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Private Akashic Record Reading with Faith

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The session is an energetic Akashic Record reading. We work with the soul what is for it’s best and highest good for evolution. Each session varies and is customized to the person. These sessions are life changing. We tap into the energetic blueprint and bring to the consciousness the hidden beliefs which may have them stuck in a pattern. We gain clarity on what the soul desires this lifetime.

Special Offer - Only $177

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!


"Oh faith! I’m on chapter 5. Had to make dinner. Thank you for writing this story. I’m going to read it to my four grandchildren.
I am loving this story...
I’ve been asking spirit for something like this for these times.
I feel maybe you are an angel?!"

~ Carole Perez

"After looking at "my story" from different points of you I was able to release the painful attachment. It felt great to finally write the empowered version and to release and reclaim myself from the tar pit. Thank you! Almost a year in talking therapy and I never came close."

~ Diana DeMatteo

"In just one session Faith upleveled my energetic, emotional and spiritual systems. I felt shifts and "ah ha" moments as we began working together and yet the REAL results of Faith's profound energy work is still continuing to unfold. That same day my life perspective shifted COMPLETELY from victim to owner/author of my life. Since that day my meditating clarity and focus has been remarkably different. (this could take hours to explain) All of my personal relationships have been deeply and permanently affected by a profound resonance of love and acceptance."

~ Kristine McIntrye

"I had been trying for 40 years to make my life work, I was tired.

I wanted to heal, feel whole and I felt something important was missing.

I have been looking for something to ”fix” me. Have tried different courses….workshops and healing modalities but there was always something missing.

When I found Bridge to Lemuria, or to be correct, the page found me, I immediately felt a connection to Faith.

I was so happy, couldn’t look at the page without crying in the beginning.

She spoke of something I could resonate with. I started basic coaching with Faith and she offers True Healing from within.

Step by step she gently guides me through the process and challenges me when needed.

After 4 months I feel more aware, loving and more at peace. I even quit smoking .

Thank you Faith, you truly are a blessing !"

~ Ingela Ryen

"After the reading, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it. The following week, my money space completely shifted, and now i'm in such a different space. I'm doing the meditation now and will let you know how its going. Thank you for reminding me of who I am and the work to do. I only felt love and light from you and clarity from my confusion. I hope to be able to do that for ppl around me too! But first the work on myself!"

~ Jericho Rell

"How to begin? My session with Faith was highly magical. She totally tuned in to my soul and sees me even quicker then I see myself. I opened my heart deeper to what is true and she guided me even further to the depths of what is possible! JUST IN 5 freaking minutes I was able to connect with something that had been placed on the shelf for way to long. And I didn't even know!

Thank goodness she lit the light in that place that was deeply tucked away, so I could face my deepest longing and claim it! In literally 24hrs after this talk I had a major radical shift and doors beyond my wildest imaginations began to OPEN

I am just beyond grateful for the presence she holds, the integrity, the honest, the truth talk with this magnificent soul. I know her so deeply and she knows me. I am so blessed to have a sister, guide and spiritual midwife that totally speaks my language and inspires me to be the best that I can be. Sessions with Faith are only for people that are ready to cut the crap, and take full responsibility for what you create in your life. If you are even slightly inspired by her, and kind of stuck or majorly needing support then please save yourself from years of spinning in loops and circles and just dive right into it with this incredible woman as your soldier in combat. Have some humor in the process and learn to love the journey JUST AS IT IS.

I love you Faith deeply and I am in awe over the courage path you have walked to be who you are today. Knowing that you do all that you do for the benefit of the whole and really put your own personal ego-ic desires to the side and really live a life of faith is such a gift to humanity. Thank goodness for your specific medicine in the big picture. THANK YOU for doing the inner work and BE-ing SUCH a beacon of light and guide for so many during this time of our journey here. I bow a thousand times. I Love you."

~ Ray Ash

"After my first coaching session with Faith, I knew I was in for a profound journey…and that life would never be the same. Faith sees you for who you REALLY are, and that is a rare gift indeed! Since I began the coaching series, I have transformed many of my core limiting beliefs into rocket fuel for my purpose! I see life as an adventure, and I am so grateful for the reflection, wisdom, and clarity of Faith’s coaching… it helps me stay on track. It isn’t easy work, but it’s worth it. I would recommend to anyone who is ready to take their business or personal life to the next level to invite Faith into their lives."

~ Elijah Ray, Sound Healer from Band of Light

"Dear Faith,

I would like to thank you from my heart for your guidance. It has been an adventure from the moment I contacted you. I saw your interview with Lilou Macé a few years before. I felt the need to watch it again. I heard you speaking about your intuition and connection with the Divine on different levels. I recognized so much of what you told of how you experienced life. First I thought I wanted to visit you in Hawaii for coaching. I started to have doubts because of the amount of money and because I valued the opinion of my boyfriend at the time. He didn’t understand why I would spent the money on this. I discussed it with Faith in our first Skype contact. We agreed to have 12 coaching sessions via Skype.

Then… the doubts in general came over me! I cancelled the sessions and told Faith by e-mail I wasn’t sure this was my way. She felt the many fears of my ego or little me. And she comforted me, knowing we had to work together. I gave it a week or two and then I realized I was at a point of my life where everything I (ego) had done wasn’t helping me forward any longer. I needed a new way. So I e-mailed Faith and signed for the sessions after all. Am I glad that I did!

At that time I had no idea I had so many fears within me. So many layers of false confidence. I had based this on different people in my life, depending on their approval or presence.

With all of my challenges Faith understood what I went through because she already lived it. You spoke in a way I understood. First I thought I would have many questions during the sessions but with the few questions you asked me, much became clear quickly.

Because of your guidance I have contact again with my dearest fairy friend Leela (Lila in dutch). I am thankful for that and it makes me even cry now of this re-newed contact that I so missed. Fairies are my family. I love them and they have so much love for us.

After our 12 sessions it became clear that I needed another 12. During these 24 sessions my life has changed completely. I was in a relationship and lived together. I had a job at a call centre. The relationship with my now ex-boyfriend is over. I live by myself again and I am an aspired florist. Following more and more my Divine guidance into a life with more light. Inspired action instead of hard work. I shook off the opinions and the expectations of my family and ex-boyfriend. When my ex and I broke up at first it was scary to quickly find a new home for myself. But I called upon the Universe and my light family, and all of my guides to help me. In a week I found a new place and after a week I was living there. This situation gave me the ultimate opportunity to show myself what I had learned. It was a true step with Faith. And the adventure continues. Wish me luck on finding an internship at a florist! I hope I can welcome Faith one day in my own art gallery slash flower shop."

~ Melody Park Shin,

"Dear Faith,

At the beginning of this year, you promised to walk me home to my truth. My mind wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, but my heart yearned for it and so it bravely led the way. “Trust”, it whispered. “It’s time you knew.” And so, I did. I trusted my inner knowing, I trusted you, and I placed complete faith in the process that lied ahead.

I came to you feeling scared, broken, deflated, and just downright exhausted with life. Week by week, with your kind and compassionate heart (and humor - thank god for that), you showed me how to see myself with real eyes - through the eyes of love, through the eyes of my soul. You taught me to challenge the beliefs, judgements, attachments, and stories that I clung to so dearly in establishing my self-worth. You held my hand as I released layers upon layers of shame, blame, guilt and fear. You lovingly comforted my scared and fragile ego each time it felt as if it were dying. You patiently taught me to trust my intuition and have faith that the universe is always conspiring in my favor. Most of all, you helped me to unlearn all that I had been conditioned to be, so that I could be who I was always meant to be in the first place - a catalyst for truth, light, and sovereignty - a warrior of love... and a total badass. 🤘🏼

THANK YOU from the bottom of my very full heart. Namasté seems to be the only word I can think of that adequately relates the love, respect, and honor that I have for you.

Namasté - My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the love, light, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things, we are the united, we are the same, we are one."

~ Jillian Ashley

"Have you ever felt there was something you have been missing? Have you ever felt a longing deep inside of you, that you know is there, but like walking into a seemingly invisible spider web and feeling the threads across your face; you cannot find it? Did you ever think that there is more to this life, and that despite what is happening all around you - you know it was not meant to be this difficult? That was me. I knew, but I did not know. I already had a busy private practice doing soul and wellness coaching, and in many ways, loved a lot of aspects of my life - yet I was still operating from a place inside of myself that sometimes felt constricted, small, and at times, afraid.

I am so grateful that my soul guided me to Faith. I still have no idea how I actually found her, her incredibly beautiful and inspiring Facebook posts spoke to me in ways that felt familiar, but I could not define. I have no recollection of "friending" her on Facebook, but then again, isn't that how magic always occurs? What I do know, is that I felt she held a kind of key, one that I had been searching for.

My time with Faith is difficult to put into words, as for me, it is like revealing a statue that has already been carved, but still thinks it is just a block of marble. Each session holds you in love, while challenging and encouraging you to release your stories, and step into your truth and the ultimate truth. She helps you - be you, totally, and when that occurs, magic, synchronicity and beauty become the norm in your life. It is not that your life will change, it is that you will change your life. My gratitude, appreciation, and love for Faith is limitless, and all I can think of to say is - As One."

~ Debra Hastings