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High Priestess Rising – 16 Week At-Home Study Course


Think Back To The Most Important Moment In Your Life…

Was it the birth of your child? The moment you said, “I love you” to your signifiant other? The second you had your first spiritual awakening? Was it something else?

Can you remember what that felt like?

What you’re about to experience over the next 90 days will give you this feeling again. More than that: it will put you on the path to experiencing that feeling every single day.

Here’s how I know that to be true:

I’ve seen thousands of women just like you before and after they’ve aligned their soul with their Sacred Purpose. And the transformation is beyond imagination.

It’s not a “high” that passes. It’s a spiritual elevation that stays with you always. These ladies went from living lives they once believed were the best they could manage to feeling on top of a spiritual mountaintop every single day.

And unlike those fleeting moments of spiritual ecstasy, this experience provided the daily momentum and purpose needed to transcend all obstacles. Everything from financial worries to relationship woes began to fade into a distant memory, replaced with a sense of security, belonging, and connection that left them and everyone they touch Divinely inspired!

I desire this for you, my Dear… and so much more!

Enjoy It At Your Own Pace!

High Priestess Rising Is Delivered Digitally
Starting Today, 1 Week At A Time…

Each week you’ll receive these Energetically Encoded Audios from me, designed to walk you by the hand, right to your full realization of your Sacred Purpose! You can take each week’s audio at your own pace, and even share them with your friends and family! You will see daily shifts and profound transformations within…

  • Your Relationships! Why settle for “okay” when the Universe wants you to thrive in bliss, harmony, passion, and love?! Women report finding their true Soulmate or Twin Flame… or discovering that they were with them all along as your significant other “magically” awakes to journey with you! This is commonplace within the High Priestess Tribe. So if love and intimacy is on your list of desires, look no further… it’s coming your way…
  • Your Abundance! Once you tap into what I call Your Divine Birthright, you will wonder how you survived so long without it! And it’s more than “financial” abundance (although that is a wonderful side effect of Divine Birthright)… I’m talking about total abundant living. Abundance in love, forgiveness, passion, success, expression, contribution, community, and SO MUCH MORE…
  • Your Connection To Source! You will find yourself in a deep, blissful union with everything that is One: Divinity Itself! Women from all faiths, and even no faith at all, report that this experience surpasses their expectations. If you desire answers to life’s most important questions, this will serve you in ways that defy description…

Plus Pick Up $1,247 In Bonuses FREE!

FREE BONUS #1: 4 LIVE Divine Activation Calls With Me Personally!

Retail Value: $200/Month

These calls with me are a profound energetic experience. You will literally feel the cells of your being recalibrating towards your Sacred Purpose!

Each week we will explore a unique dimension of the Divine Feminine. This process accelerates your expansion and allows you to integrate High Priestess Rising even faster…

Plus they’re a lot of fun!

Normally these Activation Calls are valued at $200 every month. However, I’m giving you 30 days of access to these transformative sessions as my first gift to you…

FREE BONUS #2: 30 Days Of Free Access In The Sister Tribe Community!

Retail Value: $100/Month

The Sister Tribe is a wonderful compliment to High Priestess Rising!

You’ll get unrestricted access to the entire Sister Tribe Private Members Only Facebook Community for an entire month. Here you will meet new friends, share your triumphs and your challenges, and forge the bonds that will inspire your path.

Normally The Sister Tribe Community retails for $100 every month, but today it is my second gift to you!

FREE BONUS #3: Optimal Energy Recipe Cookbook!

Retail Value: $47

These foods not only give you near unlimited natural energy without any of the jitters you get from caffeine or other energy enhancers.

They help activate your physical and spiritual DNA, bringing you into vibrational alignment with your sacred purpose. Just adding a few of these recipes to your weekly meal plans will not only be a delicious way to boost your energy and make you feel fantastic… these fabulous and FAST meals will delight your entire family!

Even the kids will absolutely love the taste… and you’ll be feeding your body and your soul at the same time.

Optimal Energy Recipes is normally sold for $47, but it’s yours free today as my gift to you when you join High Priestess Rising!

Just Look At Your Total Savings

High Priestess Rising retails for $997…

Activation Calls PLUS The Sister Tribe Community combined retails for $297 Per Month…

And Optimal Energy Recipes retails for $47…

So the retail value is $2,244 for the entire High Priestess Rising 16-week experience.

However, if you get in on this special discount before it comes to a close, it will cost you a fraction of that today…

Special Offer - Only $222

Payment plan of 2 payments over 2 months also available!


"Sincerest gratitude to you Rose for being our souls’ guide through storms of uncertainty and highs of exhalation to a sacred special place deeper in our hearts than we were before… to a place gentler on ourselves, closer to our truth, and fonder of the conscious path (albeit not always the easiest). Love you all! …and can’t wait for more manifestations of our future connections. I loved every bit of our time together in this course!"

~ Dena B

"Rose has beautifully changed everything about my life. When I first heard Rose’s High Priestess Training, I could relate to so many things she spoke about, but hadn’t put it into words. Rose helped me to forgive myself of things that happened so long ago, but I was playing over and over again in my mind as if they had just taken place. In my wellness practice, I support women who want to feel beautiful from the inside out, and now I can speak from experience and say that Rose has transformed me from the inside out and I will be forever grateful to her for that."

~ Tracy Neely, Holistic Health Coach

"My life has changed completely since High Priestess Training. I was fighting depression and anxiety for years. I struggled to keep myself positive. I was surviving, not living. It seems like a long time ago, but it was only 5 months. I learned so much from you Rose. Thanks to you I’m living a purposeful life and transforming a traumatizing past into positive energy. I learned about holistic nutrition, and it’s became clear to me that I have a mission in life to accomplish. I gained insight about myself and my need to gain balance in all aspects of my life to be ready to contribute to people’s lives in a profound way. Thank you for being my role model and for your life changing teaching."

~ Jessica Cornejo Gallegos

"So much Gratitude and love for this whole experience! Thank you Rose for being you and helping me to navigate choppy waters and surrender to this human experience in a way I didn’t know was possible. Thank you for channeling and teaching this wisdom and sharing your stories and experiences. Most importantly, thank you for reminding me that I am my own “Guru” and for helping me learn how to guide myself home. I cannot tell you how much this means to me.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this experience for being the light and holding the love during this amazing transition, transformation and shift upward. I am so so grateful! Thank you Dana for holding such a loving, supportive and strong foundation and container for all of us and all of this to come together. I feel blessed beyond words and am so excited for the last call on how to create miracles!! Xo"

~ Aurelie Vacheresse

"All I can say is that Rose’s High Priestess Training has rocked my world… this is a profound road map for women to live an extraordinary life. Rose doesn’t hold back. Rose is a living example of living your dream life, and she shares EXACTLY how she got there."

~ Ana Poirier, Yoga Body Nutrition

"Rose Cole is one-of-a-kind female leader in a world that is parched of feminine wisdom. Rose is what I call a ‘culture-maker.’ Through her own living example and the community of people she brings together, Rose is reinventing what’s possible for women in the realms of business, health, spirituality, sisterhood, and parenting. I’ve been magnetically drawn to Rose since I first heard about her and am continually enriched my her gifts and teachings. If you want to bring your own inner High Priestess to life, you won’t find a better role model than Rose."

~ Jena la Flamme, Pleasurable Weight Loss Expert & Author of the Secrets of Pleasurable Weight Loss

"Rose Cole and the women of High Priestess Rising, I have just played catch up and still have 2 audios to go and so so so so so so so have changed during these calls; it is bewildering really, absolutely mind blowing how things starting changing in my life. Quite violently. Phoenix burning. I have visions. I am so drawn to you all and these audios. It is way beyond serendipity. I want the world to change to good, to what is so obvious to us, be obvious to all. T H A N X!"

~ Lorena Petani

"Rose Cole is a visionary leader that continually delves deeply into her own wisdom, while supporting and mentoring a vibrantly radiant group of women that are all making big shifts in the world. I’ve been working with Rose for many years and with her help, I’ve been able to gain an understanding of what I had been reflecting that was holding me back, found the courage to dig deep and have allowed my inner power to shine. I’ve experienced immeasurable growth, now have my own successful business and know I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Rose. To anyone who has the opportunity to work with her: I highly recommend you go for it – it’s LIFE CHANGING! Thank you Rose, for stepping into your truth and letting your beautiful light shine forth to guide all of us!"

~ Julie McAfee, Modern Day Oracle, Mentor and Confidant of Sacred Soul Wisdom

"Rose’s transmission of the High Priestess archetype has opened new spaces of willingness and desire in me to surrender even more deeply into my feminine while standing fully in my most powerful self."

~ Alexis Neely, Truth-Telling Lawyer & Evolutionary Strategist

"Rose Cole is like a wild, exotic plant that nourishes at the soul level. Her depth of knowledge and experience for creating health and wellness is just the first layer of her brilliance. Rose is a High Priestess for our modern world guiding people to embody health on all levels."

~ Laura Hollick, Soul Art Studio