Kaia Ra

May 12, 2017
11:00 am

MasterClass Leader

Special Offer The Sophia Code

Kaia Ra activates the divine purpose of organizations, communities, families, and individuals with her transmission of humanity’s sovereign connection to the One Sophia Source. Her oracular gifts for channeling, ascension teaching, writing, psychic counseling, shamanic healing, live performance, and ceremonial leadership guides the spiritual awakening of Lightworkers across the globe. Serving a worldwide clientele, Kaia Ra founded a private psychic spiritual counseling & shamanic healing practice called Stargate Lotus Healing Therapies, located in Boston, MA in 2004 and relocated her practice to San Francisco, CA in 2006.

In January of 2008, Kaia Ra expanded beyond her private practice to begin publicly channeling for audiences across the western United States for the next 3 years. Directing site-specific, interactive community ceremonies, Kaia Ra produced live events that connected thousands of people to the DNA activations and teachings of the Ancestors, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, and the Star Nations. At this time, Kaia Ra also developed and began teaching a multidimensional modality called SpiritWalking®, which awakens a student’s innate psychic ability to channel and safely walk between the veils.

On the evening of December 14, 2009 during a winter-long writing sabbatical on Mt. Shasta, CA, Kaia Ra was first contacted by an Ascended Master High Council called The Sophia Dragon Tribe. This luminous collective consciousness of Ascended Master teachers presented themselves to Kaia Ra with a transmission of sovereignty from the One Holy Mother of Creatrix of All Life Sophia, which they asked to be broadcasted as a love letter to humanity. It required several years of personal preparation, initiations, traveling, self-mastery training, and vibrational calibration of her central channel for Kaia Ra to begin officially receiving the holy text of The Sophia Code in October of 2011. Kaia Ra currently resides on Mount Shasta in Northern California, completing her upcoming book series The Sophia Code. Her global broadcast of The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective provides a container for you to experience The Sophia Code transmission.