Lauren Galey

February 22, 2017
5:00 pm

MasterClass Leader

Special Offer Online Healing Retreats / Masterclasses

As a spiritual journalist, it is my goal and passion to assist the planet and humanity at this time of a great spiritual awakening. Before my own spiritual awakening and remembering, I was a news anchor and reporter in radio and television in Asia (and Guam). Following my own awakening that took me to the depths of personal despair, I re-discovered my true mission in this lifetime as a messenger for this great awakening of a Spiritual Giant. I have dedicated the last 11 years interviewing the world’s finest masters, spiritual teachers, healers and new paradigm thinkers so that we may awaken the masses, open hearts, expand consciousness and amplify the Light of the World. New Earth is a frequency of unity consciousness and unconditional love, and I hope you’ll join me in this mission to anchor it in! In your heart, you too, may recognize this is Your Mission as well!