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Beyond Healing: Regenesis Phase 1

Retail Value: $33

BEYOND HEALING: REGENESIS PHASE 1 is a very simple, yet extremely powerful program designed by Spirit as a primer for cellular rejuvenation.

All dis-ease in the body begins as energy imbalance in thoughts and emotions, or is created by energies external to the body and body’s energy fields that create a lack of energy to, or disharmony in the cells. Examples of this are harmful electromagnetic fields, and geopathic stress, or diminished cellular respiration. The sounds transmitted in REGENESIS harmonize and balance the chakras, help restore balance to the body’s energy systems and coherence to the cells, clear harmful electromagnetic radiation and bring new vitality to the body.

These energy words of new creation transmitted by the Elohim create balanced vibrations in every cell of the body and the body’s energy fields, to literally go BEYOND HEALING, to feel amazing and be well. REGENESIS is the foundation of energy balance in the cells.

There are three short audio tracks that are listened to daily … Morning Restore, Evening Restore and Cellular restore. Listening to these audios only takes a few minutes each day. The sound tracks can be listened to before you get out of bed, while walking or jogging, or while driving to work. You do not need to close your eyes while listening and the sounds will enhance your energy.

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Morning Restore:

Listening to Morning Restore sets you up for the day ahead.

This audio:

  • Balances your chakras, which will energize you and balance your emotions;
  • Opens you to the incoming energy of 72 dimensions of reality, which brings a more potent energy into the body’s energy systems;
  • Opens the body’s axiatonal lines, which are feeder lines of light that bring energy from other dimensions into the body’s energy circuits and opens the body’s energy meridians. The outcome is increased vitality and energy;
  • Helps you to have greater faith in yourself so that you begin each day feeling strong, motivated and positive;
  • Helps to restore harmony and balance to every cell of the body. Every cell of the body has its signature vibration. When we are healthy in mind and body this signature vibration of the cells is harmonious. Increasing lack of harmony within the cells causes illness in the body.

Track 3: Evening Restore:

Listen to Evening Restore at night before you sleep to calm the central nervous system and allow your body to deeply relax and rest.

This audio…

  • Rebalances the chakra system 1-12;
  • Clears discordant energy that you may have taken into your energy field during the day;
  • Calms the central nervous system and stills and calms the mind;
  • Clears harmful electromagnetic radiation from the cells of the body and the body’s energy fields;
  • Balances, harmonizes and clears the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus, which is located below the thalamus in the brain, is responsible for maintaining the body’s internal balance (homeostasis).
  • Charges the endocrine system with light;
  • Heals, restores and regenerates the body while you are sleeping;
  • Activates the pineal gland.

Track 4: Cellular Restore:

Cellular restore is a set of “energy words of new creation” designed by the Elohim (the creator aspect of God) to pump new life into the cells, to lengthen the telomeres of the DNA and improve collagen synthesis. Outcomes are increased energy and vitality and anti-aging effects.

From Judy: “These words are potent catalyzing forces. They speak the words of coding, (energy words of sound, light and vibration that have an effect on the DNA and cellular template of the body) that are required to directly instruct the cells of the body to behave differently, ie as younger cells. This is an entirely safe procedure as it reverses previous genetic cell instructions in the same way that nature (God) designed it to be. This is the time for mankind to become more than circumstance and energy availability has previously allowed man to be. (The Earth is vibrating faster and there is highly catalytic energy coming into Earth’s atmosphere from 72 dimensions of reality. The human genetic code and human potential is being advanced.)”

Beyond Healing: Regenesis Phase 2

Retail Value: $33

There are nine audio tracks in this program and two supplementary tracks that are energy language only, a total of 11 audio tracks.

As human beings we are all going through an evolutionary upgrade and regenesis. Begin by listening to track one (Introduction) and then at your convenience listen to each audio track one by one in the sequence listed below. This is important for the first three times you listen. The energy work has cumulative effects. After you listen three times to the entire program you can reinforce the clearing by listening to supplementary track one and reinforce physical regeneration with supplementary track two.

Focus on one at a time. Do not do together on the same day. It is best to listen three times to clearing and then on another day to listen three times to regeneration and DNA activation work.


Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Tuning of the pineal gland, advanced opening of axiatonal lines to allow for the accessing of soul memory and to allow for increased energy into the body.

Track 3: Forces of human evolutionary change.

Track 4: Clearing karmic miasmic distortion from the morphogenetic fields and chakras.

Track 5: The magenta pyramid – creating the vibrations of peace, love and joy and sending these healing energies to your body.

Track 6: Working with the mitochondria to prime the cells for change and upgrade.

Track 7: A guided meditation. You will be guided down a golden road to spend time in the house of new creation. In this place your body will be purified and made ready for the new.

Track 8: Regenesis – Lengthening the telomeres of the DNA.

Track 9: Regenesis – Increased energy and vitality, working with the DNA through the matrilineal line. Strengthening the skeletal system of the body. Radiating the beauty of the human form, skin and eyes.

Supplementary Audio Tracks for repetitive coding by the transmissions

This means that you can listen to the energy without listening to the words of explanation.

Track Ten: Energy language transmissions only for CLEARING

Track Eleven: Energy language transmissions only for REGENESIS

Opening Into Your Multi-Galactic Self

Retail Value: $69.95

These transmissions are about opening into your multi-galactic self … an ascension catalyst from Spirit. We are living through a time of NEW BEGINNING…REGENESIS… and new energy words are activating human evolutionary advancement.

There are three 20 minute segments of information, energy activation and a teaching session from Spirit. (60 minutes total)

Track One: Who are you really? Understanding the new energy coming to Earth. Multi-galactic communion and communication. Transmissions to reconnect you more fully to the truth of your soul’s expression.

Track Two: Energy transmissions… to enable you to access the multi-galactic parts of yourself. These transmissions will attune you to your unique vibratory resonance within the 22 galaxies of a multi-galactic “diamond”. The energy now coming from the center of this “diamond” is a much more powerful God-creation energy than we have ever experienced before and is designed to activate human potential held within the DNA.

Track Three: A teaching session… to open you to connect with and communicate with those Star beings who may be aligned with you for the 22 galaxies. This is a technique and can be used as desired.

Merging with the Multi-Galactic “Diamond”

Retail value: $69.95

These transmissions are teachings and energy to create understanding, substance and form to our new human creation.

From Judy: “When I speak of NEW CREATION, I mean human evolutionary upgrade and the switching on of previously dormant aspects of human DNA potential.”

These transmissions are one hour in length, divided into three parts for repetition and ease of listening. They are completely guided and automatically transmitted. The energy you will feel is so much more powerful than I have transmitted previously. It is now coming from a more expanded God/Creation energy source at the heart of 22 galaxies and not just from the God/Creation energy source of this galaxy alone.

You should listen one time in order and repeat listening three times over the course of the month.

Part One: Information… The divinely orchestrated evolutionary plan for life and Earth and our connection with the 22 galaxies of the multi-galactic “diamond”. Energy Activations will connect you with the transformative power and positive energies of the 22 galaxies.

Part Two: A teaching session… how to connect to the God/Creation energy at the heart of the “Diamond” and how to utilize this energy in your day to day life. A powerful manifestation process.

Part Three: Energy transmissions to support your new creation and to filter out inner conflict, the sabotaging effect of unconscious past life thoughts, and the sabotaging energy of others.

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