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•  Declare Liberation and Claim Your Divine Inheritance!

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International Best Selling Author, Intuitive Guide and Award Winning Media Host Cari Murphy is the Host, Creator and Founder of this Global Teleseminar Series devoted to Spiritual Awakening, Consciousness Expansion, Sacred Empowerment, Energy Healing, Ascension Guidance, and Quantum Living!

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"We hold the power to thrive. We are intended to thrive. Now is the time to re-member our power and have the courage to be an instrument of change and transformation. As we embody and exemplify the purity, clarity and limitless nature of spirit, we generate a ripple effect in the universe that reminds others of their own power to shift from old patterns of mere survival into a state of being where we know we are worthy of thriving"

~ Cari Murphy

"Every soul on this planet has a purpose. It is to learn, to grow, to develop. Some souls suffer deeply, and through that grow. Others meander through life seeking satisfaction. Each soul has its own agenda from eons of life cycles. To offer authentic acceleration of growth to a soul - is a gift far and beyond this single short lifetime."

~ Alicia Power

"Let's learn to create a world together where freedom replaces constraint, allowing replaces controlling, unity replaces separation, and where you experience your thoughts becoming reality, with the Universe as your co-creative partner."

~ Hope Fitzgerald

“There is more to be garnered from living in Unity Consciousness (joy, love, unity, abundance, purpose) than there is from spending another moment in a repetitive pattern of Survival Consciousness (fear, doubt, lack, illusion).”

~ The Council of Light (Divinely Transmitted by Danielle Rama Hoffman)

"It's been said, 'Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.' By choosing to own your power and embracing the moment, the burdens of your past will no longer hinder you from seeing your future."

~ Dr. Darren Weissman

"As multidimensional beings, true energetic healing only takes place when the internal source of our symptoms is acknowledged and healed."

~ Cari Murphy

“The greatest acceleration you can make in your personal and spiritual evolution, and your Soul mission, and is by working on raising your vibration and reprogramming your DNA.”

~ Christof Melchizedek

"We are innovative, brilliant beings capable of expanding our present reality in ways that are boundless. When our experience is internally driven rather than externally motivated, we allow for a leading edge lifestyle that is fueled by the purity of spirit and amplified through the divinity of source energy."

~ Cari Murphy

"Awareness, discernment and conscious decision making are keys to connecting to your divine blueprint and allowing your light to be embraced, your energetic frequency raised, and your consciousness expanded. This is your birthright."

~ Cari Murphy

"You assist the planet in clearing the fear based programming through your daily example of empowered choices and conscious living. Your energy matters.You make a difference."

~ Cari Murphy

"Becoming internally directed rather than externally motivated is key to thriving as a conscious creator - its the pathway to transcendence."

~ Cari Murphy

"Conscious music is an infinite endless storehouse of LOVE held in timeless vibration — a battery that is always charged that is ready, willing, and able to aid the listener’s LOVE through the heart and soul opening."

~ Paul Luftenegger

"We can be imprisoned by worrying about what other people think of us. Liberation is known when we embrace our uniqueness and step outside the box as pioneers of our own existence. As we transcend societal norms and re-member our truth, liberation can be known."

~ Cari Murphy

"Enlightenment is both a spiritual and physical process. It is the merging of Light (spiritual energy and knowledge) into your cellular structure (physical body) to produce a shift in your perceptions (mind). When your body holds sufficient Light, there is a shift in consciousness.”

~ Raquel Spencer

"When we give the Gift of Responsibility BACK to everyone, WE reclaim our own Power here."

~ Lisa “Transcendence” Brown

"We each have the opportunity to take a quantum leap forward as we consciously activate and ignite the love into every cell of our body and every facet of our being. As we delete the old files of limitation from our consciousness, we make room for the divine, successful download of bliss, awe, wonderful and the full remembrance of our innate power and wisdom. With this new awareness, miracles can happen."

~ Cari Murphy

"Fear is a regressive energy that collapses our power. Love is a progressive energy that expands it."

~ Cari Murphy

"When you give your power to anything outside of yourself. you dim your light. Know that your true power comes from within. From this space, your power is eternal and limitless."

~ Cari Murphy

“We are all conduits for spirit and higher dimensional information. And I believe we are all here with a unique divine purpose. Once this truth is realized, we begin to live at our highest potential, healing ourselves and others and leaving a significant imprint on the collective.”

~ Micheila Sheldan

"There is no reward on earth, or even amongst the stars, equal to the realization of the divinity within you."

~ Guy Finley

"Conventional wisdom would say that the less we give, the more we have. In actuality, the opposite is true. The more we give, the more we have. Abundance creates the ability to give and giving creates abundance."

~ Cari Murphy

"You must try to be in the present, focus on what you want right now and allow it to happen to you right now."

~ Dr. Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist

"You must try to be in the present, focus on what you want right now and allow it to happen to you right now."

~ Dr. Steve G. Jones

"Once you become the master creative designer of your own internal Garden of Eden, you will naturally awaken to a whole new paradise that has been awaiting your attention and discovery."

~ Cari Murphy

“We are here to birth miracles. We are here to download divine solutions. We are here to honor our divinity and take pride in our great calling to activate humanity. May we complete our prophecies together and fulfill this great commission before us for the one body of Sophia Christ.”

~ Kaia Ra in The Sophia Code

"Anytime we are looking outside of ourselves for an experience that can only be generated within – such as approval, recognition, acceptance or love – we are coming from a mindset of lack and nothing and no one will ever be enough to fill that void."

~ Christy Whitman

"Contemplation is creation."

~ April Olas

"Your outer reality is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself"

~ Christy Whitman

"Nurturing positive change is an extraordinary opportunity offered to us in each moment. We have the power to fuel liberation on every level by remembering our truth. We are intended to engage and participate in a freedom movement that includes a shift from old reactionary ways of existing into a highly conscious, responsive way of being. Group strategies and individual action can combine to create and accomplish powerful change."

~ Cari Murphy

"Healing isn’t supposed to be a battle between good and evil or health and disease, where we doctors sweep in like knights in shining armor, equipped with powerful and often deadly weapons, determined to “win” at any cost. And the patient isn’t meant to be the battlefield, staying passive and “patient” still until the war is over."

~ Dr. Friedemann Schaub