The Collective are infinitely wise, loving, always joyful and along with Amy, absolutely committed to everyone’s expansion and evolutionary growth. The Collective are wonderful loving teachers and guides and terrible cooks!

Amy, along with The Collective, is the creator of many powerful programs, including the paradigm shifting Call of Your BeingĀ© Series and From Chained to Freedom, “meditations that work” including the Money Reiki and Receiving Energy Alignment Meditations, Ideal Body Energy Alignment Meditation and the Instant Joy Process. Amy publishes the inspirational ezine “Energy Currents” and appears regularly on radio shows, Telesummits and as a teacher on the Global Teleclass platform uplifting and transforming audiences worldwide.