Victor Da Ponte

June 5, 2017
11:00 am

Master Healer and Founder of Quantum Reprogramming

Special Offer Liberating Your Divine Power

Victor Da Ponte is an internationally known spiritual teacher and thought leader whose passion is helping humanity liberate and master their creative powers. His unique insights into the dynamics of core level transformation empowers individuals flow freely in life and unlock their dormant potentials.

His ever evolving body of work includes Quantum Reprogramming, I AM Alchemy, The Sacred Codes and Primordial Light Liberation.

All of which emerged out direct experiences catalyzed by a passionate quest for freedom from his own pains and traumas, as well as being gifted with spontaneous spiritual downloads while working with private clients.

His mission is to share empowering insights with millions of individuals all over the world so that they too can GO BEYOND and BE BEYOND.