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Package A

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Item 1: One Month Remote Energy Transfer Experience

Experience Ethann’s Remote Energy Transfer Program for one month to remove negative karma and raise your consciousness. This includes 12 remote energy transfers within a one month timeframe, allowing you to live happier, healthier and access new information needed by your soul to express your unique gifts in the world.

Many light workers have been unable to tap into their gifts and discover their purpose due to a lower vibration and consciousness that is impacting life on Earth. The One Month Remote Energy Transfer Program is facilitated by a collective consciousness that is working through Ethann for the purpose of removing this lower vibration from your energy field.

The collective consciousness Ethann works with has explained through channeled guidance that those receiving this program will tap into Source Energy, enabling them to clear karma, past programming and dense energies accumulated through environmental factors that are holding them back from their highest potential.

Through repeated energy transfers, Ethann facilitates an awakening of one’s true talents and life path. Those who are in his accelerated monthly program are able to discover their true purpose, as well as unlock the gifts that have remained dormant or suppressed by lower frequencies of energy upon the planet. Ultimately this is the primary purpose and outcome of the long term practice of energy transfer sessions with Ethann…to gradually unlock your unique gifts and life’s purpose as well as the passion to fearlessly pursue it.

Those who work with Ethann regularly, start to come into their abilities often within the first month of multiple sessions. Over time, these gifts grow, until they find a natural place in service to the world using these natural born abilities.

The negative energy present in Karma that an individual carries from lifetime to lifetime is also a significant factor in our evolution. This karma will naturally work off through life experience as more is added to it. This is a slow process that will require lifetimes to process until a soul can express itself fully in a physical incarnation unencumbered by the dense heavy karmic energy. Ethann is able to remove large amounts of karmic energy carried from lifetime to lifetime, accelerating the growth of the soul many lifetimes in only minutes.

In addition to the removal of karma, regular Energy Transfers will raise the consciousness of an individual to a degree that is not possible through ordinary life experience and other spiritual practices. This is an accelerated path for the growth of consciousness that has been given to individuals who have a desire to grow more rapidly in this time of great change and evolution, minimizing suffering and allowing for a deeper understanding of one’s life path.

Ethann’s Energy Transfer Program is also beneficial for light workers who are hypersensitive to energies from people and their environments, requiring them to self-protect during healing sessions and everyday life. Each Energy Transfer has been demonstrated to increase the size of one’s aura three to four times, with a cumulative effect over time. This ultimately results in a permanent energetic barrier between them and their environment, eliminating the requirement to self-protect. Another advantage of this process is the ability to be comfortable around people who ordinarily cause stress or discomfort. Many have reported they are able to cope with turbulent relationships that were the source of a great deal of suffering prior to an Energy Transfer.

Energy Transfer will cause a permanent change within your DNA, essentially tuning your body and awareness to new information in the field around you. Think of your DNA as a tuner on a radio. Every Energy Transfer slightly adjusts the frequency of the information that your DNA is receiving resulting in an awakening of mind to a new way of seeing the same world. This is because the individual is now able to tune into a new dimension of information within the same field of consciousness around them. This may come by way of intuition, or interest in some new area, or sudden ability to pursue things in one’s life that were previously hidden or blocked.

As the frequency that the body is tuning in to changes, a broad array of physical and spiritual impacts are experienced. Some individuals encounter sudden breakthroughs in health, immense energy, greater inner peace and joyfulness. Ultimately the Energy Transfer will raise consciousness, remove karma, and as a result, lead the individual down a path of greater joy and harmony no matter what is going on in the world around them.

You will:

  • Clear karma, past programming and dense energies
  • Restore your true nature
  • Increase your level of happiness
  • Tune into a frequency of improved health
  • Gain energy, greater inner peace and joyfulness
  • Balance and harmonize to Earth Energies
  • Access and remember your Soul’s Purpose
  • Feel protected and at peace with your empathic or sensitive nature
  • Unlock spiritual gifts that have remained dormant
  • Change your DNA, tuning your body and awareness to new dimensional information
  • Accelerate the growth of the soul
  • Increase the size of your aura three to four times, with a cumulative effect over time

Item 2: Living Your Planetary Purpose Video Class

In order to have true and lasting change that creates a fulfilling life, we must consider all aspects of our experience including the body, the mind, the spirit, and the material dimensions. Now more than ever, Lightworkers on the planet are being called to bridge the gap between the 3rd and the 5th Dimensional energies. Transitioning during this turbulent time can be challenging, as you uncover your soul’s plan to work in harmony with new, collectively-based energies of the planet.

Ethann Fox has developed a unique formula to help Lightworkers reveal their mission and bring their gifts into the world to fulfill their true purpose.  Those who are a part of his Advanced Lightworker Program, take a personal journey examining all aspects of the self and using them in concert to achieve happiness, fulfillment and the abundance to thrive in the 5th Dimension. In this two hour introduction to this program, you will get an overview of how to begin tapping into the parts of yourself that not only reveal your soul’s purpose, but also coincide with unique planetary energies and alignments that will assist you in expressing your gifts in the material world.

In this exclusive 2-hour class, Ethann reveals his toolbox of scientific research, astrology, numerology, psychological studies, spirituality and consciousness and how they can be used in concert to fulfill your soul’s purpose. You will learn how your numerology and astrology cycles are a roadmap to success and how they can be used to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and discover your best areas of focus. Ethann will also help you understand the importance of close relationships and how they are intimately connected to your personal success, health, and inner peace.  Ethann’s background in the business and financial worlds gives him the ability to help Lightworkers create a vision and launch their creative gifts as a concrete product or service area that can cross both the alternative and mainstream worlds. You will gain his perspective and advice on how to design and market your spiritual products and services to transition them into the changing global economy of the New Age.

This video class has never been offered to the public and will give you a glimpse into how Ethann has helped many Lightworkers on the planet access their soul’s truest expression and manifest it into a concrete service in the material world. As you begin this journey with Ethann, expect complete transformation in all areas, allowing you to reach your highest potential, falling in line with your soul’s plan and creating a new life filled with abundance in all areas.

Item 3: Live 2-Hour Webcast with Q&A

Interact directly with Ethann in a Live Webcast. This webcast is offered exclusively for Straight Talk for the Soul listening audience. In this intimate setting, you will be able to ask questions and receive guidance from Ethann on Living Your Planetary Purpose and how to tap into your soul’s unique gifts, expressing them in the material world. You are encouraged to share the unique experiences you have had during the Monthly Remote Energy Transfer Program and receive direct feedback from Ethann. And, as a bonus gift, Ethann will also offer a Remote Energy Transfer live on the call! This is a rare opportunity to connect with Ethann and gain wisdom directly related to your journey. The live Webcast is limited in size, giving everyone an opportunity to ask and receive answers to their most pertinent questions.

Special Offer Details (B) - $197:

Package B

64% off | A total value over $540 | Just $197

Includes everything from Package A above, PLUS:

Item 4: 1-on-1 30 Minute Private Session

A private Energy Transfer session with Ethann is a very unique and powerful experience in which you accelerate karmic release and expansion of your consciousness. In these sessions, Ethann is able to focus his attention directly on your energy body and the areas in which you are blocked or holding resistance and lower vibrational density.

During these sessions, Ethann works with a combination of planetary, numerological and astrological information in concert to address your current life challenges, direct your path and clear and open your energy field to higher frequencies and new dimensional information.

Participants often experience intense joy or states of bliss during these intimate sessions and walk away with renewed energy and a sense of peace. In conducting these one-on-one sessions, Ethann has experienced a variety of astounding results ranging anywhere from profound healings and awakenings to the emergence of spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance and channeling.

His diverse background in energy healing, astrology, numerology, psychology and business, makes him a very effective and unconventional spiritual teacher for the New Age, able to offer new perspectives that balance the physical, spiritual and material worlds. With this approach, Ethann assists many Light Workers on the planet to bring their spiritual gifts into the 5th Dimension. You are sure to get a taste of this in his 30 minute session!

Special Offer A - Only $127

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!

Special Offer B - Only $197

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!