Faith Spina

January 22, 2018
11:00 am

Spiritual Midwife and Frequency Holder

Faith shares her love of humanity by offering services as a Spiritual Midwife and Frequency Holder. In addition to reading the Akashic Records, she also does Sound and Energy Healing. She is a Life Coach and Author of several books.

Faith is a down to earth guide who has experienced many challenges in this lifetime, including bankruptcy, sexual molestation, divorce and homelessness to name a few. These experiences served her to go deep into her soul and release identification with her ego. Once she discovered her true identity, she committed to a life of helping others discover the same.

After appearing on Oprah in 1999 ( as Vicki Spina) she embarked on a Spiritual Sabbatical which was life changing. She was given the spiritual name of Faith to hold the energy and vibration for herself and others.

Faith has assisted thousands of people on their spiritual journeys and she is excited to offer this website as a gathering place for those desiring to know the truth of who they are. In addition to appearing on Oprah, Faith has been on hundreds of radio shows, CNN, The Today Show and many others, sharing her expertise on living an ABUNDANT and Truthful life.