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Revelations from Mary Magdalene
Her Role in the New World Order

In January this year a very important and powerful energy shift occurred, which is now impacting everything about what it is to be a human being and affecting all life on Earth.

The Human Genome, the DNA recipe for the creation of human life is being activated so that as human beings we might express more of our true, 12-strand DNA human potential and ability.

Earlier this year, energies of new creation began streaming to Earth from a very much more potent ‘God Creation’ energy at the heart center of a 22 galaxy multi-galactic ‘Diamond’. What this really means is that instead of the Galactic Center of the Milky Way galaxy being our source of creation energy, a galactic center at the heart of a multi-galactic matrix of 22 galaxies is now our primary source of creation and life force energy.

This ‘God’ energy affecting Earth, us and all life within this galaxy is now to the power of 22 times more powerful than ever before.

2,000 years ago Jesus Christ together with his beloved Mary Magdalene taught ‘The Way’, teachings about the power of love to create a more expanded consciousness to help change current perceptions and begin to usher in a new consciousness and a more enlightened age on Earth.

He spoke to the people of his time, but his words are really directed at us today.

Jesus said, “You are not to leave your bodies behind, (as he did when he ascended), but take them with you”. We are moving through an Ascension cycle, but if we adapt to the energy and understand the process our bodies will begin to express this new energy, become more vital and youthful and go beyond healing which is only coming into balance to REGENESIS.

Ascension is not about going up…or going anywhere for that matter. Ascension is about expanding into more of our soul’s Truth and Light. It is to do with the energy activation of our human DNA, human DNA potential, which has previously been inactive. UNTIL NOW! As human beings we are so much more than we know ourselves to be. Now is the Divine Time for our human advancement.

Judy Satori’s role in this divinely orchestrated Ascension plan is to recode human DNA to express in a more expanded way. We are beings created in the image of God and our power and potential as ‘Gods in bodily form’ is beginning to be switched on and activated.

Judy speaks very rapid Languages of Light, which are languages of new creation, coding sequences of sound and light coming from the new God creation energy at the heart of the 22 galaxy Multi-galactic Diamond.

For three years from 2013 – 2015, Mary Magdalene, twin soul of Jesus Christ came to Judy at La Sainte Baume in France. La Sainte Baume, literally translated as ‘The Sainted Cave’ is the place where Mary Magdalene is said to have lived for 30 years following the crucifixion of Jesus. At La Sainte Baume, Mary transmitted teachings and energy to Judy called “Transcripts”, designed to balance the heart and activate the love vibration in the cells of the body leading to Joy.

Since January and the opening of the portal to a more expanded aspect of God Mind, Mary Magdalene is connecting once again with Judy to bring new revelations, new insights and new energy for us all. Mary Magdalene will transmit this energy LIVE with Judy on ‘Straight Talk with the Soul’ to open you to your highest truth and help you to walk a ‘New Way’ in your own life.

It is important to vibrate with peace, love and joy to move through the process of soul and physical ascension and physical regenesis. Judy’s program, “The Fundamental Aspects of Love” from the “Transcripts of Mary Magdalene” is part of the special offer “Goddess Collection of the Sacred Feminine” that Judy has put together for this program.The “Goddess Collection of the Sacred Feminine” has been especially selected to open you to your God/Goddess energies and support you through your own process of physical and soul ascension.

Valued at $430.00, the Goddess Collection is offered for the very special price of $197.00.

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Goddess Collection of the Sacred Feminine

All the programs listed below include an introductory audio track that explains the benefits and outcomes of the program and how to use it. You can also visit www.judysatori.com/shopping for more information on each program.

ONE: The Fundamental Aspects of Love from the Transcripts of Mary Magdalene

Valued at $195.00

Open Your Heart to Giving and Receiving More Love by Balancing the Four Fundamental Aspects of Love

When you resonate with LOVE, your whole life will change. You will be ready to cross the bridge to something new and wonderful in your life. The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene could be that secret key you have been searching for to open your heart.

The Transcripts are both a set of teachings received by Judy Satori directly from Mary Magdalene near the cave where Mary lived at La Sainte Baume in France, and a set of progressive, graduated energy transmissions to open you into LOVE. When combined, the information and the energy transmissions connect you to your inner guidance and reveal more of the truth of your soul. Together, they will instill loving kindness and compassion to help you to be true to yourself and take the action steps required to follow your soul’s wisdom and your own truth.

Tension and anxiety will fade away once you feel into the truth of your soul’s wisdom and treat yourself and others with loving kindness. You will be empowered to stand firm in your own convictions and take action to achieve your goals secure in the knowing that YOU are doing what is right for YOU. The goal is fulfilling your capacity to BE LOVE, and when you reach this state of being, JOY will come to you in your life. On a more expanded level, this program is also the foundation for DNA recoding as the love vibration is key to human consciousness upgrade and evolution.

Judy says, “This program will balance your heart chakra and your ability to give and receive love. So many people want love, but cannot seem to attract it. The reason is that there is an imbalance in the love nature caused by past life trauma. This program is designed to be listened to in the sequence presented. Every time you listen the energy will go deeper and the effects will be permanent.”

TWO: 21 Blessings from the Golden Tara for Renewal and Peace

Valued at $50.00

21 Blessings from the Golden Tara was recorded as an energy experiment with Spirit while Judy was in India in 2014. It began with Judy transmitting energy and the musicians playing flute and sitar improvising along with Judy’s words. The flute solos on this recording are by Brahmarshi Patriji, the founder of Pyramid Meditation International.

You will enjoy this recording and be blessed by Tara’s words.

Judy says, “Golden Tara is the consort of Lord Maitreya, Future Buddha. She is a new emanation of Tara, who usually appears as White Tara, or Green Tara. Golden Tara helps us to usher in our future, expanded self, to merge our soul with our personality self. This recording includes beautiful flute and sitar music and was recorded in Hyderabad, India. This 30 minute recording can be listened to as desired.”

THREE: Initiation – From the Mystery School Teachings of Ancient Egypt

Valued at $45.00

This is a 30-day process of spiritual preparation from the Mystery School teachings of ON, Heliopolis. Energy transmissions and information from Sekhmet, Thoth, Maat, Tara and Isis, transmitted through Judy Satori.

To initiate really means to prepare and this 30 day process of spiritual initiation will take you on a journey of soul discovery and soul expansion. The entire process is focused on helping you clear limiting beliefs and walk your path of spiritual purpose.

The program and sequence of listening has been designed by Spirit to take 30 days. This is 25 days of listening, four days of rest and integration and one day to listen to the introduction at the beginning of the process. You can take longer than 30 days to complete, but during each step of five consecutive days you should be consistent with your listening as the energy will build a pulse rhythm of change.

Judy says, “Initiation IS spiritual preparation. If you have had past lives in ancient Egypt you will really resonate with this 30 day program. I suggest you do this program first as a stand-alone program. If you listen to other recordings that are part of the package your Initiation process will not be affected.”

FOUR: Being Love – Gateway to Joy – from the Transcripts of Mary Magdalene

Valued at $125.00

The next step in the Transcripts of Mary Magdalene series…Go BEYOND balancing love to BEING LOVE

Part one of this work, The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene which was transmitted to Judy Satori by Mary Magdalene at La Sainte Baume, France, balances a person’s love nature. Being Love: Gateway to Joy is Part Two of the work and moves beyond balancing your love nature to actually helping you to resonate more with the love vibration.

This program consolidates and strengthens the fourth of the fundamental aspects of love … LOVING BEINGNESS. This is your ability to just BE LOVE. This program also energetically instills the love vibration into every cell of your body. This enhances your ability to give and receive love, supports physical, emotional healing and deep healing of the soul and will help you resonate with and bring JOY into your life.

Learning how to be and resonate with love no matter what is going on in our personal lives is probably the most important soul learning that any one of us ever experience. It is certainly a rite of passage…a tremendous shift from being attached to the demands and experiences of the personality ego self and truly being at one with our timeless soul self. This next step in the teachings of Mary Magdalene will assist you to cross a bridge to soul love, peace and purpose. The love vibration will become YOU, and YOU will become LOVE.

Judy Says, “Part two of the Transcripts of Mary Magdalene is designed to instill the love vibration into the cells of the body. You will notice that you feel more open and loving and attract love… and possibly a partner into your life as I did.”

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