Paul & Holly Marwood

April 6, 2018
11:00 am

International Speakers and Trainers

Special Offer Universal Sphere Sessions Plus Modern Day Mastery and Mysticism

From diverse backgrounds and opposite ends of the world, Paul and Holly Marwood met on their journey to fulfill their souls’ calling. With love at first sight, they soon married and revealed their destiny to usher in teachings and guidance from the divine realm.

A unique husband and wife team, Holly and Paul offer a unique approach that comes from the balance of the male & female energies and their backgrounds as engineer and educator. Holly and Paul are passionately committed to elevating the lives of the people, businesses and practitioners with whom they work.

Holly and Paul have co-created Soul Genesis, offering people a path to align their heart and soul and thrive in their life.

Holly Hawkins Marwood is an advanced Akashic Records teacher and reader, a guide, and conscious channel for many sources, including the High Council of Orion and Ishtara. She has a passion for transformation, healing, and assisting others to live fuller, healthier, and happier lives. Holly is an international speaker and trainer in spirituality, energy medicine, healing and transformational soul and life guidance.

From his early years growing up in Zimbabwe and Australia, to his current life in the United States, Paul Marwood has embodied the clarity of vision for his life and followed his heart to pursue his passion. At the height of Paul’s career, he had a near fatal car accident that brought about rapid changes in his perspective on life moving him from an Engineering focus to a spiritual focus.

Paul is now an international speaker, teacher, practicing healer and guide offering his vision, clarity and heart through being a certified Akashic Record reader, and offering a variety of Soul Genesis transformational processes one of which he wishes to talk to you about today.