Elizabeth Rudwick

May 4, 2018
11:00 am

Artist, Healer and Intuitive

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My journey began like many LightWorkers and StarSeeds before this lifetime. And I chose a family in this lifetime that I could learn how to Heal from extremely challenging situations and environments. From a child, I was aware of being a Sensitive and had a clear memory of being a Healer. I recalled Healing ceremonies with fellow Healers and felt a deep connection with the Faery Realm and Wild Natural Spaces in the company of Spirit Beings and Divas. Nature was my Temple where I felt held connected to Divinity. I did not feel at home in human man-made spaces. I did not understand social rules and accepted dysfunctional behaviours and ways of being.

I was born to parents who had mental health issues and at the age of 13 due to these challenges I had an out-of-body experience. I was lifted out of my body and saw the Heaven open up. I felt the Divine Presence and the Angelic Realm. I had the certainty that this was where one goes after dying. I had the choice then. To live or die. And I chose to live. This was a profound learning ~ I understood it is our choice to live or die and how we live. This gift carried and sustained me through the challenging experiences that were shortly to come. And so I always knew I had the strength within. I was not alone. There was a larger purpose that I was part of. There was a Higher Vibrational Divinity of Unconditional Love more powerful than any of the challenges I found myself in. At times in my life my mind~ego forgot this experience but during times of challenge, I have always been supported and held. I soon learnt that all I needed to do is ask and I would feel the presence of Angelic Beings and Ascended Ones giving me guidance and healing. Reminding me that we are not alone that all was meant and OK.

For 30 years I have explored a wide range of holistic modalities and subcultures. And found that I was never totally at home with one individual group. Each group held a specific energy and for me, each one was a piece of a wider puzzle. I found that the groups were often using different cultural languages to describe the same or similar experiences. And the diverse approaches were complimentary ~ filling in the gaps giving a wider perspective. I studied various forms of Yoga. Tai Chi. Chi Kung. Meditation. I studied Western Psychic Healing Approaches birthed from the teachings of India and Far East. I was a teacher organiser with a Pagan group that embraced Celtic Shamanism with Eco-politics and I studied Shamanism with different teachers. I trained in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy and worked with children adolescents and families therapeutically and as Mentor. I also received Healing through Body Psychotherapy, Herbal remedies, Crystal Healing, Movement and working with a Shamanic Healer. And my main learning and teaching with Spirit has always been with Gaia ~ her Ascended Guides and Spirit Helpers.

In 2012 I had a profound experience of a Crystalline Universe which materialised on a personal Vision Quest to a Sacred Mountain in Wales and Spirit also guided me to the Arctic ~ where I experienced the Divine Peaceful Beauty of Ice Snow Wilderness and was blessed with the Aurora Borealis Portal of Celestial Beings. In 2014 I experienced a Kundalini Awakening following which I left my full-time job so I could focus my time and energy as a Healer. Then in 2017 in March I had a further Awakening which led to me understanding the wider Ascension Crystalline Consciousness Arc. I realised that my experiences from childhood and before were part of a larger agenda. So along with many others, I have awoken to being a Starseed and I found my Beloved home in the Lemurian Light City of Telos which has radically changed how I experience life and my work as a Healer.

I can say that I have now found Peace. This is not to say that I still don’t have human challenges of mind emotion and body ~ I do! But I now understand that this part of being human is part of a larger experience. 2017 was a profound awakening where so many of us have woken up to the Divine Plan and are hearing our call ~ our path and learning to share our unique and inter-connected gifts. During this journey, I have understood my experiences I have had since a child from a wider larger perspective. Like many other StarSeeds and LightWorkers, we have been Healers for many lifetimes and have lived in different realms. We chose to be reborn to support Gaia and her children’s path of Ascension.

And so I embrace the Path of the Sacred Heart more and more with Compassion Acceptance Forgiveness Trust and Surrendering. I continue to learn that when we Heal the One we Heal the Many. I am truly blessed to be sharing this joyous journey with other Soul Seeking StarSeeds.